The game does not show the Moscow principality, you need a complete processing or a separate civilization on the example of Sicily

" The Grand Duchy of Moscow ,[2][3] Muscovite Russia , Muscovite Rus"

Muscovite is a valid histical-geographic term.

Muscovites, yes, but they do not live in Muscovy, there is only the grand duchy of Moscow, Muscovy is barbarism, invented in a long time ago for the purpose of propaganda

Muscovy is just shorthand for Grand Duchy of Moscow. It is also an accepted historical term, not “barbarism”.

This word gets thrown out a lot, lately. People that use it tend to not even know what it means.

it is accepted in the West for the purpose of propaganda in Russia it is unacceptable

What propaganda?
Do you even know what propaganda is? Because I am seeing that it is you who is uder the effects of some of it,

The Big Bad West is not after you, or the Muscovites.


maybe you don’t compete, but this is a specific distortion of the Russian word Moscow under your names: Normandy, Germany, etc. and this happened in the 15th century and then in the new time it spread to the whole west

-Germany: Realm of the Germans.
-Normandy: Realm of the Normans
-Lombardy: Realm of the Langobards/Lombards
-Muscovy: Realm of the Muscovites.

It is a simple way to name things, that still carries historical-geographic meaning.

No one cares that it called itself Grand Duchy of Moscow. Spain was also not called Spain, it was the Federated Kingdom of Castille, Leon, Aragon and Navarre; but it would be silly to use such a big name, and it gets just called Spain.

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you should speak with Die Bundesrepublik of Deutscheland with respect and use its real name! :wink:


that’s barbarism, what am i talking about? why is China not Chinany?

There is a word Moscow

but Most people associate Moscow with a city, and not with an area big enough for a kingdom.

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then say in context or the grand Duchy of Moscow

What is even “barbaric” about it?
What does “barbarism” even mean to you?

this means borrowing names from other languages and reworking them in your own way

but why would i say when the grand duchy of moscow when there is an accepted other word to use?

do i call Germany “Die Bundesrepublik of Deutscheland?” or do i call it Germany, or maybe Deutscheland"
do i call it “The United States of America” or US/USA/America?
do i call it “The peoples republic of china” or China?
do i call it “Nippon-koku” or “The State of Japan” or Japan?


That’s… not what it means…

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You mean like every language in the History of Mankind always did.
I doubt people went around constantly saying “Senatus Populusque Romanus” when refering to Rome, back in the day.

Egypt is also a Greek name.
Japan never called itself Japan, it is a portuguese-dutch mispronounciation of Nippon mixed in with Java.

That is just how languages work.

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Vatican, Luxembourg why there are no problems with this?

Because nobody care.
Nobody except a Swede or another Scandinavian will say Swerige, in portuguese it is Suecia, in english Sweden.

I’m tired, you can’t tell a log from a log

doesn’t matter - the fact is that most places don’t call the country that is Deutschland by that name do they? nope. they use the word “Germany”.
do we call Japan Nippon? nope. we sure don’t. most refer to it as Japan.
I’m sure there is other countries that have names that people don’t use the official name for either.

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