There is an issue about shortcut conflict with input method

The issue will be appeared when you use and switch Chinese input method to chat with your team member during the game, then all of shortcut from keyboard will not work. The mouse is worksing as normal. You have to switch back to English then keyboard is going normal.

It could be work like this, player switching again and again but I feel very inconvenient during the fierce competition. However, what make me unconfortable is such like this bug didn’t fix all the time, especially the game has released so long times. After all, we are all paying players and I hope to get the attention from the production team.

Here I would like to give more information about the game environment. I run the game under the Win11 and use the default Microsoft Input Method Editor(IME). I double check with other Chinese players in our local forum that the issues are not an exception. Everone were suffered from bad experiences.

By the way, I checked Forums that was a similiar issue report in AOE II forum. It’s about shortcut conflict with IME as well. I hope you can refer to and help to slove asap. thanks.

Thank you for reporting this @FutureSwing4054—the team will check it out!