The Rework Aztecs Deserve

A Rework of the civ that focuses more on their historical/mythological aspects and creating more fun, less one-dimensional, and unique gameplay.

                              Age Up Choices

Each age up gives access to certain native units and technologies, such as the Maya, Quechua, Mapuche, or Zapotec, as well as shipping a single warrior priest.

Age of Wisdom reduces the research time and cost of this age up and all standard technologies by 20/25/30/35%.

Age of Thunder grants 3/6/9/12 Household Turkeys (Sheep) and reduces the train time and cost of villagers by 20/25/30/35%.

Age of War increases building hit points and damage by 25% and allows you to build castles, shipping 1/1/2/3 castle travois and 1/2/3/4 military travois.

Age of Fire increases the siege damage of all your units by 25% and ships 2 rams/4 arrow knights/2 light cannons/2 heavy cannon.

Age of Obsidian Ships 2 more war chiefs and empowers their aura. grants war chiefs the sacrificial prisoner’s passive, increasing their stats as they defeat enemies.

When playing supremacy or empire wars (not treaty) the imperial age has an additional age up option, “United Aztec Federation” or U.A.F., explained at the bottom.

                                New Core Mechanics

Warrior priests are now revivable heroes, and you gain a warrior priest every time you age up for a maximum of 5. Each warrior priest now has access to several abilities with a shared cooldown they can use every 2 minutes. Some of these abilities are non-stacking auras that provide a strong benefit for 6 seconds that are then greatly reduced, such as an attack or move speed aura. After 6 seconds a much weaker aura remains until they use another ability. Each warrior priest has their own separate cooldowns.

Another ability called ascendency massively increases a unit’s stats for 12 seconds and grants them a stat boosting aura for the same units, after which only a smaller permanent stat boost remains. Ascendant units have a new model and gain the sacrificial prisoners passive, which permanently increases their stats for every unit they defeat.

Central to their new playstyle, Aztecs no longer have access to the community plaza, nobles/war huts, or the native embassy and have no researchable economic upgrades. Instead, they start with a temple travois which can build a temple and can train several more temple travois from the tc. They allow the training of native allies and mercenaries which arrive at your home city point as well as native and unique technologies. They are also upgradable 3 times, greatly changing their look and increasing their benefits.

Temples increase all base gathering rates by 2.5%, with every upgrade increasing gather rates by another 2.5% for a maximum of 10% per temple, 50% overall. These are further increased through an upgrade in the imperial age.

Temples additionally increase nearby building hp and damage by 12.5%, increasing by 12.5% for every upgrade for a maximum of 50%, as well as reducing the train time of military units near them by 20% per upgrade.

Each Temple allows a single warrior priest to perform sacrificial prisoner ceremonies that focus on empowering bounties and xp, such as increasing enemy unit xp bounties, giving a trickle of a resource such as food and adding that resource to enemy bounties, or sacrificing gold/second for xp/second. Only one of each ceremony can be performed at a time, and they provide increased benefit with each age up.

Temples also allow the training of normal healers and the ransoming of warrior priests. they allow Warrior priests to travel between temples instantly when garrisoned in them so players can quickly switch between using them in battle or in temples.


Mustering Halls replace noble/warrior huts and allow you to train and upgrade your military units. Temple upgrades allow nearby mustering halls to recruit nobles, with rebalanced Eagle Knights being available from the first upgrade, Jaguar, and Arrow Knights from the second upgrade and skull knights from the last upgrade. Mustering halls do not shoot and have no build limit.

Aztecs have access to jungle outposts, which are cheaper and weaker towers with greater build limits. if they chose the Age of War they can also build one castle per age. Castles start weaker than forts but get significantly stronger with the temple aura and upgrades unlocked through age ups.

Aztec markets are also livestock pens and train household turkeys instead of sheep. They function the same as sheep.

Aztec houses cost 50 wood but provide only 6 population.

Aztec Farms cost 160 wood but only allow 5 gatherers.

Aztecs have mining shafts instead of estates. They cost 1000 wood and function like infinite but slower gathering mines. Villagers gather by garrisoning in a mine shaft, safe from harm. Up to 25 villagers per mining shaft.

Craftsmen Guilds have access to several unique upgrades for the Aztec army and their buildings. When near a fully upgraded temple in age 4, they allow the construction of captured mortars.


All units now have age 2 stats and cost 1 population space except for skull knights.

