The War Chiefs Campaigns

Hello, as promised, I make the second part of my suggestions for the remastering of the original campaigns. Honestly, I was going to comment on it in the other post, but it is a long, delicate and somewhat controversial topic. So, from the outset I notice that I will actively moderate but I also don’t want the topic not to be discussed.



  • Regarding the Homecity, I recommend that some scenarios take the appearance of the Haudenosaunee war council and in others that of the USA. It’s a little weird that the civilization we control is always the United States.
  • Change the decks more in line with the campaign. It would be great, to have a better experience, if there were two separate decks to create in both campaigns.
  • In this scenario, it would be great if we could only request shipments only from Haudenosaunee in the first scenarios, and then unlock shipments from the revolutionary USA.
  • Replace revolutionary USA units with their USA DLC equivalents. Above all, the state militia and the volunteers from the “Battle of New Orleans” scenario. The regulars, gatlings guns and carbines can all be avoided in this particular campaign imo.
  • Replace German Hessian units with more units from the DLCs, such as Landwehr and Royal House units such as Hanover (important British ally during the war)
  • Replaces all British skirms and LBs with Rangers (recently added)
  • At this point I want to emphasize something, during the campaign we received many “revolutionary” units, there are at least 3 types of these types, those that are heavy infantry, those that are light infantry and those that are hybrids of villagers, for that reason adding the DLC units seems like the way to go to me.
  • Once the campaign focuses on the American Revolution, I recommend making the civilization 100% USA and adding the native embassy as the default building, where you can train Forrest Prowlers, Kanya Riders and Tomahawks (add some extra hauds techs).
  • Several maps need a minor rework, especially in the distribution of resources (such as increasing or unifying the number of herds)
  • I think either Washington or Nathaniel need the ability to plant the inspirational flag.
  • Also, imo, adding mechanics and things from the DLCs in the campaign, will make more people interested and buy them!


  • I really like the map, I only recommend changing the homecity of this scenario. By default it is USA, but it would be better if we at least had the flag of the Haudenosaunee


  • This scenario is very good, but it also needs a revision with respect to what has already been said before.
  • Add some extra mercenaries to Hesse, especially the ones that recently appeared in KoTM


  • An excellent scenario, difficult and fun. It could even be a map that I would recommend to someone of low level to practice micro and macro under constant pressure.
  • I recommend doing a full switch at this point to the US civilization and adding the native embassy.
  • On higher difficulties, other units could be added to the British attack, such as hussars and rangers.


  • Change the grenadiers to Giant Grenadier.
  • Swap treasure guards for more appropriate bandits.
  • In this scenario, it would be great if you add some of the “resource producing” buildings that are available in some special AoE3 KoTM scenarios.


  • This map is one of my favorites (could easily be a game mode)
  • My suggestion is to add more mercenaries for Hesse. Block all archaic British units and add more modern units. On the other hand, this map would be excellent with all the units from the DLC and DE.
  • I don’t know if it’s a bug or on purpose, but the fort can only create tomahawks, kanyas, goons and falcs, more variety is needed imo.


  • This scenario is excellent, I also really liked it.
  • My recommendation is to rework the militia that is hybrid with a settler, which they give you initially, with a unit more similar to the Sansculotte, available in the French revolution.


  • In this scenario we are back to being Haudenosaunee, I recommend changing the flag and homecity back to Haudenosaunee in this particular scenario (a way of saying that things have been settled with Hesse)
  • The rest of the scenerio is excellent.


