This game will never be popular

I saw many players leave and im leaving with them. I cant call these hotfixes like big patch.
You know, updates are so slow and small, there is no experiments about patches. This is like gta4, the game was amazing and everyone was hyped for that, but they ruin optimization so nobody played it, everyone forgot this game because when they finally “fix it” (or just better generation of CPU was arrived) there was another gta named gta 5.

This is same. The game can be amazing, but patches are so slow and developers not experiment with balancing units. Players leaving. If you want aoe2 die slowly it was not good choice haha, you should have delayed the release and not releasing this alpha unbalanced bug where a wolf can kill my whole village when I don’t have time to monitor my villagers.
Just do something, when community crying about nerf fire lancers try to listen to community and try to focus on nerf them, when they will cry again about they are too nerfed try to do it by yourself and find best balance by your opinion.

My god nothing can be super if you not do experiments. Waiting for perfect ideas is not good solution. Haha, if you think you got enough time, you not, its not soo hard to just change some numbers to make it more balanced, everyone will forgot this game in some time. These hotfixes are so funny… Every game got only 1 hype, when its releasing. I hope you take it all in good.

Important topics list (with broken things that will never be fixed)


yep, the patches and updates are too slow.

There are games with less than 3 developers and being much more active and listening to their community and making appropriate changes in a few days.

This triple-A game is taking too long to fix a single issue.

It took a month to balance the springalds.
It is just killing the game.
Me and my friends stopped playing this Age of Sieges bcse apparently the devs are too slow or the process is just too inefficient.


Haha youre my man, Age of Sieges i was too left this game, they can maybe try to sell it for 60$ to some fools this tripple bugged game.


The game has some problems but I have been enjoying it non stop including all the online content and tournaments.

Luckily I play at a high enough level where people have some honour and exploits were not used.

It is popular enough to not be worried about one person announcing that he is going whilst the party goes on. It could be better and let’s hope the support continues with another good update.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


I cant play this game when i see all the bugs, that is so easy to fix :confused:

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The worst thing I experienced was killing a moving mongol landmark and getting knights trapped inside the footprint, which were unable to be used in the next battle.

I do agree that it doesn’t help that these issues are not being dealt with as promptly as we hoped. However, in the long term I think that player numbers will remain healthy if everything is sorted in the not so distant future.

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The game has come out with a multiplayer in beta state (they can’t say it like that, but we can). I am a patient person and I hope that by the time the ranked games come out the game is finished and it will be only a matter of balance, some minor bug and the multiplayer quality of life has clearly improved .

Or did you think this game was going to compete with the best MOBAs and similar genres?


Same happened to me. Bugs like these should be fixed within days. I don’t know why there is no communication and why its taking forever.

This game has so much potential and looks to me, the devs will kill it before it even blows up.

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After all, the game could be half done, and definitively more people would buy it and not playing it on stupid gamepass. It occurs to me that the developers of this game don’t like, or just hate money. The game destroys its name from the start. Its happen often now, developers hate money that must be some disease from 2020 year.

Why and who would make a game where they don’t fix small bugs easy to fix and let their game die.That does not make sense. They just hate money i think.


Whoever wants to leave should leave and not return.
Who wants to talk nonsense here on the forum so keep talking.

But who wants to play so plays. Like me.
I’m here on the forum for the second time since the game’s release.
And I don’t need a forum anymore. I just need a game.
And so far I’m happy except for some details.

The worst of that game are the Powerful Siege weapons. But one has to learn to live with it.

And what I really miss is that I can’t mark maps I don’t want in a PvP battle.
I don’t want water maps.

So hello warriors will see you on the battlefield.

AoE 4 .


Hilarious how some people are so self-absorbed they can come in and say game sucks I’m leaving and then have the gall to say they are helping to improve the game. If you dislike the game, just get out you aren’t wanted. Constructive criticism can be helpful but there are plenty of people that still enjoy this game, after all many high level starcraft and AOE2 streamers have played hundreds of hours and are still enjoying it.


I love that falacious argument. Everyone use it to kill a discussion they know they can’t argue with.
“The game isn’t funny ? GIT GUD MAN” that’s gold argument for a lot here. =x
And i’m not personaly picking on you dude the argument of authority is really a falacious argument. And that’s basically what you are using in the moment → “you are wrong to think/feel that way because i’m better=i’m right-er than you”.


The thing that is killing the game for me is the unbeliviably bad controls and unit/villager behaviour.

I love to play games competitively, but the fact that there’s buggy pathfinding/unit priority, hitboxes that are completely off or villagers going afk/not building constantly while walling is super buggy from time to time just kills the game for me completely.

I find myself switching more and more often to SC2, just for the sake of remembering what good controls and loosing without frustration feels like.
Which is a shame, cause I WANT to play Age4.

It just makes it feel like the game fights you way too much, which leads to alot of frustration on my end.
You have to constantly recheck what your villagers are doing, stop your army from just running it down and reset frontliners with “S” multiple times a fight, just for the sake of manually forcing them to actually do what they should do in the first place.

This is just overall a bad experience, and I personally won’t recommend the game to anyone that wants to look into RTS as a genre because of it.


When regarding balance decisions, I don’t want the guy saying horse archers aren’t very strong cause you can build MAA to counter/kill them to be making balance decisions. So yes skill level and game understanding is important when it comes to balance choices, otherwise at low skill levels you get posts like handcannons on walls are op and uncounterable, needs nerfs??

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Walling is unintuitive, not buggy. Someone made a video on how wall building works, there’s a minimum angle for connecting walls and they resources have invisible can’t be walled hitboxes around them.


If the “mountain tile” is too small, walls won’t snap to it and you can’t wall there.
Certain ressources have huge radiuses in which you can build buildings but no walls.
Sometimes when you snap it to a forest, one tree is slightly off and you can just walk around the wall, even tho you couldn’t wall tighter.

The wall is getting build from “center parts” to “outer parts” which makes the vill take 3x as much walking time as necessary.
It starts at a tile right next to the edge part, builds all the center wall parts, then goes back to the initial round edge part, goes around again to the other round edge part to seal it.
Probably has something to do with the fact that they are classified as “different buildings” and how it’s getting queued up for the vill.

Additionally to that, sometimes putting a gate up puts a hole in the wall right next to it and you can’t seal walls to a gate at all.

So yes, walling is quite buggy.

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The non-wood resources have an aoe around them where you can build buildings but not walls, it is actually slightly different for wood and stone walls, but it is consistent and not buggy.

I have yet to see the other bugs, so I won’t claim they don’t exist, although the vill always starts from the edge unless you are making multiple wall segments (they build from the start of the last wall segment you placed)

Sry but you are just wrong here.

idk when I put 1 wall segment, my vills start from the edge. Also here’s a video explaining the wall constraints (angles, resource blocking)

AoE4 - How To Place Walls Without Getting Frustrated [3 Placement Constraints Explained] - YouTube

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No it doesn’t…
You are just wrong here.

I’ll post clips later from my stream…
I know how walling works and it’s one of the reasons I can’t take the game seriously, and it doesn’t only have to do with “intuition” and a “l2p” problem.

If it would be like that, I’d have a way easier time blaming me and becoming better, but the fact that there’s just the game to blame makes it frustrating, which was what my initial post was all about.
And this pattern is not just about walling.

No matter if you want to call it a buggy mess or not intuitive.
It’s quite terrible rn and I can’t imagine that this is their final vision for how walling should work in this game.