Slingers now cost 60 food/20 gold and have 80 hp 20% ranged resist, 4 move speed, and 10 attack 1.5 rof 2x heavy infantry, 1.5x light cavalry, .75x heavy cavalry at 14 range. Their range increases by +2 per upgrade, shots are instant.

Puma Spearmen now cost 60 food/20 gold and have 100 hp 20% melee resist, 5.5 move speed and 12x5 vs cavalry. They are no longer siege troopers.

Coyote Runners cost 100 food/20 gold and have 200 hp 20% ranged resist, 6.75 move speed and 18 damage x1.5 vs light infantry. They are no longer shock troopers, instead have the cavalry tag.

Eagle Knights cost 80 food/60 gold, have 120 hp 20% ranged resist, 7.25 move speed and 1.5 rof, 12 damage x3 vs heavy cav, 2 vs artillery, .5 vs villagers at 12 range. No longer shock troopers, they have the same tags as cavalry archers.

Jaguar Knights cost 100 food/40 gold, 200 hp 20% ranged resist, 5 move speed and 12*5 vs all infantry. They are now light infantry with a melee skirmisher tag.

Arrow Knights cost 60 food/60 gold 1 pop, 150 hp 50% Siege resist, 4 move speed and 3.0 rof 10 siege damage x3 vs artillery, x5 vs buildings and ships at 20 range increased by 4 per upgrade, shots are instant.

Skull Knights cost 200 food 40 gold 2 pop, have 400 hp 20% melee resist, 5 move speed and 20 damage with 2 aoe, x2 vs heavy infantry and heavy cavalry.

New cards focus on sacrifice, alliances, warfare, and temples. For example, a card that revives all slain ascendant units with their sacrificial prisoner stacks for one last battle.

                              United Aztec Federation

When not playing treaty appears as an age upgrade option in the imperial age. Follows the fantasy of the Aztecs repelling the Spanish and surviving till WW1. Replaces decks and units. Buildings are reskinned, Slingers are replaced with reskinned cruzob avengers, puma replaced with reskinned cruzob infantry, Coyote Runners and jaguar knights replaced with reskinned Lancers, eagle knights replaced with reskinned rifle riders, skull knights with grenade launcher equipped soldado and arrow knights with reskinned leather cannons called jungle guns. Allows the construction of factories, heavy cannon, and machine guns as well as steamers, dreadnoughts, and cruisers.


At least they should be given a fort or temple.
Incas have their strongholds and Mayas (revolution) have their temple-like forts. Aztecs are still very tribal-looking.
Either change their community plaza to a true temple, or give them a fort.


They for sure need a fort. The maya one is pretty cool.

I’m happy with their recent changes, I’d be all for an aztec fort though like the maya fort from the mexico revolution.


I disagree with all of your Age Up Choices. For me, there’s nothing wrong with having the Tribal Council, and Aztec probably has the most interesting bonuses of all of the members when compared to Lakota and the Haudenosaunee.

I might throw some free Janeys on the Chief, some train time bonuses to the Warrior, and replace building HP/ATK with some Warrior Priests for the Elder, but I think they’re currently fine. We don’t need to give them a new Age Up system.

Why are we reworking Warrior Priests? Is this because Mexico gets a Padre healer hero now? This is a massive nerf to their existing Community Plaza boom and this doesn’t materially benefit Aztec in any meaningful way beyond more civ gimmicks.

Again, more civ gimmicks. Let’s not do the Ascendency thing. I’d rather we just rebalance their roster and adjust stats instead of introducing new abusable mechanics.

If you’re removing the Community Plaza, Nobles/War Hut, Native Embassy, and Eco Upgrades, why not just make a new civ at this point?

Seriously, this is all fixing what isn’t broken. We don’t need a new Temple that has a scaling karni mata aura, or increases the combat effectiveness of nearby buildings, or acts as an inspiring flag, etc.We don’t need to rework their Houses, Farms, Estates, Military Buildings, etc. Why are we reworking their entire military?

Coyote Runners, Otontin Slingers, Puma Spearmen, ERKs, are mostly fine. They might need some slight stat adjustments, but nothing major. I agree with JPK being reworked into a melee skirm, but they shouldn’t counter all infantry. They should just be a melee skirm like Urumi, but without Turbo ROF and splash damage.


