The Slinger is too expensive and ridiculous in terms of a Skirmisher for infantry

slinger is an anti-infantry ranged unit it costs 30f 40G , I think this is a hybrid of an Archer and a Skirmisher, for such characteristics as min range, no access to an upgrade in imp age, a small attack and a large attack bonus. I think given the 2.0 RoF they inherited from Archer it would make sense to GIVE THEM a SPEED BOOST FROM THUMB RING(18%). I can’t eat or sleep because of this. please write a comment who agrees with me, you can also discuss here if you have any more significant ideas about changing slingers, and sorry for the clickbait title

It’s basically a cheaper Hand Cannoneer. (a lesser version, but still somewhat like one) What more do you want?

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Dude, I can’t eat and sleep anymore either because of this. Why you do this to me?

Overall I think Incas are pretty well designed civ, only issue is their early eco which is pretty bad.


thank you for the comment

Yes, then the crossbowman is the grandfather, and HC is the father

They could add slinger like 800 resource elite upgrade on imp. Like giving extra 1 attack, 5 hp and +1 more against infantry.

Like they get elite eagles and elite kamayuks, why not elite slingers?


it seems to me that they do not have an upgrade on the contrary makes them stronger as for example it works with arambay and HC, its power is initially invested in it

Yea well if your other counter units are getting just a tad better on imp due to having elite upgrades, it can leave their infantry counter kinda at lackluster state.

that’s why I propose to increase their RoF, this is a small and inconspicuous buff of their late game :wink: :blush:

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Slingers are better HC available from castle age, how is that bad? Also they have an almost perfect synergy with eagles, besides paladins, eles and some UUs not much threaten them, and those can be dealt with halbs.

Free llama + ez housing is actually decent.


Bro, first and foremost, eat a sandwich and take a nap.

Secondly… Slingers seem to work pretty well. Sure, their expensive (moderately), but it isn’t like their FU cataphracts. Moreover, Incas really only need them against extremely high Melee armor units, as their Skirms and pointy boys kill everything else.

If this forces you into sleep deprivation and starvation, take some serious pills.


I was joking, don’t worry

Yes, this is not the worst UU just +18% attack speed is actually a lot in the late game, and here next to such a beautiful Kamauk

Incas has the best economy bonus as a team bonus, they don’t need buff.

They are the worst American civilization and Hand Cannon need buff with his cousin Slinger.

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I calculated how much the Inca bonus saves, and it turned out that by the end of the game, this bonus saves an average of about 100-200F per player



It’s no secret that their teambonus is pretty useless. Their main eco bonuses aren’t the best long term, either, but in dark age it’s certainly better than what most civs got.

Compare it to the way slower firing hand cannoneer and their rof seems actually very good. Anyways, slingers are one of the best things Incas have. While Kamayuks are a great late game unit but difficult to get to (you need large mass of them to be effective), Slingers can work in small numbers. They aren’t useful in all situations but I’d say it’s the best anti-infantry unit in the game.

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it doesn’t make sense(there are many UUS with much more influence, you don’t have to go far the Mayans have Plumed Archer)

That’s where you are wrong, the slinger is neither a arb or a skirm, it’s more similar to the HC.
The slinger also have a +10 hidden bonus damage vs infantry (like the HC), and like HC don’t require the atk/range or other upgrades (except for armor one).
Unlike HC though, slingers don’t need chemistry and can be trained from castle. They have almost twice the rate of fire of HC and a 90/100% accuracy (HC have 65% accuracy) so they actually are a lot more easier to use than HC.

I don’t see why they would need a buff.

On a unit with a bonus damage of +10 always applied paying 800 resources for +2 damage seem a bit of a waste onestly…

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they require attack upgrade, thumb ring and ballistics, and I wrote about HC

Plums require a castle and don’t have as much atk bonus. Slingers are super effective against huskarls and eagles while plumbs are only good against regular infantry. There is literally zero reason to buff them, they even got nerfed because they delegitimize any infantry play.

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