The Tupis - new civ concept

Hello, it’s my new civ concept, maybe in the future we will have new DLC with south america civs. I think Tupis fits very well as new civ :grinning:

the Tupis
Infantry and archer civilization

Main bonuses:
→ aging up cost no gold
→ villagers has 35 HP points
→ villagers collect wood 10% faster and carry +5 woods
→ infantry and archers attacks +5%+/10%/+15% faster in fedual, castle and imperial age

Unique Techs:
→ Agility - infantry and archer units have 10% chance to dodge a hit
→ Canibalism - infantry regenerates +15 HP after defeat enemy unit

Unique units:
→ Poison archer - archer who shoot poisoned arrows, after first “general” hit, enemy units slowly loses points (up to 13 HP)

Team bonus:
→ watchtower’s +4LOS

I have no idea what can be wonder of my civ… :pensive:

Technology tree:
Archery Range - no elite skirmisher, no calvary archers, no parthian tactics
Barracks - no champion, no halberdier
no Stables
Siege workshop - no siege onager, no onager, no heavy scorpion
Blacksmith - no barding armors, no ring archer armor, no blast furnace, no plate mail armor
Docks - no cannon galleon, no fast fire ship, bo heavy demolition ship, no dry dock, no shipwright
University - no masonry, no architecture, no bombard tower, no fortifed wall, no keep, no heated shoot, no treadmill crane
Castle - no hoardings
Monastery - no illumination, no block printing, no redemption, no heresy
Town center - all
Mining camp - no stone shaft mining
Lumber camp - all
Mill - all
Market - no banking, no guilds


Stronger version of the Celt bonus, especially with Two Man Saw at disposal

An Ethiopian and Japanese bonus already.

Might be abused for tower rushes.

Don’t see how you would implement that.

Don’t call your UT something inappropriate. Maybe Guerilla Tactics or Rainforest Tactics.

Probably impossible to implement with the Genie Engine. You could maybe try a similar thing like the Coustilier Attack for an Archer unit.

Ethiopian bonus.

Looking at the tech tree, it would be a terrible Late Game civ with bad navy.

Suggestion for a wonder structure would be a Karbay. To be completely honest, this is a Carib structure and the Tupi were not actually really famous for their architectural achievements, but so do the Huns and Cumans:


Not impossible, it is the same as regenerating hp just losing it. You can make something like that with triggers, so I’m sure you could make it as a civ bonus/UT

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You have to think hard before choosing new civs from the Americas. If we want AoE 2 to represent highly developed civilizations, unfortunately there is little choice in both Americas - Muisca, Zapotec and possibly Misissippines. Other quite advanced civilizations were Puebloans and Quilmes. Mesoamerica and the territory of present-day Peru gave birth to many great highly developed civilizations. Unfortunately, all of them cannot be presented in AoE 2 - it would mean constant copy and paste.
Better to add more civs from other regions of the Americas. Mochica, Nazca, Toltec and Olmecs are interesting but would not add anything new to AoE 2. Better to replace them with indigenous civs such as Iroquois and Tupi.

Adding other civs from the Americas would start another problem with the new civs. Previously, I was of the opinion that the best solution is to represent not nations but groups of nations, e.g. Slavs, Germans, Italians, Vikings (Scandinavians), etc., but AoE 2 goes in a completely different direction - it starts to represent individual nations and even kingdoms such as the Burgundians. At the moment, the issue of new civs for AoE 2 is difficult. People have the right to demand more civs. In AoE 3, the matter is much easier, because so far this game presents only the powers from the early modern era (if they would make, for example, Romania and Finland full-fledged civs, it would be opening a pandora box in AoE 3. The addition of USA civ has become a scandal. for many fans.). I hope that Dawn of the Dukes DLC for AoE 2 will be sufficiently representative of Eastern Europe, then it will also be possible to deal with civilizations from other corners of our globe.

