The weird model of the Portuguese ordinance besteiro (again)

I know we have 17th century or even renaissance units in the industrial age, but at least those units are consistent. You’re not getting repeating carbine elmetto or something.

But this one is not:

By no means a guy wearing Napoleonic Portuguese uniform would carry a crossbow. It’s like redcoat longbowman. People were very opposing a 18th century redcoat in the industrial age so you changed it to a Napoleonic one (good job BTW), and I can imagine people would oppose a redcoat longbowman even more. So I don’t think we should let this one pass either.

The Portuguese royal guard gives it a unique but rather “archaic” look (like the Dutch stadwacht, Spanish tercio or the Maltese arbalester).
The church technology Ordenança reskins the crossbowman into the current Napoleonic uniform, but with a musket (like the German landwehr).


There really needs to be a European Arquebusier and this tech could swap out Portugal’s Crossbowmen for a unique Arquebusier variant.


Yep, this is exactly what I had suggested in an other thread.

Don’t get me wrong Devs, the skin looks awesome however let’s embrace a very late 16th looking Crossbowman and see this skin for a total unique replacement shipment - changing the Besteiro to Ordenança (Light Infantry, similarly ranged gunpowder units).

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Ok, you put that idea on my mind:


Or maybe the landwehr mode should apply to all crossbowmen.
Perhaps that was planned but scrapped, and that’s why we have this odd model.

The common crossbowman is probably the only unit with no good use at all after age 2. Even pikeman has its small niche.

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I have no reason for why they should stay as is other than that they are really cool and I like them.

I sure hope not. I really hate the way Landwhers work, they’re just so forced and redundant. They’re crammed into a bloated Germany with a weird role because they wanted to include them without splitting the civ and making them a unique Prussian unit like they ought to do. Lots of the other swapping units are similarly dumb, like Rangers replacing Longbowmen and not being available by default.

I’d say Pikemen are similarly redundant for the civs that have access to Halberdiers. This kind of progression is perfectly fine though.

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I’m not talking about the landwehr unit specifically. I mean every crossbowman civ should get a way of transforming it to some “generic gun unit” with more viable stats after age 3.

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But “generic gun unit” is a Skirmisher. Having both the archaic units and ones that supercede them available at the same time is just a decision of game design. It seems unnecessary and a bit late to change the game to how AoE2 does unit progression. That’s also part of the reason why Landwehrs feel so forced.