The voice of reason, tbh.
The Aztecs at the moment are an excellent civilization, I would dare to say that they are the second strongest native civilization, only surpassed by the Incas.
If the azzys need something, I think it’s to give the arrow knights a multiplier vs hero, so that stealth is more efficient.


I’d have said they need siege resistance, or to bypass somewhat the massive ranged resistance artillery has.

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I also want to point out that Aztecs have no effective counter vs Mexican Soldados upgrated with grenade launcher. As those guys have 25% melee resist (granaderos have range resist and can be countered by coyotes) also deal splash damage, massacring otontin slingers, coyotes and EK’s.

The lack of an artillery equivalent is the main problem for aztecs, as is the only counter vs soldado.

Maybe arrow knights should get a card to deal splash damage.

they are based on the haud ruling society when the expansion was made and adapted to fit the Aztecs rather than being made for them, like many other mechanics. being more interesting than Lakota and haud age ups is also not saying much, not to mention being unbalanced and mostly used for rushing. basing their age ups instead on their mythos and alliances is truer to them and would create better gameplay and real choices.

warrior priests have no role in combat at all currently aside from desperation tanking, being mostly used to enhance ceremonies as super vills instead while being tied to the plaza, again failing on the Aztec fantasy due to their ties to haud system because of a lack of budget and time when the expansion was made. the community plaza boom is the real gimmick here along with their all-in rushes, it was already ruined before.

ascendency is just a way to make temporary and weaker mansabdars to give Aztec players some more micro potential and gameplay aside from general auras, it’s not anymore gimmicky than charged actions, plaza ceremonies, or wonder powers. unit starts glowing? its stronger and buffs similar units. not hard to understand and already in the game.

community plazas, nobles’ huts, and war huts, along with plantations and sheep producing farms fit the Aztecs as much as tomahawks and forest prowlers. rather than being tied to buildings and mechanics that weren’t designed for the Aztecs and leave them with the least viable flexibility in the game, we can give them actual choices in how they want to play the game and making elements such as warrior priests relevant.

their late game is carried solely by their eagle runner knights who have absurd stats. that’s not good design no matter how you make it. they have 4 dedicated anti cavalry in their roster of 7 military units, and only one for anti-light infantry, the coyote runner, which must be weak due to its shock infantry tag. their macehaultin is underwhelming and their arrow knights feel expensive and terrible for what they do.

in what way are they strong? their all-in rush? it’s just a terrible way to play the game and poorly designed regardless of its power. I would rather have haud or Lakota in team games every time. if you are on right now, we can play some matches and you can show me the power of the Aztecs I’ve been missing out on.

this isn’t about power anyways, numbers for things such as cost of temple upgrades are missing because without playtesting there is no way to ensure a 50%-win rate. it’s about creating better Aztec gameplay that also fits them.

Okey, i send you my Steam ID for MP.

A simple fix would be to give Soldados a penalty vs. infantry on the mortar attack specifically. Like 0.6x AbstractInfantry.

Arrow Knights getting splash damage on a support shipment isn’t a bad idea, but they’d probably need a penalty vs. cav to prevent them from snowballing hard.

Wouldn’t JPK’s counter them well? They are very strong vs heavy infantry, you might need to make use of the stealth but even without it they out speed them quite a lot.
I’d imagine ERK’s do well too because they do well vs skirms which should counter them so against heavy infantry they’d probably trade well.

Azzy has a lot of options besides rushing. @dansil92 wrote a 2 dozen page guide on how to play them. You have a fairly strong WP boom, can go into lategame and spam ERKs, etc. They’re extremely flexible if you know how to play them, and the changes DE made to them recently have only made them stronger.

Yeah, what’s wrong with warrior priests being super vills on the community plaza? That’s what most people use Inca’s priestesses as, if they make them. WP also have very high melee damage scaling, so they can defend against cav raids in a pinch. It’s fine for them to mostly do one thing and one thing well. If we really wanted to, we could give them a shipment that gave them mults against mercs and heroes like a pseudo spy, but it isn’t needed, especially since they’re 0 pop.

Azzy already has an insane amount of micro, and you want to give them more? Charged attacks are plenty gimmicky as is and weren’t needed (much like many other DE mechanics), so they’re not a high bar.

Azzy has a huge amount of flexibility, what are you talking about? Azzy, alongside Inca, has a basic military building that can produce skirms, cav, and anti-cav. You can’t scout out a war hut and predict what units will be made like you could with a stable open with Germany or whatnot.

