The future of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

What’s on the Horizon?


  • More balance changes, more bug fixes, and more fun!

Boring… :upside_down_face:

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They aren’t even teasing “next big update” anymore…


Indeed just copy pasting the same line over and over again.


Meanwhile, 2DE gets multiple paragraphs, sure, 90% of it is fluff but still…

Well, at least we know the game is still being worked on.

Yep, this is the main thing!

Also, they know there’s an army of AoE3 fans that will throw money at any DLC content, so I wouldn’t worry too much.


Okay no new civs for a while. But there are still “minor” improvements I’d like to see:

  1. Most civs are pretty rich in contents now, but British, Portuguese and Russians are still relatively boring. They need to be enriched to French or German level.
  2. Royal guards more interesting (both visually and functionally).
  3. Consulate options need to be revisited.
  4. Outlaw/Mercenary upgrades for Asians.

AoM: Retold is confirmed to be on AoE 3 DE engine. So I bet that most dev team went there.


People just need to be patient until AoM is released. Then there might be a pause in expansions for a bit, ### there’s still a roadmap to reassure us.

Did it seriously just censor “but”!?

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Maybe invasion of Macau can be included. Without that victory, the House of Bragança (of Portuguese) wouldn’t have “start-up fund” for their restoration campaigns :portugal::macau::grin::grin::grin:

Yes,that would be good…

For me Persia would be a nice end civ. NE mod tried but never finished, and it’s the connection between Ottos and India.

OFC the more, the better.

Lets wait after AoM RE


I think the dynasties from which the rulers of European civs such as Hohenzollern, Nassau, Tudor, Trastámara, Ottoman, Rurik and Bragança come from should be added to the game as Royal Houses. In addition to these Royal Houses, there should of course also be others, such as:

  1. House of Ascania - Central European maps
  2. House of Luxembourg - Central & Western European maps
  3. House of Sforza - Southern European maps
  4. House of Medici - Southern European maps
  5. House of Savoy - Southern & South-Western European maps
  6. House of Stuart - North-Western European maps
  7. House of Romanov - Eastern European maps
  8. House of Borgia - Southern European maps

By adding these Royal Houses, you could represent smaller nations that would be hard to represent in any other way in this game, e.g. Basques, Scots, Irish, Belarusians, Catalans, Sicilians and many others.


More consulates could be cool a consulate royal house or colonies for Europeans and a consulate clan for Native Americans would be cool

What happened to the “event”? Now it is just more fun in what’s on the horizon. The game has never been fun for casual players tbh. I’m happy for the multiplayer people but can they add some replayability for the casuals (campaign and historical battles enjoyers) some sort of co-op mode; not co-op historical battle but more akin to a co-op mode similar to SC2.

The RTS industry seems to have lost the ability to create good sp contents. Or they no longer consider it as important. Or both. They just want to get people onto the ladder asap.
They have to rely on the playerbase. If there is no big, long-lasting custom scenario tradition, then there is no good sp content.


The problem is that there are no good custom campaigns for AoE 3 DE?

I think one reason AOE2DE keeps getting more and more campaigns is because they benefit from the rich experience of creating custom scenarios for AOE2 (I heard some creators actually participate in the development of the DLC campaigns).

I don’t think it is the case for most other AOEs.
Not sure if that experience is easily transferrable across games. Maybe some design idea is similar, but there are also differences in the engine and gameplay to consider.


I think the future is quite bleak tbh, we can expect continued support with balance patches but I think content will be limited from here on. Making a couple of new civs is also a lot less work than making a campaign so at the most we may get another new civ dlc.

For this reason I’ve been trying aoe4 again a lot recently and it’s come along way since it’s terrible state at release. It’s now a really good game so I can only see aoe4 growing in player numbers in the future especially once they do release new campaigns as dlc.

I suspect the issue is that RTS developers are trying to capture some of the market taken by competitive FPS players in the E-sports space, with games with like Counterstrike. This, they feel, is the only means these games can get meaningful attention, and therefore sales.


For AOE3 I think the opposite. Civ designs are far more difficult unlike in AOE2. That’s why same-priced AOE2 civ DLCs needs to be bundled with 3-4 campaigns.

So campaigns are actually easier to make. Besides some voice acting (new civs also require voice acting though), you can just “borrow” some maps and missions from successful examples of other games (eg the Drake historical battle) or fanmade scenarios.

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