The future of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Pretty sure all that could be said was said about the pup. Unless they bring in new changes, there’s not much to say.

I have the game and I checked and they are Ottomans and Knights of Saint John…

Anything can be, plus this would allow future expansions for AoE 1 DE and AoMR…

More historical scenarios and campaigns. That’s an easier way to keep the game interesting with relatively fewer efforts.

Reminder that a large number of civs are still not playable in campaigns.
Unlike in AOE2DE they are trying to give all civs, even the oldest ones, a campaign of their own.

And AOE3’s time period had some of the most important events in human history.


Only the civs of Sweden, Incas, Italy and Malta are not playable in campaigns or historical battles (Hausa, Ethiopians, USA and Mexico are playable in their respective historical battles)…

The Portuguese and Dutch are the only civs from the original game that do not appear in the campaigns, but the Portuguese are playable and antagonistic in the historical battles of Cristopher Da Gama and the Battle of the Three Kings and the Dutch are playable in the third art of war mission…

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I wouldn’t say John Black’s mercenary is German. I’d like a scenario with the actual German civ.

And the most part of the campaigns are not historical. I prefer more historical scenarios/campaigns covering the important historical events of those civs.


They are not German, per se… only the units… the Circle of Osseus is German, or at least the architecture…And yet you have the Hessian mercenaries in Nathaniel’s campaign…

Austrians civ (currently called Germans civ) and Prussians civ - these two civs could appear in dozens of potential scenarios, including those in which they would face each other such as Silesian Wars.

It would be beautiful to have real campaigns based on such wars as the Napoleonic Wars and the Thirty Years’ War, where not dividing the Germans umbrella civ would be a terrible thing.

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This is still not any representation of the Germans…

This is a completely contrived non-historical faction that was based in part on civ Germans but also on civ Brits. Calling it campaign participation is baseless.

BTW. The Hessians could be represented by the Prussians civ as an option of their unique Age Up (like USA) - choice of Hessian state.

Well, you have the historical maps, right?..and they already said that they were not going to divide the Germans…

Well, but so far, they are being represented by the Germans…

So you agree with me. Doesn’t seem to be any argument there.

Still waiting for the Ports rework!


I think this depends on the version.

In the AoE 3 Mobile Edition are two civs:Ottomans and Knights of St. John (the homecity is London like the PC version)…in the AoE 3 TAD Mobile Edition are two civs:Japanese and Koreans (similar to Chinese)…

foi com esse jogo que conheci a franquia age of empires


Yes, the phone vibrated with the firing of the cannons and the towers. XD

Hey, I had an update to AoE 3 on Steam, but there was no patch note. I regret not taking a screenshot…

Anyone also got an update of AoE 3 today???

Yes new patch is out, but no notes yet.


I launched the game for a while and I didn’t notice any changes (I mean the event). Even the game polonization mod worked.

Is there a chance that they will activate an event in the game in a while???

◆ UPDATE 14.3853 ◆

Civilization Balance


  • Conquistador (Jesuits):

    • Now inflicts 1 area damage with ranged attacks.

    • Siege damage increased to 14 (from 9).

    • Cost changed to 80 food 80 coin (from 85 food 70 wood).

  • Dahomey Amazon:

Cost reduced to 280c (from 300c).

  • Drummer (House of Hanover):

No longer affects artillery.

  • Light Infantry:

Corrected the damage multipliers against Shock Infantry for the following Light Infantry units:

  • Evzone (Houses of Phanar)

  • Lenape Warrior (Lenape)

  • Royal Arquebusier (House of Vasa)

  • Wakina Rifleman (Lakota)

  • Red Sea Wagon (Somalis):

Can now build Lombards for the Italian civilization.

  • Resource Enclosure:

Fixed missing damage multipliers against resource enclosures (Depots, Mountain Monasteries, Shrines) for some Villager units.

  • Royal Hunter (House of Oldenburg):

The military upgrade of the Royal Huntsman can now be trained in batches.

  • Royal Dragoon (House of Bourbon):

    • Rate of fire improved to 2.5 (from 2.75) (to reduce the delay of the set-up animation).

    • Ranged damage increased to 18 (from 17.5).

    • LOS corrected to 20 (up from 18).

  • Issa Warrior (Somali):

Reduced the ranged damage multiplier against Cavalry to 2.5x (from 3x) and against Shock Infantry to 1.9x (from 2.25x).

  • Shipments:

Corrected the arrival time of several shipments, including all Battleship cards now arrive in 60 seconds (up from 40) as intended.

  • Sumatran Elephants (Indonesia Revolution):

Now sends a War Elephant the first time the card has been sent, as expected.

  • Zapotec Lightning Warrior (Zapotecs):

Corrected an issue resulting in units obtained from some cards to have more hitpoints than those available at Zapotec Settlements.


  • Eagle Scout: Fixed an issue causing the Imperial Age upgrade to be applied to Eagle Scouts in the Industrial Age.
  • Town Center Big Buttons: Lowered the cost of big buttons in the Town Center to be in accordance with the new cost of the Jaguar Prowl Knight.


  • Dutch States Army (III): Now also makes infinite mercenary cards arrive faster.
  • Buckriders (II): Cost reduced to 250c (from 500c).


