The new Spanish gold bonus is too weak

20 gold after every tech seemed nice so i tried it out in the PUP and it did not make much of a difference at all

So i was seeing if there was a way i could skip the mining camp and sending vils to gold early becaue then that would be a good bonus. But that wasnt the case.

I did maa, still had to go on gold and build the mining camp just like normal. No advantage

Did all in scouts trying for armour, attack, wheelbarrow, horse collar and double bit axe. And still had to go on gold to get up to castle age and that strat wasnt very effective anyway. My guy just massed spears and walled up. No advantage

Tried drush without sending a vil on gold. But then i had to go loom first before making the 3rd militia and that was 25 seconds where my opponent was 1 vill up


Spanish +20 gold is useless in early game. Needs a rework or a buff.

You gota get 5 techs in feudal to get HALF what the etheopian bonus gives for free right at the start of feudal

I thought this bonus will be very good and offer you flexibility.

I think you made a mistake by opening Drush and MAA. Militia cost gold and MAA upgrade is also quite expensive on gold in early game. I don’t think you can skip mining camp in Feudal Age if you try these openings. Scout will be your best option since at least you can delay mining camp for quite a long time. Loom+DBA+cav.armor will give you enough gold to have Bloodlines.


How come a new bonus suddently needs a buff ? It sounds kind of ungrateful, like “one give you a single finger, and you try to take the whole arm”…

You know you are comparing a late game oriented civ with an age up power spike (with archer line power spikes) oriented civ, and wonder why the late game civ gets a bettee early game power spike ?

I personally woundnt mind exchanging the Ethiopians and Spanish resouce boni if you would like to:

  • Spanish get +100f/100g on age ups and better outposts as TB
  • Ethiopians get gold on upgrade, faster building, no gold on blacksmith upgrades, and more gold on trade.

Because Ethiopians only get 1, and you are comparing one of the many spanish boni (how are supposed to be weaker early game as spanish are a mid to late game civ).


Or horse collar instead of armour (doesn’t require vs and is usually picked up anyways)

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I think the bonus is very good especially on top of black Smith costing no Gold. By the end of the game you Will have lots of Gold more than your opponent, and late game is when spanish are supposed to Shine.

Even still, this bonus has applications even in early game. If you make loom in dark age and DBA as soon as feudale hits, you are going to have enough free Gold for MAA upgrade saving you villagers

Or in a balanced feudal advancement you’ll get loom, wherlbarrow, DBA, horse collar, and potentially other techs between BS goldless upgrades, Mining upgrade, dock upgrades (on water Maps)…this is well above 100 G extra if you are greedy which May not sound like much but are basically a free bloodlines or half the Gold needed to Castle Age, meaning you can sensi villagers to food or wood or Stone, or to vall to greed your way up

Spanish also were not the worst civ either before, so it’s not like they needed a huge buff

Yeah that’s better. So scout with full Feudal eco.

I think this bonus will be way strong on pro players’ hands.


Spanish were in a good spot anyway, they didn’t need a buff so be thankful if they got one.

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There is no dock tech in Feudal Age.

it is a good bonus that over a long game gives them some extra 1000g or so, comparable to what Poles get from their Stone mining bonus. It is not an early game bonus, it’s meant to be more of a whole game bonus.

To all the people saying be thankful Spanish got buffed, NO IT GOT NERFED

Did you forget about -1 PA for Conqs? Crossbows shred them now. This gold bonus was supposed to offset that but its not enough

And Spanish dont need extra gold for late game. Their late game is already good. They need help early game on open maps like arabia.

Portugese got gold discounts on all units which is a much better bonus and yet they sucked till they finally got a proper early game bonus with the berries

Its not a bonus that would let you skip building a mining camp when you want to make gold units but its good in some situations. If you do horse collar, double bit axe, loom, you get +60 gold. You might be able to get bloodlines on scouts without collecting gold.
If you get attacked by maa, you are not on gold, loom and double bit axe helps you produce 2 archers without the need to collect gold. In castle age, you already save on blacksmith upgrades and this adds up to it.
Its a decent but not a crazy strong bonus and that’s ok, considering Spanish have a good late game. I wouldn’t mind if it were +30 but its ok to start small.


Yeah it should be +30 gold. So that you could get loom, bit axe, horse collar, wheelbarrow and town watch and have enough gold to go up to castle without a mining camp

  1. You still need a mining camp. You have to do either knights or conqs or monks in castle age. You could probably say that the Spanish player can buy an additional 100 food and go up to castle age sooner.
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I guess that’s not what the new bonus gets introduced for.

We can notice that this time the FC UU strategy is being intentionally nerfed, so it’s even less likely to improve a bonus that contributes to age advance. The devs seem to hope that players could stay in the Feudal age more, instead of always rushing to access Conquistadors.

Btw, I’m still hoping they at least get the Crossbowman upgrade.
The Blacksmith range tech without gold cost & techs with 20 gold bonus, which are pretty good for encouraging players to use Archers. With Crossbowmen, at least Archers will be a worthwhile investment until the early Castle age. This is in line with the purpose of strengthening the early game where they have no Conquistadors.


Mmm… Conq already shred infantry, knights and camels in castle age and xbow is their only weakness. Now Inquisition gives +1 range for castle age Conq, xbow no longer outrange them. So -1PA for non elite Conq is fair imo.

Missionary. Not Conquistador.


Good Spanish don’t need to be any stronger. They already get no gold blacksmith techs, faster gold generating trade in team games. What else do you want man?

Try to play something other than 1 trick Conquistador maybe?

Yep. You can delay a bit though if you go all in Feudal Scout. Obviously the continuation is Castle Age knights which needs a mining camp on gold.

Good point.

Yes that would be the best to give them crossbowmen. Or cheaper monastaries. Or inquisition can be researched in the monastary.

Those are solid bonuses that would actually affect playstyle. Amd buff early and midgame as intended.

Im finding this gold bonus negligible in early game when its actually needed and decent for late game when spanish dont need it (already good late game)

Maybe make it 100 gold for every tech.

Now for real do you expect them to buff this right away after it hasn’t been tested by pro players? I get a feeling that hera/viper or some other pro have a different opinion about that. It actually has a good impact in early game like previous posts already mentioned.

Conqs are still strong. The unit was op before that(at least in castle age). Now they shift away from being a one trick civ.

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