The game crashes randomly

My game freeze sometimes suddenly and randomly.

Screen freeze, sound continue and after 3 minutes in the frozen game, the game exit (like Alt-F4)…
It happened to all civ

Log in warnings.log :
(I) [17:30:45.049] [000006656]: Local user framerate is [46.445354]
(I) [17:30:45.049] [000006656]: Local user MinDelay=[69ms], MaxDelay=[104ms], AvgDelay=[79ms], minRTT[101ms], maxRTT[154ms], avgRTT[135ms]
(E) [17:32:00.974] [000009912]: TlsConnection::Shutdown: socket 0/5948 SSL shut down failed; A system error occurred. errno=0
(I) [17:35:00.385] [000007100]: Only [6115/16230]MiB RAM available. Last check was 1000 ms ago. If this amount of free RAM is low try closing other applications running in the background or reducing your audio, texture, and graphics settings within the app.
(I) [17:35:00.385] [000007100]: ENTERING TIMOUT – Thread info:
warnings.log.txt (584.1 KB)
DxDiag.txt (121.7 KB)

Thank you for the report and the files. The team will check it out.

Sorry you’re seeing this!