  • The map itself is great, one of the best campaign ending maps tbh
  • Again I insist, if DE units are added, this scenario would be 100/10, crazy.
  • My only suggestion is to improve the naval combat part of the scenario a bit, it’s very easy to lose everything or not get anywhere with all that (maybe you don’t understand enough how the French navy makes things easier for you)



  • The shadow campaign is my favorite campaign, even though most of the objectives are almost always the same. The campaign has a very high difficulty even when it is moderate or difficult.
  • First of all, just like Amelia and Nathaniel’s campaign, some USA DLC units need to be added. The regular for the musk, the state militia or volunteers for the skirms and the carbines for the goons. Another thing that must be changed is the homecitys. I think that during the first few scenarios the homecity should be the same as the USA, and in the end, when we switch to the Lakotas, the homecity should be the council of chiefs (in short, eliminate the family black state homecity).
  • Another suggestion is to eliminate the cards or shipments from the previous Fire campaign, since we can still send Kanyas and Tomahawks riders.
  • In general, I liked the rework of the campaign, but I think there are too many mercenaries and outlaw units. If more KoTM units are added that would be excellent.
  • I would like to see in this campaign also some special outlaws added recently for USA DLC and Mexico DLC. (like the outlow and the desperado)
  • Due to the high amount of mercenaries, it would be great if we were allowed to train Spies, and the Agents and Assassins card was available in the homecity.
  • A somewhat contentious suggestion, but I don’t want to lie to you, is that I would like to see the Lakotas return as antagonists in the early stages in a proper way. Although the change to bandit gangs is a good idea, I would really like to see the Lakotas become antagonists again, because it shows us how much these brave warriors protected their lands from invaders like Holmes and friends. (The Haudenousaunees are still minor antagonists in some scenarios from the previous campaign, so I don’t see the problem)
  • I’m going to add suggestions as if it were the new campaign, as if it were the old campaign.


  • I would like to see one age advancement option changed, the Naturist and the Bishop both give you 2 settlers, but the Naturalist adds 2 cows.
  • It would be great if some outlaws from the USA and Mexico DLC are added.
  • In general, the change of units is well done. Originally, when we are attacked by Tokalas, we now have to fight Stradoits, so congratulations to the devs.
  • I would like at least the TCs to return, originally we have to fight against two lakota cities as TCs, now we have to fight against camps of outlaws and mercenaries. It would be great if some TCs or something else were added to the enemy camps.


  • I love this scenario, now with the arrival of mercenaries to the constant attack, the difficulty increased considerably and I love it.
  • My suggestion is to add a church to our initial base to be able to recruit spies.
  • Another suggestion, perhaps to ease the difficulty a bit, is to add negative multipliers against villagers to attacking mercs. Very few villagers survive the initial attacks and the scenario can become impossible on maximum difficulty.
  • It would be nice, if Holmes could recruit USA DLC outlaws instead of the generic TWC outlaws.


  • My suggestion is to replace the Spanish city below with a Mexican one, but this is optional. The Spanish ones work well too.
  • I think that here, the lakotas must return!
  • I don’t have many suggestions, other than general suggestions


  • In this scenario, I think it’s the best change that was made by changing the Antagonists from lakotas to bandits. It makes sense that the latter would try to prevent Chayton from reaching his Uncle or Crazy horse.
  • I don’t have many suggestions, other than general suggestions


  • This scenario, in particular, gives me mixed feelings. In part, the original scenario was excellent, and I consider it to my personal taste, as the most difficult scenario of not only AoE3 but of the entire AoE saga, surpassing even the most difficult scenarios of AoM. Micro-managing your few resources and micro-army needed to help build the fort is really hard and then having to destroy the fort you worked so hard to build makes this scenario the best of all and my favorite. But, in DE, this changed and they skipped all the opening part and went straight to the destruction of the fort. The change isn’t bad, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.
    I would like, somehow, the initial part of building the fort to be included in some way.
  • I don’t have many suggestions, other than general suggestions


  • The map itself is good, I don’t have many suggestions other than some minor changes!


  • An excellent map, just like the last map of the previous campaign
  • My only suggestion is that by the time of the final battle against Custer, there is a little more space for maneuverability for the Lakota horsemen.

yeah we need a remake of capaigns

I haven’t played the campaigns after Morgan Black and I don’t know exactly what has been changed, but from what I’ve heard there were a lot of changes compared to the original campaign.

