The "meta" of the deer

Theoretically, what I deduce is: collecting deer is a goal, whoever investigates explorers first has the advantage; Russians don’t need to put villagers in the gold so putting everyone in the food gets you to feudal first and investigates first, as you get scouts out of the hut, it doesn’t stop villager production.
Second, I would put France, which with the cavalry school brings out explorers without stopping the production of villagers.
In third, the Mongolian who with the x2 of the ovo that is 106 stone is enough for x2 of explorers but investing in a stable.
Having the deer and the research of survival techniques is a very strong food boom. Other civis are strong in late but you already throw the gg in feudal !!

It all comes down to how accessible the tech is. There’s a direct correlation between the current strength of the civs and how viable researching and executing Professional Scouts is.

The only reason we get some variance is because we also have fishing – on a certain amount of maps…

I’ve been playing a lot of French lately. I’d like to add that the faster vill production makes up for it even if you open with, like, triple scouts (from the TC).

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In “deep fishing”, yes, shore fishing is no better than hunting with survival techniques technology, I have verified it.

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if you verified with fish-boat?
Fishing still better, because dock works as TC so extra vils in Dark age.

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but it is risky to invest 150 plus 75 of each fishing boat, if they attack you you have no resources to defend yourself. Also, I have seen that they only make boats and no villagers are in food, so, in that way, fishing is no better than hunting with technology.