ERKs do need some stat adjustments, but you want to dump their stats into the ground. And they already have mostly the same tags as cav archers as is. I think if you’d buff the rest of their military (specifically JPK and Arrow Knights), then you could afford -1 damage and -10 RR on ERKs as a counterbalance at the most (and I’d probably compensate by buffing their melee multipliers and speed a bit).

Again, I don’t disagree with turning JPK into a melee skirm, but your reworks to them and Skull Knights are problematic. Just turn SKs into mini-gendarmes and JPK into mini-urumi (no splash, 1.5 ROF, ranged damage in melee, etc.) and we’d be fine. AKs could get better mults and more siege and their cost could be bumped up to compensate. We don’t need them to have instant fire, 1 pop cheese.

Siege damage with splash scales incredibly hard. And considering that Soldados have very high base stats, it’s hard to counter them when massed. I’d say a penalty vs. infantry on the mortar attack only is a healthy fix, since they are primarily designed to counter cavalry.

I think they’re fine actually, they are incredibly expensive units that are pop inefficient compared to regular musk because they have the same hp as 2 musk but less attack and not many upgrade cards.
Grenade launchers is like their only upgrade card and whilst it makes them good vs heavy infantry they are still out ranged by regular skirmishers and easily kited.

They do get 20% ATK/HP from the church upgrade.

No one get’s that at least not in supremacy it’s not worth it for the 40% longer train time. Maybe in treaty or something if you have max pop probably still not worth it because retraining the fallen units would take forever, a far worse upgrade then just brits musk combat card for example.

Nope, when massed and equipped with grenade launchers Soldados the hardest to kill for aztec. Since they have a siege splash attack it means its direct damage to units.

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More of an aztec issue than the soldado being op or anything though, aztec are weak to artillery in general, doesn’t help that their skirm is lower range too I believe or did they change that?

Hi all, as ideas they are nice but probably as most post (mine obviously included) won’t happen unfortunately due, community, money, etc.

However it’s nice to discuss things in general to reach some kind of consensus. I have done a few posts about history, cards and other things related to Aztecs and although last patch buffed them they are not “okey”.

Just by comparing them with let’s say “lame” tier civs doesn’t change the actual thing, that they are still lacking (either eco, military or cards. Or the 3), what I meant to say is that all Native American civs (except Incas) should be compared with higher tiers not lower, we should aim to have all civs in the s tier, since each reached a “golden age” of sorts.

That said I’d like to point several things that I have thought in rewards of their units.

Arrow knights: am I the only one finding weird that they have more range that Brit long bow and Yumi? Being that Aztecs didn’t use much bows?

They should be skirmish type of unit, not a weird anti artillery, artillery unit. It’s stated they used “heavy” arrows like bolts, then that “heavy” arrows should make them have less range…

Jaguar knights: they have 4.75 movement speed while only wearing “cloth” armor and wooden helmet, while the rodelero has 6 in full steel armor? (Same applies to skull knight).

As plus they don’t do anything, they don’t kill nor serve as meat shields…

Otontin: I have said it several times, they were a elite par with Skull knights, which were below the emperor above Jaguar and eagle, but ingame they are crappy low health unit, due devs originally envision the unit as Macehualtin a “peasant/commoner” unit, that right now needs 2 cards to get a lil better.

Eagle knight: it’s an excellent unit, but it’s badly done, why do a lot of units need bones vs this unit in specific, that already tells us something.

As you said it should be a dragoon type of unit, mobile and good vs artillery, in fact if they changed arrow knight bonus to art to eagles, Aztecs would be great. Pd they should be as sweeden hakkepelit, being ranged but having better hand attack, since the atlatl was used briefly before engaging in battle, we need to remember they captured people.

Coyote: this unit as you said should have cav attributes, I consider all cards that buff this unit a waste (they are 3, for a unit that historically didn’t existed). Why does Incas have their maceman with bonus vs artillery, while we have the coyote an expensive useless unit.

Then siege damage of most Aztecs units is low to useless, even with the card boosting their damage which only benefits arrow since eagle has low siege and Jaguar isn’t far from it. Also as some of you mention many Aztec units have bonuses vs horses, when Aztecs didn’t fought with horses…

I understand that there is standard I units types and bonuses but Jaguar and skull knight could use bonuses vs other things or resistances vs other things.

As plus cover formation halves movement speed and loose formation or whatever it’s called vs artillery is only available for ranged.

Uff, sorry I got triggered.