The Mountains Royals is more expensive than base game

Right now, on Steam, the new DLC costs more than the base game in Brazil! Just to compare, Return of Rome, the same 15 dollars DLC, is half the price of The Mountain Royals! Wouldnt be the first time this kind of “mistake” happens. AOE3DE during the pre-purchase was costing triple of AOE2DE, but you corrected it to the right price in 5 Brazil and 4 other steam regions. I hope you are going to correct this also to the same cost of ROR.
Im uploading the screenshots I took right now to show how absurd this situation os…


Yeah is absurd.
best thing is to wait and see if the price is adjusted accordingly, being more expensive than the base game is bs.
Look at Dyasties of India and see how a scam can feel.


What do you mean by this? Was Dynasties of India more expensive before? (It’s something I remember being a thing, but I’m seriously doubting myself. But not sure what else would constitute as scam.)

I’m glad for the screenshots, because for Euros TMR DLC is appropriately listed as 15 euros (and has a -15% discount right now), whereas base game is 20 euros. I’m just going to guess it’s some sort of localization bug and should definitely be fixed ASAP. Might help to point it out in the II - Report a Bug section, and other players from other localizations also check that they’re not paying more than intended.

DOI brought 3 new civs and 1 rework with 3 campaigns and is way cheaper than TMR (that in some areas cost more than the base game) that gives 2 new civs, 1 rework and 3 campaigns.


Oh, I assumed you meant DOI was a scam. Sorry - but yeah, I do agree with this (though the increased price is likely due to increased prices everywhere).

Should it be in bugs section or here, @moderators ?

I’m forwarding this to our team that works on pricing, thanks for sharing.


Hey Ashley, could you also submit a feedback on bundle pricing? With all previous DLCs we get an extra discount if we already own existing DLCs. But I don’t see this option with The Mountain Royals. Thanks!


64,99 Polish Złoty is definitely too much for polish players. DoI DLC it cost 45 PLN. 35,99 PLN it would be honest price for it. Please change it :pray::pleading_face:

Maybe it would be a good idea to include this DLC in the AoE 4 DLC pre-order?

Same thing happened in my country Chile. I’ll add an image too


*Considers this topic as someone who paid for around 2 years of World of Warcraft subscription fees, or USD $300, while not being in a position to play it*

The price is lower on Microsft Store (R$27,00 or R$22,95 with 15% discount), so I’m assuming there was an error and they will correct it on Steam.

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Good to know! [20 chars]

Same for MXN. It’s still affordable for most people but it costs twice as LotW (which has the same 2 civs and 3 campaigns) and almost the same as buying LotW and DoI (which offers more content than TMR)


LotW and RoR aren’t exactly cheap either, but at least they’re more affordable.


Hello! Any news about the pricing? As you can see in the images below, on Microsoft Store the price is lower (and fairier) than on Steam (that have the price higher than the base game). I want to buy it on Steam, but I won’t take this absurd price. It is clear that is an error. It should be corrected before the pre-sale discount is over, to be fair. Thanks!



Ok, it is defintely a mistake in Steam’s part. In Colombia in the Microsoft Store is 30.000, but Steam has it at 45.000


Can others also see the same pattern in which countries got this wonderful mistake that takes so long to correct?
Btw, when that happened with AOE3DE it took only two and a half hours to correct it…


I’m disgusted that they keep pushing out expensive DLC but won’t add a feature back in that the original games 20+ years ago had.

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Surely I believe Steam’s recent view on regional price affect the different pricing in different stores.

It has been that way since Oct 2022.

To sum up, Steam will recommend a region price based on exchange rate + PPP + CPI.

Some people like Argentina and Turks got way too cold shoulders.