The game crashes - Steam

Hello folks,

I’ve for a little while been having randomized crashes whenever my game is minimized and I decide to open the game again, quite often the game just closes down like I wanted to quit the game which is really frustrating. This can happen anywhere in the game, while being in the menu or playing a game.

This wasn’t an issue before and is a new bug. Worth to mention I don’t get any error message it just quits the game as if I wanted to close it for the day.


I can see the game crashing less for me when I select exclusive fullscreen in the graphics menu rather than borderless window, but yeah, not a very stable game I can tell upon my friends and me.

I’m having some crash issues, but also wondering if this is the cause.

Discovered this today because I was noticing some strange issues with the framerate in a quick match lobby once a match is found and everyone joins. I was getting random crashes at the beginning of games.

I had nearly 40+ mods installed, but they were all disabled. Apparently deleting all of them fixed the framerate issues in the matchmaking lobby, and I haven’t had a crash yet. I guess this means disabled is not really disabled? :thinking:

If you have any mods installed and they are disabled, try deleting them as a test.