The most ridiculous design in the game

Sigh…look how they massacred my boy! Yes you got it! The Mameluke!

I know there are many ridiculous things in the game, but TBF the most ridiculous thing is the Mameluke design!

So lets just count the ridiculous things in this design:

  • In-game, Mameluke rides a camel. This is historically incorrect, as mamelukes rode horses.

  • Furthermore, even the in-game Mameluke’s mount is the wrong species: Arab camel-riders rode the one-humped dromedaries, not the two-humped Bactrians, which were sometimes ridden by Timurid Tatars

  • Making it appear like a clown throw swords from the back of two-humped Camel.

So sad. So I really have some suggestions to change this design:

  • Make it a horse guy that have the same bonuses as Mameluke but doesn’t throw swords. Which means the unit will have the same bonus attack vs Cavalry and same role as Mameluke.

  • To compensate the 3 range that we will reomve it from the new design, give the unit more hp and more armors and make its basic speed 1.45 (same as camel raider)

  • And last but not least, if the previous suggestions are difficult to implement, at least please make the Camel an Arabic Camel not two-humped Bactrian Camel.

Thank you!


Sooo… Take one of the game-wise most interesting units, and make it totally generic, just one of the many “not quite a knight” UU’s.


Did you read the 3 suggestions?! I think not. As I said in last one, if the change is so hard then make it Arabic Camel at least, but I prefer to be a horseman, and with my new suggestions to fill the role it will be much better.

so where is your complaints about all the other historical accuracy issues in the game? why focus on just the mameluke?


Your three suggestions are:

Suggestion 1: change the graphics.
Suggestion 2: make the unit a generic “not a knight/camel”.
Suggestion 3: change the graphics.

Graphics are not very interesting, so I reacted to the one that matters.

Please stop reacting to me with “you didn’t read it”. Yes I did. Just because you don’t understand my reply doesn’t mean I didn’t understand your post.


Because I said already there are many weird things in the game, but even all of them are acceptable unlike the clown design for Mameluke, it is just ridiculous and laughable.

Before discussing further on historical accuracy, can you please explain why you are so concern about Saracens, Mameluke and Madrasah, Mr. I’m not equalizer or Mr. I wanna be equalizer aka equalizer 2.0?


How suggestion 2 is generic?! A horseman that have a great bonus vs Cavalry (same as the original design) and with insane basic speed (1.45) which is even more accurate especially the Arabian horse is the best and fastest horse in the world.

yeah, Chinese, who created gunpowder, having no access to gunpowder is far more acceptable then the mameluke. you’re absolutely right.

and the meso civs having steel, crossbows and arbs, is far more acceptable then the mameluke. totally right.

You are talking about technologies, I am talking about a graphic silly design. I know there are many weird things in the game but it should be for the balance, but as a graphic design I think it is not acceptable to make the unit like this! It is just totally and frankly the most ridiculous design in the game.

you’re right. taking a ranged camel unit and making it a melee horse unit is totally just graphics design and not going to change the balance of the unit at all.
silly me.


Nah not only Saracens. I suggested many things for Mongols too and Burmese and Eagles in general for mesos. But I am focusing on Saracens currently. I am just waiting after they bring Jun update then I will write a topic that include suggestions for more than 10 civs in the game :wink:.

Yeah but I did a compensate about that. In general whatever and wherever look in the game, you will not find a ridiculous design more than the Mameluke.

nah. china having zero gunpowder is even more ridiculous design.

At least they have a tech called “Rocketry” Rockets!!! Boom! Bam Bam!

Bro whatever, the design of Mameluke is so stupid and laughable and ridiculous.

Yeah, exact same civs and units that equalizer used to suggest.

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As I said if I liked someone ideas I don’t mind to copy them. Why are you interested to know that?

You are more than 20 years late to complain 111111

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No. Leave the Mameluke alone. They are the bane to elephants units. Which makes them awesome overall. If you make them a non ranged unit, then you might as well just make them a Heavy Camel.

What is the problem with that? It can be changed no?