TheViper & Nili state El Dorado needs to be nerfed to +30HP next, say it is still ridiculous upgrade

This is Fresh News

TheViper himself has made a statement that, El Dorado needs a reduction in the extra HP from +40HP(+66%) to +30(+50%) (instead of only +20 seconds)
Nili has also called for a either a price increase or a HP nerf.

TheViper’s and Nili’s analysis comes with the most experience in the game, playing with and against El Dorado over all these years, but he clearly now feels El Dorado is (and I quote him) “STILL pretty ridonkulous”.

Watch for yourself, listen closely:

This is his official word-to-word statement on El Dorado:
“I’d rather see them drop the extra HP to from 40 to 30, because it’s STILL a pretty ridonkulous upgrade”

Other PROs: Most pro players agree the extra research time dont really matter. Increase the cost or less HP would be better. This is for example what Nili says about the current change. Some like Hera is also thinking about another change, but in the end he says ‘Let’s first see how this changes plays out’ and he made no suggestion for another nerf. He also seems not really against another nerf.

P.S. I had made a Topic for The Exact same nerf on this forum months ago seeing this issue incoming.
It seems like TheViper and Nili stand with me in this issue, calling for the Exact change I was.

What do you guys on the forum think of TheViper’s call to nerf El Dorado?
Let us discuss.


You have a funny way of twisting things you know that?

A pro making a comment on a video is PROOF that a unit is bad, despite Proof requiring testing.
A pro making a comment about a nerf happening is him “Officially asking for something”

Please show me where Viper has actually asked the Devs to nerf El Dorado to 30 Health.


It here I post it again, if you didnt click on it before
Quote is Word to word as written in my post

again, where does he actually asked the devs to change it. that’s not him asking for anything, that’s an off the cuff comment. show me where he actually submits the idea to the devs.


He has asked, watch from FEW seconds before, he clearly states he’d rather see the HP buff dropped to +30HP

You can say he “called” for a nerf, if you don’t like the expression “ask” for a nerf

I removed the word Officially , in case you have trouble with that too

Definition of Officially.

“in a formal and public way.”

Does it cover the public way? yes it does.

does it cover the formal way? No, it does not that. it is an informal setting, him talking on his stream and youtube.

so again, show me where he does it in a formal way.

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I fixed the english expressions which you had trouble with,
let us get to the discussion now,
about time we discussed this important proposed change


its not a proposed change. it was an alternative. he said “I’d Rather they do this”. Well guess what? they went with the increasing research time.

and frankly, with Mayans losing Supplies, they can’t really just nerf El Dorado any further or it will be a huge nerf to what remains of their ability to fight units like Huskarls.

Viper also said Goths were bad 2 months ago, and they consistently had top 5 winrates every month, until now.


if anything goths are going to stay strong, as they just got an indirect buff.


Pro opinions are good and all, but they look at their own games, not at the wider picture.

Goths feel limited when playing, but win more games than they lose, even at top level.

No no it is a proposed nerf(i.e. a change) to the UT itself, it is a change dude,
he says the +20 seconds “does nothing” if you watch from 5 seconds before

So yes he is definetly calling for a nerf (i.e. a change) to El Dorado

about time we discussed this important proposed nerf,
please don’t focus on english expressions, grammar and vocabulary

It was already nerfed, regardless of what Viper feels about it.
Mayans literally have no other Melee viable option.

exactly. the more i look at the current elephant archer, the more i think it will be a nightmare in deathmatch style games.

where did he actually propose it? he said “i’d rather they did this”. well guess what? they can’t nerf El Dorado because literally the only good option Mayans now have against Goths is Eagles.

if anything, he’s calling for one nerf to be reverted, and then a different nerf to happen. and frankly, if he wants el dorado actually nerfed to 30 health, hes calling for two reversions.

but heres my question for you - with the current removal of supplies from mayans, how are they supposed to even have a fighting chance against goths if you go and nerf el dorado health?

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Yes that means he is calling for a stronger nerf to replace a weaker one
please don’t focus on english expressions, grammar and vocabulary
focus on the topic @MatCauthon3

actually hes calling for two nerfs to be reverted, and replaced with another.

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then make sure you don’t say crap that isn’t being said.
just like when you said you had proof that the EA is still bad, but you haven’t provided a lick of proof yet.


I have heard from a lot of people on the new EA, and they say it may actually be a bit too strong.

I find myself questioning if people actually played with how it was before, and did not just follow pro opinion.
EAs were never bad, just had to mass, which is a good thing considering their stats.


Look that is off topic, let us focus on Viper’s call to nerf El dorado in a stronger way

actually hes calling for two nerfs to be reverted, and replaced with another.

Which two nerfs?

the only time i can see it being too strong is when you get it massed. which is possible, but not likely.

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