The future of Age of Mythology, towards a perfect game?

Hello everyone, I introduce myself on behalf of myself and another friend who has always been passionate about the Age of Empires series. We heard that the rebirth of Age of Mythology is in the process of being revived, and that made us jump out of the chair. For us this game is the most addictive of all and with enormous potential for improvement.
In this regard, there would be some things that we would absolutely like the development team to consider.
We’ve played all the age versions, as well as a little bit everyone in here and the developers themselves, and we all know how many of the various small shortcomings that are in every version of Age. In Mythology there are also some things that we would like to discuss.
The first point is the lack of a resource that has always characterized all the Age: stone. Perfect material to build various constructions, but that does not exist in this game, putting in its place the “favor of the deis”, a mechanic adored by everyone and innovative. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and put the stone again, a characteristic resource of all age, together with the “favor of the gods”? In this way the game would have an almost absolute complete economic side and would also give new inspirations for future civilizations!


I really want an AoM2 more than any AoE.
AoM had a huge potential but has a lot of flaws some because it’s an early 3D game.
Stone is definitely missing from AoM while I think AoE3 doesn’t need stone because of the Setting. (I still wish there was a none colonial gunpowder age AoE game that had stone).

The favour mechanic felt weird especially because the ways of gaining it are too different between the civilisations.
I also think they were a bit too asymmetric. Making them a bit more similar but adding a few more Civilisations like AoE3 did it (and likely also AoE4) is the better solution.
Like Norse villagers can build buildings but Norse infantry can also build milliary buildings. And Egyptian buildings cost wood.
Also not Atlantians please. There are so many interesting cultures we don’t need Greece twice.

An ancient setting has to problem that it covers a gigantic time span with very different civilisations. Cutting down the time span in only Bronze Age or only Iron Age would be better for realistic civilisations but people would complain about their favourites missing.
Summer vs. Rome is more crazy than the USSR vs. the Huns if you think about it.
A mythological setting doesn’t have this problem because it doesn’t have to be historic.
AoM covered like 3000 years of history with the hight of the Egyptian civilisation being 2000 BC, the hight or Greece being 500 BC and the Viking times being 1000 AD.
No one would think the Aztecs or Inca that were around 1500 AD wouldn’t fit into an AoM game.

I think favour could work more like AoE3 XP. Instead of a home city that you edit between matches you have a pantheon that you chose the different gods within a match that have a fixed set of technologies, resources, mythological units, heroes and spells.
Some ways of gaining favour should be shared with all civilisations but some having boni on some methods like Aztecs for killing.
You age up by building a monument for your chosen god.

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I wonder if 3d graphics were really worth it in Age of Mythology.

Perhaps a return into a polished 2-D style (as in Age 2: DE) would help developers move on faster, and deliver a high-quality game. Also, it would lower the overall PC requirements.

I agree with getting an AoM 2 instead of AoM DE. I don’t like the current engine’s limitations and maybe a reboot of the franchise to remove the Atlanteans as I believe they’re just “Primal Greek Pantheon”.

Some civs to expect from AoM 2 would be:

  1. Greeks
  2. Norse
  3. Egyptians
  4. Chinese
  5. Aztecs
  6. Slavs
  7. Indian/Hindu
  8. Japanese/Shinto
  9. African
  10. Caribbean
  11. Incas
  12. North Americans
  13. Koreans
  14. Babylonian
  15. Indonesian
  16. Polynesian
  17. Russian
  18. Arabian
  19. Sumerian
  20. Inuit

Just like AoM, the first three would be the based “civs”, the rest will either be expansions or DLCs. Mythology across the world is so rich hopefully they can make a good game out of it.

Historical Scenarios will be replaced with “Heroic Journeys”. For example as Greeks, you can play as Hercules and do the 12 labors in a campaign. On the other hand as Japanese, you can play as Susanoo and eliminate the Yamata no Orochi.

The AoM 2 should definitely have a compendium of all the units and featured civs in the game. Much like how the game Smite create the background story for each of its gods.

The Multiplayer will finally have a reconnect feature and robust Scenario editor.

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I just now imagine 20 more Titans added to this game.

All in 3D and playable in VR of course. :smiley:

I love speculations.
So I made a thread for it like the AoE4 one.
If AoM2 was a thing which Civilisations should be in it?

I would also prefer it if the campaign would be focused on real mythology.