I personally don’t find it offensive that the Lakota start out as antagonists, as they eventually become allies and protagonists. It is simply a way of exposing the original point of view of the protagonist where at the beginning it is not questioned if what he does is right or wrong. He just sees it as necessary. Then later the moral dilemmas arise, and this is where he finds out that he is wrong. I think this occurs in the mission where Chayton helps build a fort, but deep down he knows what he’s doing is wrong and joins the Sioux (Lakotas).

It is a typical resource used in the cinema where an enemy becomes a savior.


The Shadow campaign rework is disgraceful. That sort of revisionism is an insult to all historical participants, IMO, and has no place in the AOE series. Original campaign was excellent and anything that brings the DE version closer in line with it is a plus in my book.

Getting rid of the opening section of “To Stop A War” was a positive in my book. I understood what ES were trying to do, but it was a boring tedious segment that wasted a lot of time before the mission proper begun.

Fire is excellent and my personal favorite campaign among all the expansions. Though as much as I loved the American Revolution experience, it was unfortunate that we never got a proper Iroquois campaign and it was an odd choice to mish mash them together with the “American” civ of Warchiefs.


En la Campaña Fuego
-El rescate: Haga que los alemanes enemigos de esta misión cuente con el nuevo edificio unico, el campamento de mercenarios.
-Colina de Breed´s Hill: Opino lo mismo, incluso que en dificultades más altas las unidades de mosquetero sean mejoradas (las enemigas claro)
-Cruzar el Delaware: Hacer que los enemigos puedan atacar tu base y no simplemente esperar hasta que los mates (que puedan reconstruir sus tropas)
-Valley Forge: Solo arreglar ese bug en donde las tropas de kuechler no se mueven xd y quizas cambiar el capitolio por el capitolio estatal
-La batalla de Yorktown: Permitir que la ia haga contraataques

En el caso de la campaña de Sombras Seria
-El sendero de Bozeman: Podrian añadir una pandilla de forajidos Mexicanos, y que hayan campamentos de mercenarios que hagan spawn de mercenarios, para dar algo más de dificultad.
-Reclamaciones: Yo creo que deberian quitar a España y dejar a Mexico (con soldados y salteadores)

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The campaigns after Morgan Black remain the same…in the 3 DE,the devs only remake the Shadow (Lakota) campaign,with the same objetives but with enemies changed from Lakota camps to a fictional Reno Gang camps…it’s a less historic campaign,but more politically correct…

Yes,if the devs do a Iroquis campaign,will be only for AoE 2 DE,with Hiawatha being the protagonist (f.e. with the encounter with the French in 1534 to the fountation of the Haudenosaunee Confederation in 1585)…

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Like I said once, if that native consultant was a little more ambitious, i would have hinted to devs created a proper campaign of 5 scenarios to be more respectful and interesting about the native americans (iroquois, aztecs or lakotas).

Reworking the shadow campaign was not THAT bad but at least Little Big Horn had the real praise it deserved

Yeah,but that take too much time,that is why they go for the easy way to only remake Shadow campaign and ready…

I’ll add that the tedious opening of “TO STOP A WAR” is so tedious because there is only a single way to approach the problem with any real level of efficiency. In other words, the segment involves no strategic depth and is therefore boring. As a solution, the devs could simply replace the monotonous woodcutting section with something more involved and layered, instead of dropping half the level entirely. There is certainly some narrative value in assaulting a base you helped build in-game rather than one you watched Chayton help build in a cutscene.


The ending of Amelia’s campaign features the playable Inca and their buildings and units as your allies.

Yeah,but not more…the rest of the Amelia campaign remains the same…

Add the several treasures (0 treasures on map)
Add the advanced objective (only 1 main objective)

Add ability to the “Barn” buildings, and so they can be captured, example

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