The year is 2030

…AoE5 has just been announced at Gamescom, and people are still having fun playing AoM2, although the graphics are getting a bit old at this point. AoE2 is still doing fine. They’re just about to launch the next DLC featuring Cospaia and Fraxinet, the 100th and 101st civilization in the game. You are looking back at the early 20’s, trying to sort out the reasons why AoE4’s turned out the way it did. What goes through your mind?


What if I think the game is great and will still be played by that time? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well that is absolutely an option!


A horrific epidemic of cross-eyed players led to a massive class action lawsuit, sinking the game.


Obviously because of the zoom level.


No matter how many years it will take, keeping in line with the legacy, the only thing the AoE 5 may provide something new keeping in line with its predecessors will be to offer only gunpowder epochs followed by ancient to medival epochs.

The crew siege weapon, if only the developper have … (low voice) … the trebuchet, if we knew at the time, we could have… (very low voice)…

Why is this a post full of complain and nothing is related to aoe 4.

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Aoe2 ultimate with 48 civis will be released.

Age of Empires 4:

Game is a big failure, no one plays it. By 2030 the game servers will be shut down.

We are all talking about aoe4, but in a far, very far future, that is 2030.

We are already in a trauma state, at that point. XD

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Daut wins Wololo 15 played in AoE IV and retires to a life of luxury, letting the younger players take over the AoE IV scene.


I’d expect both AoM2 and AoE5 by 2030. AoE5 would go back to classical antiquity I’d assume.


Omg , no!

Not classical antiquity!

Il will be the last blow on the aoe series.

(How will they not do classical antiquity, afther what they did to age of empire 4, it was writhen in the sky. We will never have our modern time, whit industrial, ww1 and ww2 age.)

At this point, deep down, every one whant aoe 5 to be from prehistoric time to modern time, whit roads that go from animal track, dirt road, train track , alsphalt, air road and space satelite

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You cannot go the entire length of recorded history in one match and still feel like age of empires.


It would be the logical approach, a new Ancient Era Age of Empires would have a huge potential, especially since most people never played the first AoE and would have a blast with romans, egyptians, babylonians, assyrians and so.

I still daydream about this, too.


I miss playing Egyptians… they were so fun in aom even without their myth units


They could just lift the civs off AoEO and start there.


Actualy, we can go the entire length of recorded history, in one match, and still feel like age of empire.

All depend on the way you do it.

For example, there is “rise of nation” that did a great job at having a focus on 1 empire all game.

Also, there is “war selection” that allow you to advange in age and select a empire of a era, up to modern time.

They may be not age of empire games, but it will be nice to ave a age of empire 5 that folow up the history.

The developper can also make dlc for age of empire 4, hadding prehistoric and anciens time, or a dcll that hadd industrial to modern time.

All depend on the way the developper team bring it.

I am sure that every one would like it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Those people play civilizations games.

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