The future of AoE2:DE expansions

No it isn’t a good civ. They are missing Imperial UT that isn’t useful, a team bonus that isn’t useful, and 2 bonuses are useless until you get your Imperial tech. Ranked games rarely go past castle anymore, they would never be picked.

I know what is useless or useful better than someone who thinks starting with 2 scouts is balanced. I guess this civ will be bad vs the moderate AI

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Well you have a awesome way of showing it

meant expansions not campaigns :slight_smile:

Do you imagine that at the end of the day, the devs come up with a dlc that allows to create your very own civs as you wish, just like the Empire Earth System? that would be a huge relief for y’all here and your imagination

They need to remove the modding limit they have put on adding new civs to the game:

Opposite. The top one belongs to South Indian Shiv temples whereas the bottom one is the Jama Masjid (Masjid = Mosque) from Delhi which was built by destroying Hindu temples.

For this to be meaningful and successful, we still need a lot of new Civs from all over the world. To create our own South African civ we need a South African civ base. To create our own South Indian civ, we need a South Indian base civ. To create a Balkan civ we need a base Balkan civ.

We need the largest civs from every region of the world to make sense.

In addition, we need a lot of civs anyway, because the creators stepped on the mine adding the Lords of the West. Now that WESTERN EUROPE (NOT EASTERN) is accurately represented, now is the time for other regions of the world: Africa, the Americas, India, Asia, the Caucasus, Oceania and Eastern Europe.

The number of civ to AoE 2 must be twice as large as it is today. 75 civ is necessary and sufficient. Then no one will complain that some civ is missing. Everyone will be able to play the civs that interest him the most.

Anyway, the popularity of this game and the crowd of fans may also double then.


48 is the game limit and no one will play 75 civilizations :joy:

And everyone will complain about the game being unbalanced and unplayable. I do want more civs, but that is already too much.

This is contested, some will say 50, some higher.


Hmm we have space for eleven, more than enough imo.

5 for Slavia and Caucasus
2 more for India
2 more for Africa
2 more for Native America


Then we need:

4 African, 5 Asian and 2 American civs before a new engine.

Yes, we definitely need Vlach and Croatian duchies instead of actual Asian empires.

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Or maybe they should update the game engine at the same time, and the problem will be over?

I was thinking Bohemians, Poles, Serbians and Croats actually…

I thought you only wanted more Indians?

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How would they?

Won’t that be a really big thing??

When did I write that I want Indians only?

You must be an outlier…

What did you have in mind

This campaign would be a really cool part of the Eastern European DLC.

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Fits AoE3, but not 2. None of the other civs in the current timeframe had any interactions with them (didn’t know about each others existence even)

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The Iroquois interacted with:

  • Mississippians (The civ should come alongside with Iroquois)
  • Franks
  • Spanish

The Mississippians interacted with:

  • Iroquois
  • Spanish
  • Most likely with Mesoamerican cultures, since they have common things

The Anasazi interacted with:

  • Spanish
  • Aztecs
  • Mayans
  • Other cultures such as Tarascans and possibly Mississippians