The host SHOULD be able to select if people can use mods or not!

no. ornlu does a lot of campaigns and what not.

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I was referring to your incredibly false statement of most casual players don’t copy pros.

there is a difference between “hey that looks cool let me try that”. and “let me try to be the viper, or hera, or daut.”

But then how do you explain the fact that most people get small trees the second they buy the game even though they’ve never played AoE II?

how do you know that is a fact? and why? because it’s an incredibly useful mod. so useful that if i recall correctly it got an official mod.

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How the ■■■■ is it useful? I have never ever left a hole in the wall even with the mod on.

This game caters only to the pro players. The devs’ whole attitude to the general player-base is ■■■■ all you peasants, Hera forever.

because it allows you to see stuff that would otherwise be blocked by woodlines?

congratulations, that makes you one of the very few. but beyond that with smaller trees mod you can more accurately place lumbercamps because bigger trees might obscure where an open spot is.

yeah auto scout and auto farm reseed totally cater to pros, and weren’t additions to make things easier on newer players.

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It doesn’t! Get your eyes checked, AoE players.

The game lets you scan the map when placing the buildings.

Those are the only ■■■■■■■ exceptions.

in a fast paced game it’s easy to miss stuff at a glance from time to time.

yep, but when the game is going fast and you don’t have a lot of time you just tend to click and go, you don’t have a couple seconds to scan.

really? who do you think battle royal was added for? who do you think new campaigns were added for? i rarely see pros playing campaigns. what about quick play? certainly wasn’t added for pros.
but go ahead - what change was made that is detrimental to the casual playerebase that was made because of pro level play?


Then ease up and spend some time placing a ■■■■■■■ wall.

No one plays battle royale and also, I remember they advertised battle royale by having the pro players play it. And the campaigns are for the die-hard AoE fans.

Every single stupid balance change, people wouldn’t have tower rushed with the Incas if they didn’t watch the pro players do it. Or the quick wall nerf.

Because placing it right can save you your whole ■■■■■■■ empire.

people wall all the time, but what i was referring too is when you’re dropping like an ew lumbcamp in the late game.

furthermore sometimes you don’t have all the time in the world to do stuff. especially when a big battle is going on.

yep, because what better way to advertise something then to have the pros play it on stream in a big tournament. but when was the last time you saw pros playing battle royal?

you can be a die hard aoe fan but still casual when it comes to multiplayer.

really? so you think they should have just left franks to run amok on the ladder wrecking people, especially at the lower levels?

please, people were tower rushing ages before Incas were even added to the game.

most non pros can’t even quick wall to begin with, they just don’t have the reaction time to do it.

and they take time to do that - in the early game. when its slower. but in the late game, a wall doesn’t much matter anymore.

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So, they did it for the pro-players, at this point lets make it so that only pro players receive updates and stuff.

Who taught people the blacksmith bonus makes Incan villagers invulnerable to melee attacks from other villagers?

Makes up for the fun you had playing as them.

Oh, really?

Patrol, base and return.

What difference does it make when you’re playing with small trees? You are going to leave a ■■■■■■ lumber camp anyway,

If it made no difference the entire playerbase wouldn’t be using i know I installed it just to be able to build good lumbercamps


When you install small trees you do it because you are okay with defacing the game.

How is it defacing the game when the game itself has a separate menu for installing these mods

It’s defacing the game because it ruins the actual gameplay part. ■■■■ the menu!

So playing CBA is defacing the game aswell?