The game desperately needs an AFK check (accept match button)

If I queue ranked teamgames solo, why would we all be punished if someone who just enters the game with me is AFK and auto losing the game for my team?

Why can’t the devs just add “Accept Match” button after a match is found, and if you don’t click the Accept Match, the game doesn’t start, and everyone is saved the trouble of losing 20 elo because of an afk person.


There is a report button for AFK people

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Yeah I know about the button, but does it actually do anything? I’m still not sure.

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Yeah, the report for cheating one did result in the removal of the exploits and cheaters from ladderboard.

Just saying

What does reporting for afk does exactly? it bans the afk for playing again? I don’t think it gives back elo, and surely won’t give back the time spent.

I too believe an “accept match” button is more effective.


Well, that is correct.

It’s not a bad idea and won’t spoil anything.

But afk players are now rare mostly

What is the average ranked waiting times rn? I’ve waited over 10 minutes in the past before giving up -but that was on the first two months of release.

I believe the amount of afks online is proportional to the duration of waiting lines, sooo probably this will keep coming up in the future - like in the mornings of a thursday.

lol no they arent, if anything they’re on the rise…
out of 4 matches yesterday, 2 had opponents who were AFK


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I do like the idea. I have one main concern: Such button can be easily used for dodging certain maps. Just dont click the button and you will not play that map and rejoin the queue again. So together with some AFK check they need to implement some punishment if you dont click ‘i am ready’.

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I get a 1 out of 10.
Basically depends

Yeah a small punishment could be good, like preventing to join queue for 5 or 10 minutes, or like maybe minus 5 elo or something.

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I am leaning more towards time penalties then elo.

I agree. Start searching for a game and go to sleep. When you wake up, you can bash noobs.
Or just elo deflation? I guess the average would go down, as no points are being created to compensate.

It’s a team game. When you choose to play with random people from the internet on your team you assume the risk that they’re chowing down on some prime rib in the other room while you toil away trying to execute your build order.

Don’t play with randos. Get on Twitch, make some friends.

Hi, too many times in teamgames a teammate or enemy is afk when the game start. SOmetimes they come back after a few minutes, sometimes not. But it is almost always a guranteed loss. Esspecially in DM.

Can we please change it so that clicking rdy in those 60 seconds when a game match has been found is requirred or else the players gets removed from the queue and a message is displayed saying (you didnt ready up and where removed from the Qeue)



But every time i try to make a similar post here, there’s actually so many people against, and I am really not sure why.


The issue with this is that if the team loses the afk player, the other team will have one more player

Sometimes I spend that minute browsing the tech tree, or finishing a cup of tea. Having to press that button could cause issues, especially with menus still being slow to load sometimes.

I wouldn’t be against a measure which forces the user to put AOE in-focus and wiggle the mouse (as you do when looking at the tech tree)

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No that would prevent the game from even starting.


I understand the issue, but i dont know if your solution is right. You see some players alt f4 because of the map. I hope that number is decreasing with the new system. This is an easy way to dive maps. That is not good.

I also use the full minute for chatting with team or looking at tech tree. So i just dont click the button for that reason. I am ready.

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