The most ridiculous design in the game

You can give the new design attack bonus vs elephants.

So, make the Mameluke a carbon copy of the Camel Rider… How is it solving anything?

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You mean by the new design? No, it will have a new bonuses as I suggested. It will be much better than the generic one. Or as I said if these things are hard to change, then at least make the Mameluke camel Arabic Camel not Bactrian Camel.

so now were not just impacting the visuals of the unit, despite your earlier claim, were impacting the balance of the unit.

At least change the camel.

Good luck (word limit)


I struggle to see why it has to be done. The “historical accuracy” argument doesn’t hold itself. I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about the look of units. Supposing it is changed, hardly nobody would actually notice it, or care about it.

tbh they spent time on a dumb pallisade change, so why not this 11

because one affects actual gameplay and the other is just a visual change.

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Because the unit design is laughable and weird more than anything in the game. Do you know Sandy Patersen?! He was from the aoe2 original designers and he was the one who designed the Mameluke, guess what he said? I will tell you, he said : “Mameluke design was my mistake”. Yeah he said it by himself.

mistake or not its interesting, and changing it to yet another melee cavalry is not.

Yeah but you can fix the mistakes, can’t you?

Depends on what he means about the design being a mistake? did he mean making it a ranged sword throwing unit? did he mean the type of camel it was on? or did he mean that it was riding a camel at all? or maybe the price?
which part did he consider the mistake.

because frankly, as dumb as it sounds to have a ranged sword throwing unit, its INTERESTING and not just yet another melee cavalry.


Yeah exactly he said that making the unit throw scimitars was the mistake.

well then no, i don’t think that should be changed. its fun and unique. the last thing we need is another melee cavalry unique unit.

Yes, Aztecs carrying their Mongol allies in their transports to besiege the Teuton coastline, lined with Malay Bombard Towers. So not ridiculous and laughable

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exactly. not to mention the facts that.
meso civs have steel and crossbows/arbalesters
chinese have no gunpowder units
goths are an infantry civilization
mayans are an archer civilization
not to mention all the various campaign inconsistencies.
franks throwing axeman throws a double headed axe
celts having great siege but no BBC when the only siege they really used was cannon.
celts having woad raiders as a unique unit.

its almost as if its a game and you have to suspend some reality.

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The things that you listed are balance things not graphic.

so is changing the mameluke from a ranged unit to a melee unit.