The game crashes all the time but no fix nor any info in two weeks!

It has been two weeks since the update launched and people’s game is crashing. The developer are aware but they provide no fix nor any information. For me and many others the game is not playable in its current state. The crashes uccur in 50% of the matches.
I am very unhappy with how the devs are handling this issue. Please let us know when we can expect an update.

and there are others too


Does it affect Single player too? If not, that’s maybe what you should try instead. I, for one, never play multiplayer games because it’s easier to play against a computer and crashes are minimal. :smiley:

Wait for a new DLC, hopefully coming in summer or fall of 2023. Until then, play single player Random Map or Campaign. Still fun then doing nothing. :smiley:

Dude seriously!
1st: Many people are playing mainly the multiplayer me included. I am playing usually with my friends.
2nd: The game crashes also in single player. IT IS ABSOLUTLY NOT PLAYABLE.
It is unacceptable that this issue isn’t fixed yet and the developers are providing information only sporadicly. On Disord there is some information but nothing precise.


Mine have occasional freezes. Have you tried to delete replays that get auto saved every 5 minutes of the game? I also can’t find a way to opt out of them.:slightly_frowning_face:

Please read the linked threads. The game crashes without any warining, no lags, no freezes. It’s like pressing alt+F4.

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Have you reached out to our support team? I know they have been handling crash issues so they would be better to assist you on this issue.

The Game keeps crashing at the start. Then, as a reward, the game thinks you alt+f4’d and bans you for 10 mins. Lol!!!


Same here, I tried today to check if patch solved something. The game still crash.
Same story.

Fix the freaking game man


still crashing lots, why is this not fix yet

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