The year is 2030 and you are tasked with Aoe2 definitive definitive edition, what would you change or add?

I created this topic on reddit last night out of boredom and surprisingly there were some interesting suggestions which could be implemented if there is a new dlc in the future or an actual definitive definitive edition 111. Anyways let me copy and paste the one’s that were interesting.

  • Robust single-player “Conquer the World” strategic mode(s) similar to the one from Rise of Nations (or think Total War), with AoE2-specific twists and unique content that make use of its scripting potential and the new engine’s flexibilty. - cuc_AOE

*Natural disasters. Rivers that flood, tides that change. Earthquakes that open up gorges in the map, swallowing buildings, making areas impassable etc. - Incitatus_For_Office

  • 3v3v3 maps - flacciderruption

  • Make Light Cav and Knight line speak human 60% of the time and not horse. You could hear the horse in 40% of the quibs. - coronafreekfc

  • I’d love a custom civ creation tool. Only playable vs AI of course but it would be so much fun to create your own civ. Maybe even able to import custom sound files for their voices.

The UU would be a bit tricky of course but I’d offer some basic templates with colour swaps and even the ability to swap weapons, shields, armour, helmets and horses from existing units to create a new unique unit. - hunyadiarpad

  • Third unique tech to each civ available in feudal at TC. After we get our independent unit and architecture skins of course. - yuenhsiaotieng

What would I add?

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Redo the graphics include all the dlc civis in the base game.fix the alt f4 issue and add tibet.

Optional things give unique monk and villager skins to civis and make the kraken civi builder tool in game option.


Def want that tool in game cus I’m tired of seeing those “mods” in the mod section. Hopefully there will be a 2030 version and I can play it.

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It needs fine tuning first though. Like with the civ icons you choose, it would be nice if you could pick the shape of the shield, and then the design automatically had a gradient applied to make it look rounded or otherwise realistic like the real ones. Also random name generation would be good, a variety of new unique units/techs and it not replacing real ones. Maybe if the devs made an official version it could work like this?


rewrite the whole game engine so game actually uses multiple cpu cores instead of only one (basicly would completely fix the 4v4 lag issue)


-Give incas a civ bonus that makes blacksmith infantry techs apply to villagers in the feudal age.
-Polynesians as a water focused meso Civ.
-Ranked 8 player FFA.
-Complete individual architecture set for every civ.
-Complete and more individual historically accurate voicelines for every civ. (I dont like that goths and teutons share the same voice lines even if theyre both germans.)
-Probably rework some of the older campaigns but i would hire someone else for that 11
-Add a 5th age after the imperial age, that’s really expensive to tech into and specifically for breaking stalemates like in long BF team games.

  • Unique architecture sets for each civ as an option
  • Every civ gets an unique castle
  • Regional unit skins as an option
  • Indians now have unique sails and King model and are renamed to Hindustani. Slavs are renamed to Rus.
  • Monk models of each culture get their own skin (no more Saracen Monks)
  • Add 8 additional player slots (PvP TG would still be mostly 4vs4) and the option to spectate singleplayer matches again
  • Addition of Mississippians, Iroquois, Kongolese, Zimbabweans and Tongans on top of the 45 civs from DE (yes, they added Tamils, Bengals, Kanembu, Swahili, Georgians, Armenians in the mean time).
  • A fix to Alt F4
  • A rewrite of the whole engine so that pathfinding, moonwalking units is definitely a story of the past.
  • Individual voice lines for Goths, Huns and Byzantines which now speak Gothic, Chuvash and Greek respectively

Is this suppose to be like Skyrim?

11 so that issue wouldn’t be fixed for another 10 years 11


We still have issues from 22 years ago xD

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It was really me just thinking about how certain popular games get rereleased or redone like Street Fight 2, V, GTA V?

Spectator chat
20 chars

  • Rewrite the part of the game engine which hampers game performance caused by one person’s insufficient PC specs.

  • Re-balance existing civs (considering both solo and team games) instead of adding new ones to improve overall matchups and for more historical sense-making where feasible (e.g. HC for Chinese).

  • Add further campaigns for existing civs that are still missing.

  • Create several, longer versions of soundtracks for each civ that are playable throughout a whole game (and can be selected to play while in the menu too).

  • Adjust voice lines for civilizations and their monks where needed (Poles e.g. are perfect as they are).

  • Fix any bugs that may have come up in the meantime or haven’t been addressed until then.

  • Add villager and military skins of different ethnicities while maintaining gameplay clarity.

  • Reconsider architecture choices and add new ones if expedient (as in the case of Huns & Mongols or arguably Bohemians & Slavs/Rus’)

  • Add individual Castle, Monastery and Monk skins for all civilizations.

  • Implement region-unique skins for generic units (such as Paladins) to remove European elements from non-European civs and vice versa.

  • Make all event skins, profile icons and cheats permanently unlockable without having to sign into Xbox Live.

  • Introduce in-game polls to get an accurate idea of what kinds of improvements and additional content the AOE2 community truly wants.


Batch training,maybe more resources to play with them,more wildlife,more civs,campaigns and maps for multiplayer and coop,regional skins…I think that just as this aoe 2 DE is already perfect and complete and I think they should focus on the other aoe…

2 new civs every 3 months
20 new campaigns per year that nobody plays anyway
Weekly events that give new avatars only to people logged in with Xbox live

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I will delete all the crappy designed civs that are put into the game with gimmick features to make them sort of interesting (? i think). So we dont have 93871 civs anymore.

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Forced random civ.

Forced random map.

An ignore/ban player button for ranked 1v1 (with maybe 5 in total)

Maybe they can fix the issue of eagle line overriding the barrack huskarl in full tech tree.