The game needs an Editor Overhaul

I think that one of the weak points of AoEIII DE is the scenario editor: it’s the same from the legacy edition and gives no possibility to create a custom campaign like AoE II DE, which is a feature that would improve Single Player mode a lot. Do devs have a plan to improve it?


I doubt they will now but they should have. It would’ve made for some amazing custom scenarios and machinima.


I made a thread about Scenario Editor improvements
There is a lot of small things they could and should do to make it a lot more usable.

We basically make free content for their game, they should support us in making that process easier.

Custom campaigns would be really nice. Even with custom home cities to level. That would be perfect.


i could make custom scenarios in aoe 2, but aoe 3 is too dificult for me


Include the revamp of the Mod system as well. AoE 2 DE’s Mod manager is more accessible and more intuitive than the one found in AoE 3 DE.

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I up this post to make devs see it. It’s very admirable the effort they are putting in improving the game, and I think that an Editor, Campaigns and Mod System overhaul would fix the lack of single player contents

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