The January PUP couldn't come sooner

Seriously, picking Ports, Sweden, India, China, and to a lesser extent - Ottomans - is for all intents and purposes cheating at this point. Not fun at all and have to work so hard to stand even a small chance.

Ruining the ladder, lapping up the imbalance and unashamedly getting their FREELO getting caught saying things like “Port laming” and insisting they aren’t broken in the same breath - the same people who would otherwise not even be in the top 700 players.

I hope the glaring balance issues are addressed ASAP. It takes one week to adjust to updates and another week to learn the meta. If after that it’s painfully obvious which elements are broken, they need to be fixed within days after the two to three week mark at most.

But here we are months out, adding to more cumulative months of imbalance being a real thing for a total of years at this point.

I feel for the developers and I know there’s company antics at play stopping these updates from coming out sooner (game-breaking bugs still exist such as buildings not being built especially when shift-clicked), but damn.

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But wait, aren’t the Brits broken. You get a vil when you build a house for God’s sake.


The reason is they found bugs in the intended December update and there is no one there to fix them through Christmas. So it is postponed.


Maybe there was a 3 minute age up option for the Otts. Who am I kidding that would have proceeded np

Whats the issue with India right now??

I think he was free associating. India is the only Asian civ remotely close to balanced.

India isn’t balanced, they need minor nerfs - they’re literally an even match against the likes of Ports and Sweden right now.

Speaking of lamers nobody in but swede and ott lamers tonight. It sucks.

Attached to gather the slowest resource, very expensive or weak units and a weak lategame eco cause they need a lot of wood for elephants. They will run out of coin soon.

The thing is with Sweden is it isn’t just a problem with a single unit. Thier eco has always been on ######### They can out eco you even if you sack nearly all their vils. It has always been ridiculous.


Gathering the slowest resource is more than compensated for for the higher yield in trees, the starting bonus to woodchopping, the +1 villager per shipment, and the -20w cost for houses - which is HUGE.

I’m not saying they need major nerfs but definitely small tweaks here and there which I’ve outlined in another post. Starting with increasing the house cost by another 5w.

I’m well aware, I too would rather wait for things to be right then served broken but “in a timely manner”.

But much-needed balance updates - tweaks to some numbers - shouldn’t take months. We the players have been testing it in ladder already so the “time to test” is more than over.

I understand they want to deliver a nice, neat update with everything including balance as well as new features but that model doesn’t really work in RTS - more frequent but smaller patches to fix completely broken elements are what’s needed.

India is balanced now. Small changes can done over and over again.

No, they’re not. I guarantee you their win rate is still one of the highest, let’s see what the devs come up with in the upcoming patch - they have access to the numbers.

Let’s discuss what should be addressed in the next patch, I’m just gonna go off of what I’ve been seeing on these forums and in my games:
Ports: Feitorias is a VERY strong card, but I think it can be balanced and a good addition if the numbers just get dialed back a bit. I believe there’s a reason the original devs didn’t give ports vil cards, and now we’re seeing what happens when they have an equivalent powerful 1st shipment to send. On the other hand though, they are slightly mediocre without it.

Sweden: Hakkapelit is currently right click to win. It’s like rifle rider that doesn’t lose to skirm or goon, with area damage. I’m not sure how to fix this unit, I guess a good place to start is trying to figure out what kind of role the devs want the unit to fill. It almost seems like they want them to become gendarmes for Swedes where it’s just a superior huss in every way. If this is the case then they should be MUCH more expensive, +10f +10c more than a dragoon for a unit that beats EVERYTHING is so strong. At the same time, this unit wasn’t getting much use before so I don’t know what direction they could go with it.

China: Hm this civ for the longest time was mediocre tier, I think tea export has made them very very strong but at the same time I’ve also gotten steamrolled by chinas that don’t even run this card so it’s hard to say. It could just be people haven’t figured out how to play against them yet but losing to the chinese snowball of death never feels good, likely has to do with their extremely strong age3 military cards, but these were never much of a problem until recently so I suppose the meta has just shifted in their favor.

Otto: New abus is REALLY strong, Grens are strong altho it’s nice to see that unit get some use so I think it’s okay for now. I think the most noticeable thing here is the Deli, idk if you guys have been struggling to deal with age2 deli mass but a group of more than 15~ of them just seem to destroy everything, including even musk and pike. Until you get goon they just feel like a pain to deal with. It’s gotta be that attack speed, my boys just can’t seem to get enough hits off with their bayonet to match the dps.

USA: Much of this civ’s power budget seems to be in Rolling Artillery(III), in teamgames coffee mill+gatt is pretty oppressive, not sure how you would nerf it tho. Maybe give them a stronger damage penalty vs cav/shock inf? The civs that don’t have culvs really struggle vs it. As for Rolling Artillery, If we wanted to nerf it I think it could give:
1st shipment- 2 Gatlings, 4 Regulars
2nd shipment - 1 Gatling, 5 Regulars
Or just attach a cost to it like ports Organ guns. The above suggestion could be too weak, US seems to really rely alot on Rolling Arty to close out matches in the midgame.

Inca: This civ got alot of their tricks taken away. They did have to rely alot on the huaraca before but they seem slightly weak now. I think Huaraca should be strictly a support unit like culv/arrowknight, instead of this abus gun/culv that the devs had them as for a while. I think it’s okay that it’s risky to dive arty as Inca, I like their identity as the native civ that sort of just throws a large number of weak archaic units at you, sort of like russia in a sense, I just think they need a slight boost in an area other than the huaraca. Also this change:

  • Native Treaties (II): No longer synergizes with the American Allies card

is bizzare. If the native rush is really that oppressive, just move their Native treaties or American Allies to age 3 instead of these strange un-intuitive changes.

Germany: Prince-electors is a fun idea, feels a bit weak tho. I almost feel like the units should cost no pop but that might be broken? idk sending a card in age2 that gives you nothing else other than the ability to build natives feels slightly weak. It’s like you’re using an age 2 shipment(700 res value) to get a native trading post (200 res value) but maybe I’m looking at it wrong idk.

Feel free to bring up anything else I missed, there’s a few more civs that are in interesting states right now(France, Malta, Japan, India) but I haven’t played with/against those enough to have an opinion yet.

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please nerf the gatling cannon please!

I think it’s easy to get tied up in units as they are the tip of the spear. I think Otts easy 4 minute age up and the swedes eco capability to out resource you with or without vils definitely needs addressed

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On the other hand, some civs are never on top tier and pickrate (both rank and lobby) extremely low, should get some significant buffs, not still getting nerf.

This is not fair, suck as Sweden, Port, British these kind of booming civs always get complained in the forum but always be able to get buff and need to nerf afterward, others never got complained (or only little) but still kept only being nerfed.
I think at least some civs should have chance to go up top tier for a patch.

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It’s funny I almost never see Russia anymore and they are strong. I’m guessing most of those players went to Otts. Neglected civs as you say may just get abandoned to chase the ELO lame not because they need buffs.

Of course maybe they just got sick of being beat up by the Op civs and are just bidding their time in lame land.

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India has already received their nerfs and being that someone didn’t like them rushing they increased the sepoy training time to 38 seconds as if they were some sort of hussars (hussars 40s) and this implies a slower timing with a higher mass slow and double investment in the expedition to recover their training, the elephants seemed better than before but to me they seem worse than before and I would say that it is right because the elephants were the real problem of India, lots of life and good attack especially howdah, for the rest I would say that it is not a civ op and India has always been able to always play it against all civs, broken you can tell Sweden or Japan