The last 2 Civs Confirmed

Its confirmed now the last two Civilizations are the Rus and the Holy Roman Empire. :wink:

For more information about the dev interview watch Spirit of the Law´s “AoE4 News”.


Also confirmed that rus and mongols will have their own campaigns! :grinning:


The 4 campaigns are

  • Norman (English)
  • 100 years war (French apparently)
  • Mongols
  • Rus

They surprised me positively with Rus campaign. I thought that they would be just an enemy in Mongol campaign.


It was rather clear for me. You can give them HRE and mongols as enemy, and they wouldnt repeat teuton campaign in aoe4, so rus as campaign that is totally left blank in aoe2 makes really sense. Even that its about Nevsky was my guess before

We already knew all 8 civs. Was hoping for new gameplay or news, but this was a very fluff filled interview.

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They showed naval battles, they also showed a small land battle with English longbows and organ guns.


they just didn’t discover anything new. from the forum they could see that we know about the other two civilizations, they could at least show a couple of screenshots as in the case of the French and the Abbasids. I am very disappointed

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Il est vrais que nous n’avons aucune infos (vidéos sur les Français, en tout cas je n’en n’es pas trouvé) Sur les différente bande annonce ont vois le gameplay des anglais mongol chinois et indien mais rien sur le restes, ont vois les préférences des devs…


certes mais c’est léger, pour exemple lorsque que l’on vas sur Steam il y a des vidéos de “gameplay” pour au moins 3-4 des six civilisation de souvenir mais après plus rien. dommage…

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Yeah thats sadly but true… and still no beta date. :frowning:


il abuse xD sa fait une plombe qu’il ont annoncé AOE4 avec seulement un seul trailer et à l’approche de la date butoir toujours pas de bêtas. :sweat_smile:

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so, how do we play rus and hre :slightly_smiling_face:
i mean what can be thier traits based on history?
from the little i know (which might be wrong) rus should be an infantry and rush focusing civ right?
and hre must be an umbrella civ? i think they should be able to choose from principalties on age up

I am worried about them shoving both the Italians and Bohemians under the HRE umbrella alongside the Germans. Assuming that HRE will be “the medieval German faction”, they could have simply called it Germans or Germany (which did exist as a kingdom within the HRE). No idea how they intend to implement a separate Italian faction in the future. Well, I suppose we will see how it turns out.


On the other hand if they do that we can get cool war wagon unit for HRE.


The Existence of the Holy Roman Empire doesn’t make it impossible to add individual parts of it as new civilisations.
Just because Bavaria is part of the Holy Roman Empire doesn’t mean if can’t be it’s own civilisation. Each part could be it’s own Civilisation while the Holy Roman Empire is just he Imperial Army.

Bohemians being in HRE/German faction is not the worst thing ever. I would not want Relic to add 30+ civs like in AOE2 and Bohemia was to a large degree dominated by Germans both economically and politically. That being said, Italy is way too important and unique to waste like this. They might still add Italy as a separate civ, but from the historical perspective, it is really weird to have HRE and Italy separate as opposed to Germany and Italy.


d’un point de vue Historique l’Allemagne et l’Italie la Bohème ont toutes fait fait partie du Saint Empire Romains et ceci via les conquêtes de Charlemagne roi des franc


La bohême était un “état tributaire” plus exactement