The inability to reconnect to games

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing Age of Empires IV with my friends for a while now, and while we’ve been having a blast, there’s one issue that’s been bugging me: the inability to reconnect to a game.

Sometimes my game crashes or I get disconnected from the internet, and I’m unable to reconnect to the game. This means that my friends have to stop playing and restart the game with me, which can be quite frustrating for everyone involved.

I think it would be great if Age of Empires IV had a feature that allowed players to reconnect to a game if they left for a short period of time, say 5 minutes or so. This would make it much easier for players who experience technical issues to rejoin their game without inconveniencing their friends.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has experienced this issue or has any thoughts on a possible solution. Let’s discuss!

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5 minutes is already a pretty long time for such a game, even in games where oyu can reconnect after 5 minutes, you are so far behind you have no chance to get back up.

I´m just gonna link a few statements here :

as to see alot of people already asked for this, and since there is no statement so far from the devs of any of these games, the basic answer will be : " No, it probably will not happen "


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Most games with a lock step architecture do not have a reconnect feature or if they do it’s quite clunky.

Basically if you are going to reconnect your computer has to replay the game from the beginning with everyone’s inputs until you catch up. That’s why the replay system also works the way it does.

Another option would be to pause the game for everyone and save it, then have everyone reconvene in lobby and start from that saved state. This is obviously terrible for playing with random people but would be doable with friends.

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