Theoretical reasons as to the benefits of giving nomad its own queue or lobby ranked system + a third queue type to possibly be added

This thread is dropping the ‘Nomad must absolutely be driven from the standard ranked queue and given its own ranked queue similar to how empire wars does or given its own ranked lobby system like death match and treating nomad as an entirely different game mode.’

Instead, we are here to look at the possible benefits if it were done to give nomad its own standard queue for how the game starts to differentiate it from the regular 3 vill+tc+scout+civ bonus start as nomad is its own standard for how the game starts.

feel free to bring up the negatives or further benefits.

Part 1: benefits of replacing empire wars with a nomad ranked queue -

let’s say that today the devs remove empire wars from the ranked queue, moving empire wars to the ranked lobby system, and replace it with nomad,
and, on top of that, fill the, now Nomad, queue with many new Nomad maps, including maps from tournaments built for nomad, as well as a mega random map specifically designed for nomad.

Benefit 1: nomad becomes its own standard for how the game starts, and thus players may practice build orders for this queue with variations based on map layout, thus giving players a more standardized start, for that queue, to become comfortable with as nomad will now compete with the standard of 3vil+tc+scout+civ bonus start and have an elo to reflect based on that start.

Benefit 2: Nomad will have many more maps built for it, and in my opinion will be able to be far more flexible in map types than the standard 3 vill + 1 tc + scout + civ bonus start, thus even more maps are possible.

Benefit 3: Nomad will gain more of a playerbase and may someday grow to be more powerful than the standard 3 vill + 1 tc + scout + civ bonus start by competing directly rather than only having a few maps under the shadow of the standard 3 vill + 1 tc + scout + civ bonus start’s queue.

Benefit 4: this will standardize the standard 3 vill + 1 tc + scout + civ bonus start queue to be just that, and it will bring nomad out from under its shadow to grow into a grand opponent to compete with.

Benefit 5: standardized build orders will become more numerous for nomad maps with flexibility in mind based on map layout.

Optional benefit 6: if nomad is instead given its own ranked lobby system, then the nomad playerbase would greatly robust the ranked lobby system with numbers and give it a healthy amount of player lobbies in that system to then grow the ranked lobby system alongside the above benefits, albeit at a lesser speed for nomad’s personal growth. (similar to empire wars’ situation, but I don’t see empire wars as a good opponent for the standard 3 vill + 1 tc + scout + civ bonus start queue in the first place)

etc, etc, etc ~

Part 2:

I will also suggest a third queue be made with all game modes and starts placed inside of it, including, but not limited to, death match, regicide, random map(standard start, nomad start, etc) empire wars, and so on.

and secondly to that, increase the amount of ranked lobby types such as the above game modes and map types, start types and more. Death Match is currently lonely.

Just to clarify you want a queue not for Nomad, but for several different maps with nomadic starts?
And I assume you want those maps removed from the standard queue?

Am I correct in assuming that the real reason you are suggesting this is that you don’t want those maps in the RM queue?

I think a better idea would be moving Arabia and maybe also Arena into their own queues so that there is more diversity in the normal (now called ‘mixed map’?) queue


Amazing Idea! This will kill nomad in about a month, but whenever someone is upset about it, you can just tell them "well, there IS a nomad queue, why dont you play nomad there?

If Deathmatch, Quickmatch, Battle Royale and Empire Wars were not able the keep enough players for a healthy queue, why do you think this would work for Nomad? Im really curious; why do you propose something that has failed spectacularly times and times again?


because HealFortress has a vendetta against nomadic maps. claiming without evidence that they are a different game mode. lying about their status in other games and getting banned for those lies in the past



I have a preference to keeping queues as clean as possible based on what settings are standard for that queue.

the claim was due to another player claiming it was, and my mistaken honest intentions to continue with that claim as my basis. stating what that other player stated was in age 1 and running with it.
currently I have been shifting it to something well-informed, which is that nomad is simply a standard for how the game starts, just as the 1 tc + 3 vill + scout + civ bonuses is itself a standard for how to start the game in the current main ranked queue.

Nomad and ranked are their own standards for how the game starts. they may not be separate game modes, but they certainly are entirely different standards for how the game starts.

because deathmatch, battle royal and empire wars are all niches. battle royale specifically is a game mode that doesn’t necesarrily belong and is more like a party game mode out of mario party. empire wars and death match make the mistake of skipping entire sections of the game(with certain settings mainly used) and reduce replay value heavily.

Nomad adds to the game by not removing entire aspects of early gameplay and increases the difficulty.
Nomad is well and able to have its own queue because it will absolutely contest with the 1 tc +3 vill + scout + civ bonus standard start queue and become just as well if not more popular. having one in the same queue overshadowing the other heavily due to one having only a few maps under its belt is a heavy disservice to a nomadic standard start emphasis while the 1tc+3vills+scout+civ bonus standard thrives in that same queue.

Nomad itself is popular as a standard because it is its own standardized start with its own nomadic style random map scripts. I desire to see more nomad type maps, not less. I also wish to see a nomad ranked queue based solely on nomad and a standard 1 tc+3vills+scout+civ bonus standardized ranked queue.

and the reason for the third ranked queue to be added is the ‘party queue’ where the niche game modes may thrive by placing all of them into one place followed by further placing them into ranked lobby systems to increase their individual popularity when players wish to specifically play such ranked niches. they all have playability, and by working together they may have their own thriving queue, while in turn they themselves will gain further popularity due to the increased attention via that queue.

also, it would do well for nomad to remove such silly things as the treaty and rebalance the civ bonuses to work on nomad as well as the standard start queues without editing on a map by map basis. build speed too much when used on an early tc? adjust the bonus to effect other objects and not the tc. or shift the bonus entirely. nomad needs love, not foolish adjustments just because it doesn’t match the 1 tc, 3 vills, scout, civ bonus standardized balance sheet 1:1.

lastly, quick play is just a failed queue that doesn’t even belong.

I would love to play such a nomad queue, just as much as I would love to play a standardized standard start queue. it would also come with the bonus of removing maps or editing them to fit each style of standard start.

michi comes to mind, as well as fortress.

Also, the 3rd queue being a ‘party queue’ would be fun af.

honestly, the only setting that can currently compete with nomad and the standard start is regicide.
and in my personal opinion regicide could use some editing, such as simply replace the scout with the king rather than having both, and remove the extra vills as well as the castle. lastly, give the king these same attributes in both nomadic and standardized start regicide. (this will make regicide more fun, as well as an increase in emphasis on how to keep care of your scout, which will increase scouting skill)

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