The host SHOULD be able to select if people can use mods or not!

So as a host, you should be able to select if you WANT people to use mods in your scenario, just imagine I make an scenario where people are not suppose to use the small tree mods, or the cube mod, because it breaks how the scenario is suppose to work

Or in another instance, let’s say I make a good looking real world map with defined terrains, let’s say I made an North america map, I make the terrain of each part of the map according to what it is suppose to look IRL (Mexico, US, Canada etc), and I want a big part of canada to have snow, like it looks here

only to have someone who FOR SOME reason is using the snow remover, and it just completely DESTROYS the atmosphere I wanted to give to that part of that map, making it look bland and OUT OF place

Or let’s say I wanted to make the desert in Mexico detailed, with cactus, good looking tall palm trees, etc… (like shown below here)

only to have someone use the simple terrain + cactus remover mod…completely making it an boring looking wasteland

TLDR: Host should be able to select in the lobby if people can use mods or not in their lobbies because it can break how the scenario was suppose to play, or look.


The only way that it would work is if the host was given access to a list of mods users have on and banned certain ones - also that would be infuriating. Even more infuriating would be if you were to disable all mods that a player feels makes them able to play properly -

Long story short - there are too many drawbacks for that to become a feature.

That being said as a map creator myself - I can understand where you’re coming from


You know, being able to creat mod-free lobbies would be a totally okay feature.


The reason you asking for that feature is because you want to COMMAND people to play the game the way you want them to play because you don’t agree with them using - it gets worst now - AESTHETICS(!!!) mods.
Play your game and worry about your game only, stop trying to tell people how they suppose to enjoy their game.


I totally support the idea. I used to make maps just for me, but if I’d share with people I would like people recive the experience in the way I designed it. Of course, the way people play the scenario is on they, but the game should have the option he is asking imo.
I mean, if you are a musician and give a concert you want the same good sound quality for everyone, you don’t want each person use their own headset…


Man, sorry, but is so disrespectful for the time that the guy spend creating the map. His map, his rules, if you don’t like it don’t play, but don’t be a fool with others crafting

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Pretty much, I wanted to create this map to give it a certain fealing, a certain asthetic, it’s my lobby and map after all, it’s just awful when people use mods that downgrade the game look like cube mode or cactus / gaia objects remover to game gameplay “easier” for them.

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Not all people share your aesthetic. You can’t change out my eye balls and install a brain plugin-in. You should learn to appreciate that people will value your work for different reasons. And some people will not value your work at all, but you don’t have to worry about those, since they won’t be playing on your maps.

For everyone else, you can be a up tight, try to enforce your rules and scare away from your little tea party anyone that doesn’t agree with you. Or be accepting, open minded and let people enjoy your work as best they can. It definitely is still your choice who you share your maps with. But based on what you want, you should keep that circle small, because most of us don’t want to play that way.


You speak as using mods is not supported by the game. But rementer that using mod is as part of the game as creating maps. Forcing people to not use mods just because you created the map is silly and childish.

“not this is my map you can’t use mods with it” see?

You sound really discrespectul towards the people that use said mods…


Do you not understand the concept of “people can cheat on scenarios by using these mods” or “the top northen part of the map (canada) is suppose to give you a snowy look, not all green

It’s my lobby, I am the host and I created the scenario, I wouldn’t like people to break how the scenario i created is suppose to work or look, it’s not rocket science.

“Forcing people to not use mod”
am i forcing people to join my lobby? no, they can search for another one, no one is forcing them to join, and if they want to play a regular 4v4, quickplay exists for that.

“You sound really discrespectul towards the people that use said mods…”
care to point out how was I disrespectful? I just pointed out how some people unfortunely may use mods that can downgrade how the map is suppose to look or work.

Here’s the thing, those people who use mods like “cactus remover” or “snow remover”, they don’t do it because it’s not “asthetically pleasing” for them, but because removing them helps for competitive gameplay, it distracts less, but i’d like for them to be disabled just for atleast the 30 mins that my maps last, and once the match is over, they can use it again, it’s not that hard to grasp.

Speak for yourself, and not in behalf of other people

I am not forcing you to join my lobby, if you don’t like the fact that mods are not allowed in the lobby because they may break how the scenario was specifically designed for, then don’t play it, it’s as simple as that, don’t like my “tea party” as you say? don’t join it

Once again, is the concept of “The scenario was designed with an specific feel, script or trigger that CAN be broken with some mods, see stuff that wasn’t suppose to be seen, or not be seen as it was originally suppose to look” ?

