The OTTOMANS SHOULD have a make over they where super powerful and yet they are super weak in game

The ottoman NEED a makeover i know they are only like a year old but they are one to the worst civs when in real life they where one of the most powerful empires ever and yet the can easily be betten. Hopeful the devs hear this because it bugs me a lot that they are super weak!


Bro dont say things like that they have the highest winrate at 1v1 matches.They are number 1 or 2 it changes.They need a change but they are not weak they deserve change for historical accuracy


I dont want Ottomans win rate at %/100. I only want devs make Ottomans according to the history. Relying on only military schools are so lame and boring. This is a lazy civ concept. This is the worst thing to the a civ.


that’s what i mean i went them to be an accurate civ

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There’s some truth in that. Please my friend, check my summary and analysis of AoE4 history and suggestions for the DLC:
“It’s not over. AoE4 can still become the best AoE game and keep growing. Here’s how”

Unfortunately, as you know it’s not possible for civs to have historical strength.

You can see from the later period on my post, at its heyday, the Ottoman Empire all alone was militarily balancing out against most of the entire world including all of Europe - when Europe was already powerful. If the Ottomans in AoE4 were as strong as in real-life Ottoman Empire in 1500-1600, they would crush all other civs hands down.

But yes Ottomans should be made a genuine AoE4 civ, as should all civilizations.

The historical characteristic of the Ottoman military was great victories against more numerous opponents. That means their troops were stronger / better individually, and they were.

So the solution is to make the Janissary and the Basilica Bombard (Great Bombard) much stronger - and more expensive - units. Obviously that keeps the game balanced.

Ottomans should have the strongest units, not “Jeanne D’Arc” or “Order of Dragon”. The way devs did it just feels so wrong.


I have the same feeling. Please my friend, check my summary and analysis of AoE4 history and suggestions for the DLC:
“It’s not over. AoE4 can still become the best AoE game and keep growing. Here’s how”


ok i will i cheack it out sounds like a good artical


Let’s hope…we all want AoE 4 to be the best AoE ever…

yes i hope it will be the best

Also this is a note for devs planing to nerf Ottomans you just need to nerf Istanbul Observatory to %70 speed bonus

Ottoman are super strong in imperial since the patch, the great bombard shooting faster and cheaper and observatory is so good as well. Now all i see is ottoman fast imperial while relying on free units.

I think its cool as it makes them a more unique civ, but i don’t think they need a boost.

Good to know that some people in the forum represent the Copper (sub Bronze) leagues :grinning:

They buffed Istanbul Observatory too much i hope they dont nerf something else :face_exhaling:

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are you that guy who appears every few months, creates a bunch of accounts, asks for Turks/Ottomans to be buffed and then gets banned again?

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Im platinum 3

And on Aoe4 world, ottoman has second best winrate after mongol and in conqueror rank it has the best win rate since the new patch.

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People are not forced to use military schools. They can make barracks, stables and archery ranges as usual.

If you build only barracks, dont build ms, you cant win the game with Ottomans.

What is with all these Ottoman threads. Is Vinifrss returning


I believe OP has a serious point. Each civ has its profile and characteristic. French are the civ of castles, knights and trade. HRE are the civ of tanky infantry and a religious state. Delhi is the civ of elephants (or should be, if elephants were effective).

In the same line of thought, Ottomans are the military civ.
They won battles against more numerous armies because they had professional, elite soldiers.

Therefore obviously their unit should be fewer but stronger, full stop. In AoE4, they are many, free and trash. Everything upside down.

Is it that hard to understand? People should learn some history.


Even Delhi is upside down. The Delhi Sultanate was known for their barbarism in destroying universities and killing scholars. And yet their mechanic in the game is producing scholars. What a joke.

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