The most disappointing DLC in the history of AOE2

After such a long wait, players from the AOE2 has only arrived with one new civilization that has long been predicted. There’s nothing more disappointing than this.

That’s ridiculous.


And the devs should have added more civs based on leaks? (Oh wait, they did, Lac Viet)

This is a lot of content for a DLC, calm down.


You forget for a little bit, that that dlc is to benefit the aoe1 community…


AOE3 added the Maltese as a civ, while other European civs (the PLC for example) were on the list. So when it comes to being the worst… not even close.

The Vietnamese are added to court the Vietnamese players who still massively play AOE1, no one is fooled about that. But it’s a great improvement for AOE1, notably all the quality of life of AOE2 that were lacking from AOE1 DE, and that also means unlocking all the power of the AOE2 scenario editor with triggers (utterly absent from AOE1) for Antiquity.

Now if you buy this DLC only to play the Romans in medieval AOE2 yes… but you’re missing on 95% of the DLC if you don’t play antiquity, the Romans in AOE2 are more like a bonus than the core of the DLC.


This is the best DLC ever! I played 700h of Age2DE no Problem. But this DLC is Huuuuuge!


I couldn’t be more happier about the DLC. After playing the Rome Returns mod for Conquerors, I’ve always wanted something official.


personally, i see the aoe2 roman civ addition as a bait to buy that 1 civ for 15$, because many will never touch the aoe1 mode, i won’t buy it as i refuse to support tactics such as these


From the steam page. This DLC is awesome.

Experience Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Quality of Life improvements to Age of Empires gameplay:

  • Gates

  • Formations

  • Trade carts

  • Improved pathfinding

  • UI improvements

  • Visual improvements

  • Spectator mode

  • An enhanced AI for computer opponents

  • And much more!

We will most likely have scenario editor with triggers. AOE1 CBA, here we come.


This is what we needed at the beggining. No complains bc at least they did it. Sadly seems that no old campaigns ported.

They lack also European and nomadic tribes.


We could use Gauls (and other Celts) Germans, and Celtic Britons. And other groups the Romans considered barbarians.

Celtic Britons, awesome skirmisher units and chariots. Fearsome Woad Warriors.

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AOE1 has a scenario editor, AOE2 has a scenario editor and so do their DEs. Plus they obviously adapted the AOE2 scenario editor for ROR as they made new campaigns. I see no reason why they would restrict such a tool, whose absence greatly hurt AOE4.

It’s obvious they want AOE1 players to come to AOE2 after all.

In fact, as long as there is another new civilization except for Rome, everyone will be happy and I don’t understand why they are so stingy.

The Celts could have strong chariots in the Bronze Age that don’t hold up to the Iron Age. The Gauls also used chariots around 500 ACN but no longer did so by the time of the Gallic War, as it was obsolete (chariots were awfully ineffective compared to mounted cavalry, once horses were strong enough to carry a rider chariots were obsolete), the only reason why the Britons kept using them is because of how isolated they were, so they didn’t get the update patch that the meta had changed.

That’s how I’d make a Celtic civ if it was only one civ, instead of splitting the Gauls Britons and Dacians.


Is there such thing as “aoe1de community”? Because Vietnamese play the old version.


casually ignores a clear price hike and mass asset reuse which means better margains, again, rome is being added to aoe2 itself solely to generate sales as many won’t touch the aoe1 portion, some will, but there’s plenty of people that won’t, and as someone who isn’t interested in the aoe1 portion, i won’t pay 15$ for 1 civ extra, we got romans ingame already anyway

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Sure there is.
And they are happy that their game gets back on the support rail, and even get some new stuff.


It’s the best DLC in AoE1 history.
It’s kinda strange that they bundle one AoE2 civilisation with it though.


The international one is small, but it exists. There’s e.g. the Classic Cup hosted by Winstons Waffles who also works for Forgotten :slight_smile:

Hey what are you talking about? Where is source of info?