Just like Martinuerllo said "if you are a musician and give a concert you want the same good sound quality for everyone, you don’t want each person use their own headset…"

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I use a lot of mods because I also enjoy the different look and feel they bring to the game.

Would you be complaining about mods if this was just me? I’d think that the reason you’d want to ban visual mods, is because the majority of players use at least a few of the more popular ones. But yes, I should mainly speak for myself, I enjoy variety.

Yes. You don’t need enforcement. All you need is to politely explain how the game should be played. Maybe have a discord, where you can setup games with like minded people. I don’t want to ruin your fun. I just don’t think you need a baton to make other players fall in line.

You have a very specific taste and enjoyment of the game. You need to find other people that will share your taste, not try to force random people in the lobbies to play it that way. If you and your friends already agree on this, then the topic of this thread is a non-issue.

let people pick whether they want to turn on a graphics mod for the whole game or only for RM/DM/EW games

i would turn some mods off for campaigns if i ever had time to play those

I shouldn’t have to create an entire discord just because i’d like people to play maps like they are suppose to look and feel, it’s not worth the time

Baton? I am not punishing anyone for disabling mods in my lobby, they can join another one

It’s not about “tastes”, it’s about downgrades, take a look at this
The cactus are removed, the terrain gets “simplified”, it’s not about tastes, but downgrading it, and believe me, if people knew the map would look better if there was a way to disable the mods just for this lobby, a lot of them would probably do it, without having to quit the lobby to disable the mods and join back.

Here we go again, i’ve said it before, I am NOT forcing anyone to play it, if they don’t like the lobby rules, they can simply leave and search for another one, no one is forcing them to stay

The game has a very clear concept of “cheat”, using mods isn’t one of them.
Also, my game on my monitor, so I choose how the snow should look like, not the scenario creator or the lobby creator.

You are the one asking for a feature to enforce your preference, you are the one trying to impose your aesthetics over other people, not me. As I said above, do you know how silly it sounds when you go: “this is my map you can’t use mods with it” kind childish dont u think?

Of course. You not only called the way other people play as “awful” but also used that quotation mark on “easier” as an irony. You should respect more how other people play the game.

I do hope your find people to play the game as you want them to play. :kissing_heart:

Edit: Does people with low specs can play your scenarios too? Because you know they need to lower the resolution and graphics to run the game smoothly, are they allowed to join your game too? Or only the high graphics no mods master race?

Oh. Well this is different.

Your original post makes it sound like your are proposing a regulation feature. It seems what you want is an ease of use feature? Well, then I think no one here would have a problem with that.

You might want to take a more friendly, less aggressive tone. I don’t mind a feature that lets people quickly turn off their mods (but it’s technically not possible for all mods, without a game restart). But the original post did make it sound like you want a repressive feature, that gives you almost unreasonable control over other people.

IcarusDuCer, are you a web designer by any chance? Because I freaking love Firefoxs’ “reader view” and developer tools in modern browsers. :smiling_imp:

If people don’t want their game to be aesthetically pleasing it’s on them, you shouldn’t worry about it, you can politely ask them to disable their visual mods in the lobby, but that’s it, you shouldn’t be able to enforce something like visual mods which only affect other players and not you

You people are the disrespectful ones, everywhere I go on this forum or Reddit I can see small trees and cube mod users like you who constantly dump on and call out the ones that don’t use the mods, these mods ruin the aesthetics of the game and don’t give enough of a competitive advantage to make up for defacing a wonderful, beautiful game. I don’t use these mods because I love the game for what it is and defacing the game should be banned. Anyone who doesn’t use these mods are true AoE players and anyone who does is a try-hard wannabe who thinks having these mods makes them a pro.

#IcarusSpeaksTheTruth #NoSmallTrees

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AoE Community, be yourself, don’t try to be like the Twitch streamers who live in their mom’s basement and play video games all day while living on a diet of Pringles.

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i don’t think most people are trying to be like the streamers, they just see the streamer using something and it looks cool and peaks there interest so they use it.

90% of the custom maps i play i see someone else play and think it looks cool (like ornlu).

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Isn’t that wall guy who’s just a low elo casual player copying fatslob?