The Waypoint System is Broken

The waypoint system in AoE: DE is really difficult with villagers. Scenario 1: I was trying hunt deer and I wanted my villagers to follow a certain path in order to avoid spooking them and so I laid down the path and right-clicked the deer, this made them immediately target the deer and it just ran off. Scenario 2: When laying down buildings, units immediately go to the newest building, which is really annoying.


Also villagers cancel building construction due to automatic resource gathering being involved (town centers, storage pits, and granaries -maybe farms as well-).

It only helps in making units go from point A to point B, etc. Complex tasks are not working at all, with any unit I would say.

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Tested the waypoints system with military units and it didn’t work either. Attacking and destroying multiple objectives in a sequence is impossible.

To use the attack command and the waypoints system simultaneously doesn’t work. Units just stop attacking once they’ve destroyed their objective (they start attacking the next enemy unit/building/tower automatically, completely ignoring waypoints).