  • Italian Firearms (IV): Now affects the Sebastopol Mortar as intended.
  • Stranger’s Quarters (IV): Is now set to active by default in Post-Imperial games.


  • Prince-Electors (I):
    • Fixed an issue with the Oldenburg Royal Hunter costing no population slot.
    • Fixed an issue with missing unit upgrades that occured when also being allied to German Royal Houses on the map.
    • Allying to the same Royal House on the map and in the Native Embassy will now increase the unit build limit.
    • Costs for Royal Houses alliances removed.


  • Aenna: Now shoot arrows faster the closer the target is and ranged attacks benefit from target lock.
  • Tomahawk: Improved the projectile release time resulting in earlier attacks.
  • 5 Renegade French (IV): Now sends 8 Gendarme Cuirassiers (up from 5).
  • 11 Renegade Dutch (IV): Now sends 20 Stadswacht Halberdiers (up from 11), but cost increased to 1500c.
  • 22 Lenape Allies (IV): Now arrives in 60 seconds (up from 40) as intended.
  • North America Trade (IV): Moved to Age 3.
  • Covenant Chain (IV): Cost reduced to 2000c (from 3000c), but now sends 4 Irish Brigadiers (down from 8), 4 Highlanders, 3 Harquebusiers and 2 Heavy Cannons (no changes). The card is now infinite.


  • Fulani Archer: Damage multiplier versus Heavy Infantry increased to 1.75x (from 1.5x).
  • Stranger’s Quarters (IV): Is now set to active by default in Post-Imperial games.


  • Kancha House: Hitpoints decreased to 1600 (from 2000) and costs to 170w (from 180w).
  • Monumental Architecture (II): Moved to Age 3.
  • Royal Festival (Big Button): This big button delivering 1 Macemen per 4 minutes of game time now costs 250 of each resource (down from #### 400w 500c).
  • Supay Ceremony (IV): Maceman spawn time reduced by roughly -30%.


  • Azap (Ottoman Consulate): Improved the rendering speed of the Azap visuals.
  • Dravidian Martial Arts: Fixed an error that granted Sepoys +5% melee damage in the Volley stance.


  • Architect:
    • Hitpoints reduced to 225 (from 275).
    • Initial build limit reduced to 2 (from 5) and now increases by +1 at every age-up.
    • Now builds Outposts in 170 seconds (up from 150), Town Centers in 270 seconds (up from 250), and Walls in 12 seconds (up from 10).


  • North America Trade (IV): Moved to Age 3.
  • Bow Rider:
    • Ranged damage multiplier against villagers reduced to 0.5x (from 0.75x).
    • Made the 1.5x siege damage bonus against Shrines visible by reassigning the bonus to Resource Enclosures.


  • Sentinel:
    • Hitpoints increased to 155 (from 150).
    • Range increased to 13 (from 12).
    • Melee damage multiplier against cavalry increased to 2.5x (from 2x).
    • Siege damage increased to 18 (from 15).


  • Annexation (Baja Revolution): Can now only be sent once.
  • Barbacoa (I): Now correctly causes all livestock to fatten more quickly when gathering from a Hacienda.
  • Coach Guns (Baja Revolution): Now ships 3 Bandidos and 3 Cuatreros instead of Renegados and Comancheros.
  • Criollos (II): Now arrives in 40 seconds (down from 60) as intended.
  • Plan of Miramare (IV): Now also increases Bandido range by 2 as intended.


  • Azap:
    • Improved the default attack animation.
    • Now benefits from melee resistance in the melee stance.
    • Fixed an issue with Azap’s Stand Ground animations.
  • Kapikulu Corps (IV, Palace Intrigue): Cost increased to 2200 food (up from 1400), but now also delivers 5 Spahi (up from 4).
  • Matrakci School (II): Replaced the placeholder icon with the correct one.
  • Millet System (I): Yörük spawn time reduction decreased to -4s (from -5s).
  • Koprülü Viziers (I):
    • Moved to Age 2.
    • Cost increased to 150w (from 125w).
    • Yörük spawn time reduction improved to -6s (from -5s).
  • Grand Bazaar (II): Moved to Age 3.


  • Starting Crates: Now starts the game with +50 food.
  • Constable: Now affects Llaneros (instead of Dragoon Combat).


  • Peninsular Guerrillas (IV): Now only improves damage for Musketeer-like units by 10% (down from 20%).
  • Spanish Square (IV): Corrected an issue that allowed sending this card a second time in the Imperial Age.
  • Viceroyalty of New Spain (III): Soldados are now balanced with regular combat values (-10%) and need to be updated manually to Guard and Imperial status in the Hacienda.
    • Note: The Mexico revolution continues to automatically research Guard Soldados.


  • Starting Resources: Now starts with 150 food (down from 200 food).
  • Gustavian Guards (II, Treaty of Roskilde): Cost increased to 1700f (from 1500f).

United States

  • Dutch Immigrants (I): Cost reduced to 300c (from 350c)
  • French Immigrants (I): Cost reduced to 225w (from 250w)
  • Oklahoma Black Mesa (III): Cost reduced to 200w (from 500w)