The legendary day is coming

So, the release of our great game is tomorrow, and I think everyone is excited. The hour X is coming, and it is necessary to say the last words before this event.
I have been watching this forum for a long time, I fought with local “experts” more than once, and so on, it was fun.
But today I want to make a request to the community, yes it is with a request, for me this is unusual.
I think most would agree that Relic and its companion studios have a fascinating RTS, the only major RTS in many years that should draw attention to the genre, there are simply no others, and that’s very important.
I think many would like a little more from the game, and today I want to ask people to show patience, yes, patience, give this game a chance, let the developers polish it without overwhelming the game with a brown tsunami, this has already ruined more than one promising project, I understand that many people itch in very different places, but this is a game, it is special … An analogy with a little deer is suitable here, he was just born and does not even know how to stand, if wolves attack him now, he will die. Let the fawn grow up, don’t kill it.
Almost all the problems of the game relate to visual details that are being fixed literally in the near future, if Microsoft actively patches the game, this will be easily solved.

I know, there will definitely be people who will write - “Well, I wanted siege teams” or “Well, I wanted graphics like in TW”, and so especially for these people. These are not problems or mistakes of the game, these are specifically your desires. Unfortunately, some of the desires of the local inhabitants are meaningless, or may even harm the game, such as siege teams, I understand that it looks nice in my head, but in fact you yourself will not like it.
Or someone could write “Why is my nation not in the game?” And why should it be? What should we do if all 2000 nationalities come to us and say they want to be in the game? All of them are important in their own way. The game is not going to be AoE 2, it is original, it wants to have a small number of developed factions.
I’ve also seen complaints like “The game is not realistic enough”, really? Age of Empires has to be realistic? This is literally a Civilization in real time, you have here the Huns ride in plate armor. Considering that the developers themselves said that they are making a “Solar Game”, I think everything is obvious with this claim, it is meaningless.
Further, someone wrote “I have played AoE 2 all my life and it is better”, but perhaps for a person who has warm feelings of nostalgia, AoE 2 will be better, but unfortunately for more modern players it does not fit, it is too old, and this not a single remaster will fix it. (Personally, I don’t like the fact that there is essentially one faction in the game)
Then I saw the complaint “The game is too expensive”, and this is the most powerful complaint of all. Yes, the game is not cheap to build, but look at other games? Battlefield costs $ 100, it’s crazy, but these are the current prices for games, they are growing. You will not play this game for a day or two, but perhaps for years or months, you buy emotions and entertainment. Yes, it is more expensive than remasters, but it’s obvious, remasters are old games, but they shouldn’t be expensive either, consider DE versions a Christmas present. (Hi Rockstar, what’s the price for your remasters?)

What I want to say at the end. This is a really good game, I enjoyed playing in the closed and open beta and I will be happy to play when it comes out, I hope a lot of people will enjoy the game and stay playing it for many many years. And to skeptics or haters, I want to say the following, give her a chance, she deserves it, not every year there are similar RTSs.
I am leaving this forum, my mission here is completed.

Maybe someday after a couple of years I will come back here to remind of today, and show that I was not mistaken in my feelings, and AoE 4 has become the largest RTS on the market. May be.

Forgot to add) Look how cool the story campaigns are made, videos with real people, historical references … It’s very cool, the work done by the sound designers is beyond praise, it’s really very cool.


Now that the game is so close to release, I stopped expressing my thoughts about it momentarily in order to not attract negativity myself, because I want it to succeed so badly. Despite my negative predictions, I hope at least as many people as possible try it at launch. But later on I will continue to be a very vocal critic towards AoE4 and its many shortcomings until they are covered.


to my experience on release of Age of Empries DE series, the game will be much more refine and robust after 1 year.


I will stay away from the forum when it launches because I will be busy binge playing the campaign :stuck_out_tongue:

Then just like @IamDalv said I will totally request every feature that is still open on my Megathread list :smiley:

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The game has a lot of potential. Here’s hoping the devs listen to player feedback and continue patching it into the future.

GLHF, happy launch day!

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The game has a solid ground to be built upon and with patience they can if done right make this game even better later down the road.

It just won’t happen over night and we have to accept that.

Honestly I am really happy and hyped about that game.
I was very skeptical of the game when I saw the first trailer for several reasons, however the feeling was totally different when I actually got to play it.
I am really glad that when the close beta came out it did at a time that I was very open minded about it and decided to have a go, even to the point of going through the hassle of relearning all of the hotkeys. And I had a lot of fun with this game, this game is even better when you have friends to team up with, play together and come with strategies.
Team games feel so mucho more balanced now(compared to aoe3).

I’m sad that there is no 4k enhanced graphics package :sob:

I agree OP. Community gave mostly negative feed back but I think after the launch we should support the devs and the game. I played beta and I had fun. This game has potential and we give a chance to the this game. :slight_smile:


there is actually… look at the dlc sention

This is a shame, most of the early reviews were weird to be honest. Now competitive players and other more serious testers are giving their reviews. And guess what? the devs never heard us and the problems you and me an other couple of pals were adressing over and over for over a year are still there and being the most critized problems in the latest reviews…

This game had a lot of potential…


That’s probably 4K movies.The dlc name of Age of Empires 2 is 4k enhanced graphics package. And the name of Age of Empires 4 dlc is 4k hdr video pack.

So I just bought the deluxe digital edition. I’m only anticipating that there will be more civilizations released in DLCs (like already the case for 2 & 3). One thing I wonder: will factions already in the campaigns become future civilizations?

Danes & Normans from the Normans Campaign
Poles & Hungarians in Mongols Campaign

Another thing I noted: 2 pairs of the 4 campaigns already complement each other: Normans & Hundred Years War + Mongols & Rise of Moscow.

Will there be campaigns for the other 4 base game civilizations?

I saw some players playing in 4K and 8K … so maybe thats there, i dont know… my potato pc cant run 4k anyway

:+1: i am with you on this.