The Persian Civ

Hey guys how are you hope you are well. I want to discus with you the Persian as Cavalry civ. As all of you know that Persian are classified as cavalry civ, but tell me one thing that make them have any thing special for their cavs or for their identity as a cav civ, just one thing! Well actually it is nothing, they don’t have anything special for their cavs, they are not cheaper like Berbers or Ports, their scouts not cheaper like Magyars, their stables don’t work faster like Huns, their knights don’t run faster like Cumans, they don’t have extra hp like Franks and and and…, so what the hell is special for their cavs as a cav civ?!

I think the Persian need somehow like a buff or actually like identity or something special for their cavs as a cav civ, and i have many suggestions here to discus with you, what do you think is the best for them?

-Give the Persian a UT that make their knights cost 30% less gold
-Persian Knights cost 25% less gold (direct civ bonus)
-Fallen knights return 66% of their food cost or all of it
-Fallen knights return 25% of their cost (food&gold)

so what do you think?


Theirs and allied knight line inflict +2 bonus damage vs any archer.

And they are the only civ with fully complete and fully upgraded scout line, knight line and camel line, plus of course the war elephant, that even if super situational still count as cav.

I think that they fit perfectly the cav theme as a civ…

If you want to buff the persians, just give them back their dark age bonus, and further increase the cost of trashbows to balance it out.


Because they don’t have any other strong options.


line of sight and attack bonus vs archers?! woooooow what a bonus?!

persian war elephant?! wooooow this is why we see this unit so much in our games

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People cried for Persian nerfs until they fell into irrelevance, now they need no buffs.
They are simply overtuned, and shine at nothing anymore.

Try to touch them, and you will just break their balanced state.

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they don’t have anything special to nerf it or anything special to make it imbalanced

Every civ is archer and/or cavalry civ until imperial age.

They have Trashbows and FU all Stables units they get + strong TC and Docks bonii.

They get a lot special, they are just overtuned.

Who talked about LoS? And you simply asked for something related to the cav theme, not for something strong or extraordinary. Since you didn’t mention all those things in your post I assumed that you weren’t aware of them.

But still count as cav, soooo…

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Persians aren’t in need of a buff, even when I would like to see either Fast moving gunpowder units or the team bonus extended into scouts (Which helps them in the feudal age).

Afterall Persians are fine, neither OP or UP, and for new players are pretty easy to use at booming.


So? your point of view is what?

they are cav civ not gunpowder, what are u talking about man?! they need something for their identity as a cav civ

which is nothing right?

who cares about xbows?! we are here talking about their cavs

Safavid Persia was known as a “gunpowder civilization” and Persians have both Hand Cannoneers and Bombard Cannons).
Bulgarians weren’t exactly a siege civilization yet they got a Siege related bonus which helped them a lot.


They get FU Hussars, Paladins and Heavy Camels.
That is plenty special enough, since they are the only civ that gets all 3.

Combine that with Trashbows and TC Laming, and Persians are already plenty unique.


yeah this not related to our topic here about a CAV civ in the game

Cumans have the same and faster knights and many bonuses, so what is special for persian?

No, Cumans have no Heavy Camel.
They also miss Bracer for their UU, Stone Walls, and do not have as strong an Economy as Persians.

Persians are the only civ in the game, to have all 3 baseline Stables units fully upgraded.
All others are missing stuff.

yeah again what is special about their cavs?!