The Mongols have too many female military units generated

about more than 50% is always female military unit trained by this civ, I know women were allowed to fight, etc but it is too much here.


Of all the bugs this game has, this one HAS to be the most critical. Sigh.


A bug does not need to be critical for it to be fixed.


I would argue it’s not a bug.


Playing the Mongols feels like I am playing DC’s Amazonia civilisation xD
Too many women, very few men and that is not an accurate representation too, so I see it as a bug


Wasn’t Amazonia DC and not Marvel?

Anyway, I dont have your problem. It’s purely random whether something spawns as male or female. I get a mix most of the time.

Unless I’m mistaken… if you have, say 50 units of which 40 are men and 10 are women, if you click on a woman to select them, the whole group will have female voicelines.

If you click on a dude, the voicelines will be male.

From what I know, the gender of units is random, it means that each unit have a 50% chance of being male and 50% chance of being female.

This means, that even if it’s unlikely, it’s possible to have a game where you have only women, like it’s possible to have a game with just males.

Most likely, for a game or 2 you had more female than average, and that created a bias on you, that now you notice the female more than the male, giving you the impression that they are more numerous.

Even if it is 10 out of 1 are women is considered as too much.’
And female warriors never joined heavy infantry or cavalry.
It is the wokeness so annoying me
The only thing we missiong now in AOE 1 is gay Roman legionaries to AOE 4’s Holy Roman Empire now…


I get it, but it’s a random factor.

To get 10 out of 10, 8 out of ten, 5 or 1… it’s just probability.

Trust me, after a bit, you won’t even notice it anymore, and then you can always disable the sound of the units.

It’s not a bug it’s historical inaccuracy in a game constantly marketed based on its basis in history. While I agree bugs/balancing are much more important it’s a bit of an oversight by the devs that goes against what they marketed the game as.


Which units are you talking about? Scouts, khan and villagers? There is no others right?

Just play without unit voices. I got sick of listening to my femal scout shouting after the first time.

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It’s not wokeness. It’s random number generators.

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There is nothing historically accurate about military in the AoE franchise.

How do you explain the dark age not having any archer units despite archery existing since God knows when. Do people realize they can suddenly put archers on horses (talking about Rus) after building some fancy building and magically transforming into a new era. Like, even the scout knows how to use bows against wolves but won’t attack another scout with the bow. It’s not historically accurate at all.

The gameplay cannot be historically accurate because then the Chinese would be training their nest of bees in the feudal age or dark age maybe. And Delhi would train elephants in the dark age too. Catapults and springalds existed since Ancient times and yet you wait till castle age to build them. There are countless examples so historical inaccuracy shouldn’t be an argument here.


I just mentioned the thing that does not affect balancing issues.
Your examples all affect to balancing of the game and that is why historical accuracies are hard to implement on such situations.

My issue won’t affect the balancing of this game.

This is a big difference!

A bug is when something that either does or does not happen as (un)intended. The issue you raise is not a bug but rather RNG at work - unless, of course, the percentage for that is clearly not working. It’s clearly just a 50/50 chance which to my knowledge is intentional.

Not everything has to be seen through a political lens just because it happens to tick a few boxes. If it really bothers you then the chance can be lowered but if this got prioritised over more important issues then that’s a waste of dev time.

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50/50 is definitely a bug because it is too much, which is not doing things as intended. It needs to be tuned down to 90/10.
And female-heavy armoured military units must be removed as it was not their role.


There aren’t any female heavy armoured units in the game. Where are you seeing this?

Lancers and MAA have female units a lot for the Mongols.
It makes me so sad…


That is weird yeah. Never noticed. They look different or you just hear in the voice? Is this the same for every civ?

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