In the case of indigenous civs from the Americas, we should first consider what the civs should be. If they were to appear, they should be the most interesting of the rest of the other natives of the Americas. Second, the addition of the natives of the Americas could open the way for the tribes of Africa and especially the Polynesians (who undoubtedly dominated Oceania, which is clearly lacking in AoE 2).

Let’s ask ourselves a question:
If we add Native Americans, will we later want African tribes in the game? (of course, this question does not apply to African kingdoms, empires etc)


The mandatory civs for AoE 2-3 from the Americas are:

  1. Muisca (fourth most advanced civilization of pre-Columbian America)
  2. Missipians
  3. Zapotec

Potential civs from the Americas (natives):
North America

  1. Iroquois (Haudenosaunee)
  2. Council of Three Fires (Niswimishkodewin)
  3. Oneota
  4. Puebloans

South America

  1. Quilmes
  2. Cambeba or Tupi
  3. Arawak
  4. Mapuche
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I think Mapuche deserve to be in the game a bit more than the civs you mentioned.

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You mean I should put Mapuche higher than the other civs I proposed?

What is that?


Not Medieval

Too irrelevant compared to other civilizations.

I made a typo… Mississippians***

The Council of Three Fires dates back to AD 796 in Michilimackinac.

I think it could be interesting.

Which American civilizations deserve representation without overrepresenting groups which had similar cultures?

South America:
Mapuche: Resisted to Spanish unlike other civilizations and had history recorded against Incas before Colonization
Chimu: Very Big Kingdom with Bronze Metallurgy and rich history before Colonization, can cover the Wari Empire too
Muiscans: Very rich history before Colonization, very developed civilization
Caribs: Native American Naval civilization, enemies of Muiscans and it would be cool to have a Carib Sea Campaign.
Tupis: I personally do not know much about them, but they had big landmass area and could share a new architecture with a few new civs

Zapotecs: Otomanguean culture, different than Nahuatl or Mayan, they were really important in the early Middle Ages, thats why I prefer them over Mixtecs
Tarascans: Tarascan culture, had more advanced weaponry and fortifications to deal with the Aztecs. They were known for strong Archery

North America:
Anasazi: Unique Architecture, Spirit Warrior Bowmen, bridge between Mesoamerica and North America
Mississippians: Mound Builders, Falcon Warriors, interestingly they had similar culture to Mesoamericans. Their cities were enourmos, the biggest ones were bigger than European capitals
Iroquois: Founded their Confederacy in the Medieval Ages, it would be cool to see an unification Campaign
Inuits: Enemies of Vikings, the originals devs planned to add them with Skaerling Warriors and War Kayaks, but do they have known leaders?

How many Architecture Sets do we need?

  1. South American Architecture Set for Caribs, Muiscans and Tupis
  2. Mountain Architecture Set for Incas, Anasazi, Chimus and Mapuche
  3. North American Architecture Set for Mississippians, Iroquois and Inuits

They existed in the Middle Ages and they would be cool civilizations, but nothing really is known about their Medieval History and there are Native Civilizations with much more recorded history.



I think they are my number one pick if we ever had to pick a new American civ

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Cool, but I just gave the American civs suggestions for AoE 2. Their order is random.

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You forgot Puripecha/Tarascans, the only Mesoamericans (counts as North America) to use metal weapons and armour.

Also missing the Mississipians.

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Yo did you check this concept out? Zapotec do fit pretty well into aoe2


Aren’t the implemented meso civs already a good example how historically bad they fit the game? They are annoying gameplay wise and need to many buffs to compensate their lack of cav. I’m totally against any more civs like that. Also your civ design sounds pretty unbalanced.

Wooow, great idea with your YT chanel :slight_smile:

That’s gonna be the civ name?

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That was the name of this tribal union. The name of this civ would be Niswimishkodewin or easier - Anishinaabe.

I see, first time hearing this name :sweat_smile:, any pictures of how do people/building from this tribe look like?

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Problem with Zapotecs is that they were just another flavour of Aztecs. They had the same language, religion, technology and military structure.