The lag makes the game unplayable. Please revert the patch

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  • GAME BUILD #: Latest patch, released this week
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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At some point during a match the game just freezes. If you are lucky, it continues after a long while. Then the game has to speed up for some minutes. If unlucky the game just crashes and you lost. This way the game is just unplayable. All matches since latest patch had this issue. I cant just play the game anymore because of this.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start a game and at some point it just happens.

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Make the game playable again please.

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Hi, you may want to look into my forum post, i was experiencing similar issues and i got a solution by accident, i leave the link below, hope it helps.

Not sure what you meant as solution. I dont use Enhanced Graphics DLC at all.

I had Enhanced Graphics Installed but not activated and it worked, i uninstalled but i noticed this had nothing to do. When i revert game patch to beta i get normal pings but when i do play current patch game gets unplayable. It seems to be a workaround but no longer works for me.

So you say: Go to the beta mode, start the game. Then close the game. And install the latest patch again and this should solve my issue?

I am also not sure if we have the same issue. For most of the game it runs smooth. But at some point the game just completely freeze for over a minute. Not sure if that is only ping related.

I was able to look at task manager during such freeze: I was expection to have a 100% CPU usage or GPU usage during such freeze. The opposite is true: The usage was very low. I have seen CPU usage as low as 9% during a freeze. When a freeze is over, then the usage will be higher again.

The last game is just over and current processor usage is at 50-75%… AoE2 is hovering around 20-35%…

Not sure what happens, but maybe this is helping the devs to fix this annoying issue. Game freezes are just annoying. I just dont know what happen for 1-2 minutes before it seem to fix itself again. That is just 1-2 minutes of me being kinda idle. If i had queue up units they will produced, but otherwise it is really being idle.

Then there is a hotfix, but still not fix for this.

The devs have two options in my opinion:

  1. Revert the last hotfix and the last patch both. So we go back to a working game again.
  2. Give us a working hotfix really quickly.

It is already not possible for more 2 weeks to get into a freeze free game…