The pause should not exist

people abuse the pause, it is true that it is rarely needed and without it you lose the game, but in most cases it is used to abuse.

For example, in the last game I was in III, almost ready to jump to IV, and my partner was attacking one’s city, he got into it, and almost gave up the rival, and begins to pause in the middle of the fight, to think, and make plans with his friend, we quit the pause and he never left, and he put it in many times, the two of them kept playing, and then we decided to keep the pause and ask what was happening, and he says to stop to break the pause, and it was in the middle of a battle where my friend could take him out of the game, and we kept the pause for 30 seconds and I counted up to 5, and removed the pause, and they kept pausing it, after those 30 seconds everything was very strange, with the pauses he wanted to catch my partner’s scouts with their Pikemen, with the pause he send a counter unit to the city that attacked him, with the pause their ally put a castle on me, and i did not see because I was arguing with the two of them.

with no pause i will jump to IV and one enemy would be removed but they almost go around the game.

The truth is that the pause is occupied maybe in one of every 10-20 games, but you can cheat in 100% of the games.
value you.

and at the end the cheater still says that he will report to us for removing the breaks, being that he wanted to think and turn a lost game, they lost it and he says I will report both of you, but with the breaks they lived 20 more minutes and almost turn around.

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