-Standard Poll -Regarding Nomad being an entirely separate game mode that should not be inside the standard starts random script map queue. Among other suggestions - Standard Poll -

Nomad: It deserves its own elo, ranked lobby system and or queue. It’s a popular game mode or possibly a separate age before the standard dark age start that happens to be often inside the ranked queues of standard play, yet obviously does not belong there and would do well with its own ranked lobby system like death match. It deserves its own elo and most certainly queue much more than empire wars does.(both deserve separate elo)

Mega Random: a wonderful concept that would be great as a permanent addition to the standard starts queue, except it has too many flaws at the moment: possibility of being nomad, animal scouts and the possibility of starting with double town center/scout/vills/surrounding resources, etc. It’s currently a mess where it could be perfect.

Fortress: a map created for mostly if not only regicide use. When it is not regicide, it needs the castle and the extra vills removed. Or at the very least the extra vills.

Standard start: this is what the ranked standard for random map scripts normal game mode should remain based on and for anything else take it to another queue or ranked lobby system or both.
1 town center, 3 vills+civ bonuses, 1 normal scout/eagle scout, with or without walls or towers(within reason) and the standard low resources you have at the start to use.(not counting surrounding starting resources, those can be as random as maps desire)
The rest of the map may be as random as it wishes, open, closed, hybrid, water, land, I don’t care, it must have the standard start to be considered for the basic ranked standard start random map script queue.

We do not need an entirely separate game mode in the same queue to base our elo on inaccurately.
One who practices standard starts and does not know nomad or even if they only play nomad from time to time, they will 99% of the time lose horribly to someone who actively practices nomad and who actively bans popular maps and stars nomad to increase their odds of winning when they get it to an unfair advantage.

The elo of standard play does not transfer to nomad 1:1 just as it does not transfer to death match or empire wars 1:1, I heavily suggest to separate game modes such as these from eachother. I don’t care how popular they are, they do not belong in the same queue, except perhaps in a secondary queue together as a chaotic, fun, party mode queue with many different game modes such as cba, regicide, nomad, death match, etc on top of ranked lobbies for many different game modes that would appear in the party queue.

Nomad is a game mode/or pre dark age mode that, to exist, possibly needed a random map script to be tailored for its own existence. Unlike death match and regicide it could not be added properly with the push of a button, so it was added via tailored map scripts. In age 1 Nomad was an age before the pre default starting age and may be considered its own standard. And in age 2 it is implemented in a much improved fashion but is no longer its own age or game mode and may have been forced to have maps tailored for it to exist rather than being placed with regicide, death match, etc, to maybe avoid game breaking bugs, like villagers popping into treelines or near wolves.
(Additional possible reason for its map to map basis implementation: it may have also been because a good many maps would simply not make sense with the nomad start.)
The original devs appear to have had a general idea of what nomad was and brought it over into age 2 respectfully from age 1 with many improvements, and I believe it is very much wanting of its own title as a game mode.

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Somewhere in the middle, comment below.

With the epic nomad tournaments going on, what better time to give nomad its own elo, ranked lobby and/or queue?

See comment #78 for further emphasis.


Maybe Arabia and Arena are the entirely different game modes that should be removed?


Map surroundings that you adjust and account for matter not, the standard start on the other hand matters a bunch. Nomad vs standard elo(ranking) does not trade 1:1, and the map could be forest nothing, still contain the standard start, and I would consider it fair game in the standard ranked queue. Arabia, black forest, arena, islands, socotra, runestones, 4 lakes, hybrids in general, etc all have one thing in common that bind them properly to this queue, and that’s the standard start, the groundwork for this game mode.

I don’t understand much about what you posted, pardon

I understand, the translator can be quite limiting

No, I can read english if I must be humbled. Your thinking makes no sense


Fair enough, what would you like me to clarify?

His point is there is no logic to what you are saying. It has nothing to do with clarity.

I disagree with that, feel free to clarify your side.

I dont think I need to clarify.
Almost everyone disagrees with you and even those who do occasionally agree with you sre largely fine with those maps being in the pool. The one being illogical is YOU.

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My opinion has been grown over quite a few months about this topic. Of course it will be hard to sway, especially when I keep seeing things that support it.
However, it is not set in stone, and never will be. I will always attempt to improve on the opinion to match what I see and think is correct, and if I have a flaw, I will fix it as well as read and think about what others say.

Between you and I, Nomad deserves the second queue spot much more than empire wars does.

And thank God the devs and playervase at large disagree with you





Just go to YouTube, and T90Official, the best games are uploaded there. To be honest, thinking of that now, I might support your idea of Nomad as a separate ranked queue, as long as I can queue for regular maps at the same time as nomad AND they added all the Wandering Warriors Cup maps into the game as extra Nomad maps for the queue. I recommend watching the Map Pack video as a priority to better understand my change of mind.

He said might. And since then has continued to argue against it.
Also do you really think dividing up the plsyerbase even more is really a good idea?

Furthermore he’d probably be firmly against your queue idea of nomsd being in a queue with empire wars and the like.

If just empire wars, nomad should remain out of that(empire wars’)queue, replacing empire wars is a possible option, and having a chaotic party queue with multiple game modes would be fun alongside those same gamemodes gaining their own ranked lobby system.

If anything, I would be willing to push back the party queue to be the last and final third queue while the second goes to nomad and the first and second queues being able to be queued for at the same time if wanted.

Or I got a better idea. Leave it as is. It’s not like you have any pull on this issue anyway.

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That would take time and for the thread to not be derailed or deleted or flagged as spam.

Or it could be that you just don’t have the support period. And when I look around I don’t see the playerbase asking for nomad as a seperate queue.
Nor do I see standard start players (as you call them anyway) crying about having to play nomad.

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I’ve seen and read quite a few posts as such in-between threads, and it’s part of the reason I’ve grown this opinion, and it will spread.

Really? Quite a few? How many? Over what time frame? Because it’s literally not widespread nor is it frequent. At the going rate you’ll be fighting this battle for years.