The problems about Chinese localization

This DLC has a lot of chinese translation problems that cannot be ignored…
I sorted it out

original text official version modify reason
Sipahi 突厥骑射 西帕希骑兵 突厥骑射 is Literal translation of “turkic horse archer”,This translation comes from the AOE2 Turks ut,Not suitable for AOE4
The Sultan’s Ascend 苏丹人的崛起 苏丹的崛起 苏丹人 is sudan people not sultan(Title)
Japanese 日语 日本人 日语 is meaning Japanese Language in Chinese not japanese people
Onna-Bugeisha 女武芸者 女武艺者 芸 is japanese kanji of Chinese 艺/藝
Towara 田园 とわら(Towara)'s kanji is 俵,It’s Meaning Rice bag in Japanese not Field(田园)
Katana Bannerman 日本刀旗人 刀剑旗本武士 Bad translation,Bannerman is 旗本(Hatamoto),The 旗人 in Chinese refers to the name of a class in the Qing Dynasty.
Yumi Bannerman 弓足旗人 弓箭旗本武士 Bad translation,弓足 is meaning bow foot is Chinese
Uma Bannerman 乌玛旗人 骑马旗本武士 Bad translation,Uma(うま)is meaning Horse in Japanese and Chinese Translation is Rough transliteration
Forge 铸造器 锻造厂 Bad translation,铸造器 is meaning mould in chinese
Floating Gate 漂浮的城门 浮门 Bad translation,The gate here refers to the torii, not the 城门(city gate)
Kabura-ya Whistling Arrow 卡布尔亚镝箭 鸣镝箭 Kabura-ya(かぶらや;鏑矢)Transliterate by incorrectly
Oda Tactics 奥达战术 织田战术 Bad Transliterate,Oda is clan name of 織田信長(Oda nobu naga)
10000 Bolts 10000弩箭 万箭 why number
Varangian Guard 北欧卫队 瓦兰吉卫队 北欧卫队 and 瓦兰吉卫队 appear in the Chinese version at the same time…
Tr()apezi()tes 梯弄蝶 纵火者 Bad translation,it refers to a raiding cavalry of Byzantine
The Regnitz Cathedral generates +100% Gold from all captured relics 可作为修道院使用。所有放置在其中的圣物每分钟都会产生+100%黄金 可作为修道院使用,所有圣物每分钟都会产生+100%黄金 Regnitz Cathedral——expression is wrong,relic extra gold is not only for Regnitz Cathedral itself
Acts as a Barracks that produces infantry 400% faster 可作为兵营使用,生产速度+400% 可作为兵营使用,工作效率+400% Burgrave Palace——expression is wrong,not 生产速度(Spwan speed) but 工作效率(Working rate)
Imperial Officials collect tax twice as often and also collect 20% of taxes as Food 朝廷命官可以征收到两倍的税,还会收取20%税款用于食物的开销 朝廷命官收税频率两倍,还会收取20%税款用于食物的开销 Mount Lu Academy——expression is wrong,not twice tax(两倍的税) but tax twice as often(收税频率两倍)
Mehter drums that increase the melee armor of nearby units by +2 奥斯曼军乐队的战鼓可使附近单位的近战护甲+2% 奥斯曼军乐队的战鼓可使附近单位的近战护甲+2 Mehter Buff——excess %
Mehter drums that increase the ranged armor of nearby units by +1 奥斯曼军乐队的战鼓可使附近单位的远程护甲+1% 奥斯曼军乐队的战鼓可使附近单位的远程护甲+1 Mehter Buff——excess %
Military Schools train units 25% faster 军事学校的产量 +25 军事学校的产量 +25% Fast Training——Lack %

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