The future of AoE2:DE expansions

Georgians and Armenians are both Christian European civs, they can’t be covered by Persians, tatars or cumans


I feel that Shapur is maybe way too early (2nd century is after all way too much into AOE1, but might be fine:)

Tokugawa was, not nobunaga…and Aoe3 is way different 11

It is needed if more slavic civilisations are introduced:)

Yes, you are right, I agree:) Probably “Caucasians” could cover both of them, if they were deemed not diversive enough

Europe has the best recorded history,where else do you find detailed accounts of battles and number of troops?
Also not everyone can be represented by current cant represent finns or albanians with any current civi.


Finns didn’t have a kingdom. They were under the Swedes and Russians. Albanians are fine.

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Were the Mayans and Aztecs that advanced? They have plate mail upgrade in-game so it doesn’t matter if they are advanced or not. Saxons and the bohemians can come later, there are more African or Asian civs to be added just by dividing India and China. Siam is also a great civ to be added as the nemesis civ to Khmer.

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Is this game was never about kingdoms if it was where was the kingdom of cumans or huns?

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Thank you for the reference of your post! I must have missed it due to it being a new one - i was about to post this thread yesterday, but didn’t have the mood/time to complete it:)

Anways, Nope, Aztecs were not advanced enough (at least they miss on gunpowder), but are the most interesting ones from americas -> and perfect for conquerors campaigns. Mayans weren’t that bad actually, especially regarding the 8th century:)

Ethiopians and Malians are the ones i dislike the most, they weren’t advanced at all (tbh, they still are not, to this day), not even compared to Aztecs, which is why i don’t understand Ethiopian super siege and torsion engines + great arbalesters…I wouldn’t ming them having some strong infantry though…But balance is balance.


Yes it’s a great opportunity to learn more of the exotic civs, I’ve never known Ethiopians nor Malians except when I played this game. /11

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For the existing Slavs civ, best campaign would be Svyatoslav of Kiev. He fought a bunch of steppe nomads, then worked as a mercenary for Byzantines helping them fight the Bulgarians, and ended up setting up his own fiefdom in the Danube and supporting Bulgarians against Byzantines.

Lithuanians should obviously get Vitautas- halting the Golden Horde at Blue Waters, and then the Teutonic Order at Grunwald

If we get a Western Slav civ, I’d say do Hussite wars, because Hussites raided pretty much all their neighbours, defended against overwhelming odds, and tried to involve as many nations as possible in their early attempt at the Reformation.

Chinese need a campaign, but there’s a ton of custom-made content out there, some of it top quality; Persians are really the most overlooked by both the devs and the scenario design community from what I’ve seen; not too familiar with that region, so not sure who’d be a good historic leader for a campaign, though.


Malians- one of the richest empires in the medieval world, centre of Muslim learning and scholarship (Timbuktu was a well-known city in the Middle-Ages).

Ethiopia- Christian nation with a local dynasty that was one of the founding members of the league of Nations (post WW1) and resisted European colonization and Ottoman expansion both. It was annexed by Mussolini’s Italy in the 1930s. Prior to that (as Abyssinia) it existed as an independent country since the fall of the Roman Empire.


Saxons were quite different from Goths indeed, but they are closer to AoE2’s Goths than historical Goths were. The heavy focus on infantry wasn’t really a Goth thing, Eastern Germanic peoples generally relied more on cavalry than their Western and Nothern cousins, and huskarls are definitely a Saxon thing.

I can’t believe you said that. I don’t mean to be rude but I suggest to watch some videos or smth about african empires. You might take a surprise.


They closely matched the military and social advancements of Europe and Asia, for most of the Middle Ages. They only started falling short at the end of the period, when Europe went through the Renaissance.

You should read some History books.
Heck, Ethiopia was never even successfully colonized, which means they maintained a level of social and military discipline that afforded them the chance to successfully fight back attempts to do so.

That was Algirdas, not Vytautas :wink: I made a scenario about it btw which you can find in the workshop. :slight_smile:


and its a great scenario (but come on, you and @PhillySouljah always do good work). but i would like something not only official, but an entire campaign!.
Lithuanians are literally the only civ in the game without at least a battle of the conquerors or whatever its called.


That gives hope for more dlcs and civis,maybe they are planning polish and a full campaign on the northern crusades.

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Exactly the last civ not to get any official campaign or even a historical battle. Lithuanians definitely should get campaigns, I just read their history one of the richest in terms of medieval war. They fought both Teutons and Mongols.

They fought with pretty much everyone around them.teutons vikings slaves turks mongols list goes on.

Wth they even fought vikings?