The game does not show the Moscow principality, you need a complete processing or a separate civilization on the example of Sicily

what Rusyns? I myself am Russian, and the present civilization of the Slavs has little to do with Moscow Principality for the most part is Poland and the Eastern lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which is why they often fought with Moscow and Novgorod, both centers of the Moscow Principality, though Kiev and emerged as our city he was always rather a separate state(according to legend it was founded by criminals, which was expelled from Novgorod) and then for a long time was the Lithuanian rule, the present of the Moscow Principality should praise active trades and not good farmers (we have the worst farmers in Europe), we must have a strong bombard which began to appear from the 14th century and as the crown of creation, the terrible Tsar Cannon weighing 40 tons was created in 1586,

it is easier to alter this civilization completely because of all the bonuses the most reliable are only free supplies, all the rest is inappropriate the, boyar even more similar to Polish hussars in this context

that is, yes, slavs lived in these territories, but the russian principality is not shown in this game, so you can make a separate civilization of the moscow principality as it is now with sicily, by the way, we are also relatives with the vikings, the rurik family is normans we had an active trade and frequent marriages

I mean that it is wrong to bring Kievan Rus to the fore saying that everything else is just part of this civilization, it is outrageous

so it turns out that everyone was ruled by these territories that were born at Novgorod, then sat out under the Mongol yoke and immediately went to the Lithuanians, and the foundations of their army in the imp are druzhina primitive early feudal formation, and not local cavalry, and no gunpowder


the tsar cannon and the center of the city in which it stood may be a miracle of the new civilization

The Slavs in game are based on Kievan Rus and Rus’ overall.
The coat of arms of Slavs belongs to Yaroslav the Wise who was the Prince of Kiev and Novogrod.
The Boyars are Rus’ noblemen. ( Polish noblemen are szlachta ).
Orthodox unique tech belongs to Rus’ too. ( Poles are Catholic christians )
Druzhina sounds Russian too, not Polish.
Slavs speak old rus’ not polish.
Slavic Siege workshop bonus ( -15% cost ) was mentioned as connection with greek byzantines.

The only way that Slavs could represt Poles are faster working farmers, but that bonus fit Rus’ too, so I don’t think Slavs reprent Poles or even Bohemians, but only Rus’.


Well, you don’t know what you’re saying. I mean that it is wrong to put Moscow and Novgorod in the background and attribute Poles to this culture, the concept of this civilization is absolutely illogical and inappropriate if you look at the historical chronology

Sorry, but i completly don’t understand what do you mean. As I proven above, Slavs in game represent Rus’ principalities and Kievan Rus. It is shown in game data and with boyars and language, unique techs. I have proven that Poles are not represented by Slav civ in game and that is also truth. I understand that you mentionend that Russians had cannons, but I think you must consider the game balance. The chinese invented gunpowder and they don’t have bombard cannons or even hand conniers.


so it turns out that everyone was ruled by these territories that were born at Novgorod, then sat out under the Mongol yoke and immediately went to the Lithuanians, and the foundations of their army in the imp are druzhina primitive early feudal formation, and not local cavalry, and no gunpowder, it just offends the history of my country

As I mentioned above. Chinese invented everything in game before every nation and yet they lack most of the upgrades ( due the game balance ). The Khmer had powerful navy yet they don’t even have single bonus to navy. Celts - Scottish are presented as ancient civilization with pict worrior ( woad raider ) and I think they should most offended how they nation has been shown.

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They have rocketry…

you need to distinguish between a joke and an outrage

Do you know that rocketry in game is addition arrow for chu ko nu and damage for scorpions ? What does that have to do with gunpowder.

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this is also not a bug but a feature

Still don’t get your point. So the rocketry is the reason why chinese don’t have hand cannons and bombards while they invented gunpowder ?

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read the history item at the end of the page

maybe they invented gunpowder but the constant use of bombards( at least i didn’t find that) they were not famous while the moscow principality constantly frightened the tatars with them

I was thinking this is like if talking about Britons you focused on Normandy and said that in general the Germans are also British, and would call all this like Saxons, and then mixed them bonuses from nowhere and generally wrong

This game is not supposed to be historically accurate, Caravels never had on-board ballistae either, and only used gunpowder weapons, yet here they are (and the model used is also not a Caravel).

The game is balanced around gameplay needs, not historical accuracy, otherwise Chinese would start with FU Halberdiers and Arbalests in the Dark Age.
Good luck at balancing that.

Ideally, the devs add the Wends to represent the Western Slavs (Bohemia/Greater Moravia, Poland, as well as early Pomeranian and Polabian Slavs who got mostly assimilated/colonized by both Polish Piasts and the Germans). That way we end up with 3 “Slavic” civs as rough approximations for East, West, and South (though I realize Bulgarians aren’t a perfect match for our Yugo brethren, either).

In terms of Muscovy as a separate civ, it’s kinda the same argument as there is against a distinct Poland civ- they spent most of the High Middle Ages ( Mongol invasion to pre-1500s) putting their own “core” state together after a prolonged period of feudal fragmentation. Their rise as a distinct civ falls on the very tail end of the period covered by AoK.

Kyivan Rus’ emerged to prominence in the early 9th century, and maintained it (with significant interference in Norse, Byzantine, Balkan affairs as well as involving Magyars, Lithuanians and Cumans into its internal affairs) right up to the 1240s when Batu Khan razed good 60% of it, paving way for Lithuanians to build the Grand Duchy.

Muscovy began to assert itself after the Battle of Kulikovo Field in 1380 (roughly same timeframe as Lithuanians’ Battle of Blue Waters that secured their control over Principalities of Kyiv and Chernihiv), but it didn’t actually complete its assertion of dominance over its “core” regions until 1478 when Ivan III (the first Tsar) formally dissolved the Novgorod republic and incorporated it into his state. this is really the tail end of AoK’s timeline, as far as Europe is concerned.

From a more general PoV, fro the Middle Ages, using Ruthenian state as an umbrella for Eastern Slavs makes a lot more sense.

well, firstly there is no such word Muscovy is propaganda invented(again insulting the history of my country, but Oh well), and secondly, maybe you’re right about the fact that Kievan Rus ’ may come to the fore in feodal age in the dark Novgorod, in the castle era of the great Principality of Moscow and the Imperial Russian state, there are no farmers in the castle, no druzhina in the imp, draught horses and only the hardcore, in the water they have shipbuilding (associated with the capture of Kazan), Heavy Demolition Ship and Fast Fire Ship, their power take-offs obviously do not occur in castle age (though can set a bit of the knights) they need boom and go to the Imperial age, the feudal age need of eco bonus, and IMP strong buff army