The quick play games

I think we should remove quickplay games because now there are way less people in the hosted games. In general, the more game modes we have, the more waiting we’ll have in each.

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Here you have my opinion about quick play. I think it is useless and almost never the way to go for playing the game. In almost every situation you prefer the ranked queue or lobby over quick play. Quick play kind of adds the worst from both game modes together and end ups as worst way to play the game.

If you want to get into a balanced game quickly, then go ranked.
If you want to play some niche map, then go lobby.
if you want to play with friends only, then go lobby.

There isnt really a good reason to go quick play at all.

My suggestion would be to remove quick play from the game and add the modes BR and EW to ranked, if the devs think they need some more love.

Ranked queue will works the same as quick play, but with the benefit of having balanced games. I can see EW becoming popular, if people can easily get into balanced games. Not sure about BR, but since it is a new game mode and the devs want to push the game mode, so it will get some traction, i would just give it a try.

We also already have the following thread about this subject:

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yeah but then ranked gae is a better option for you, you will easily find plpayers of your level