This goes to the Devs - Jean Darc

I specifically want to address the Mods/Admis and Devs of this forum here.
Since the aoe4 community agrees that Jean Darc is the most annoying civ that could have been released into this game and is ONLY consisting of the hero, while almost not offering any RTS-style play like all the other civs and even players like Beasty are openly stating that the hero has to be either massively nerfed while the civ receives an eco buff or the hero just has to be removed, I would like to know what your current status in the development of that civ is.
When will Jean Darc get her adjustment and how drastic will it be?

I personally am not having any fun playing against her and so feel 90% of the aoe4 community.
Until she is DRASTICALLY nerfed as a single hero, removed from the game or made into something like the Mongol Khan (which is perfectly fine!!!), I have to quit playing this game.
The only way to play 1v1 ranked right now, is to always check your enemy’s profile and if there are any matches of Jean Darc in the history, CONSISTENTLY dodge the matches.
This is basically cheating, but I refuse to play against this nonsense.

  • Jean Darc is frustrating to play against, absolutely not fun
  • Jean Darc is fun to play against
  • Jean Darc is a bit too strong
  • Jean Darc is much too strong
  • The Civ is focussed way too much on the hero
  • The Hero breaks the counter-system, stone-paper…
  • The hero needs a nerf
  • The hero has to be removed from the civ
  • The hero has to be reworked into something like the Khan
  • Jean Darc is perfect as she is right now
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Oh and please fix cliffside.
Malians can not build pitmines there, almost all the goldmines are bugged.
If you don’t fix that map any time soon, please remove it from the map pool via hotfix.
Ideally today.


I can think of Jeanne D’arc being reworked into something like Khan. A support unit that scales with the age up, stronger than a normal unit (example, in castle age stronger than a regular knight), but not the unkillable machine that is right now.


the good thing is, the next patch will come soon, oh wait in 6 weeks…


I don’t know how to respond to this wildly inaccurate opinion that is both masquerading as fact, but also apparently speaking for the community.

Anyhow she probably need some adjustments but from what I’ve seen, it’s mostly that people need to learn to stop running armies into her and instead play around her better.

I voted “a bit too strong” because there wasn’t an option for “might need some changes”. Poll options are very obviously weighted one way.


All of your “options” are so heavily biased because you don’t like this civilization at all. Where is the " We need to learn how to proper counter her in dark age/feudal age option? You do that then she doesn’t get that much experience to level up crazily in the beginning of the match.

It’s all about tactics and strategies. Learn to deal with it and play properly. She needs some balance adjustments but she’s fine as a civ and I know many players enjoy her as she’s a fresh of air to this game.


I thought its allready figured out? turtle and dont take fights, rush to castle and hope for the best… sorry thats just boring ## ####


That is exactly the point.
You CAN counter her, but it completely destroys the nature of aoe4 and is absolutely annoying and frustrating.
Not fun.
Noone wants to play such forced way.


That’s the basic principle of asymmetric gameplay in an rts. Jeanne d’Arc has strengths, as do all other factions, and the best way to defeat them is to play in a way where you don’t fight on their best terms. Balance where needed, but you would have to adapt this way for other aggressive tempo civs too.


It’s called to adapt against the civ you play and try to win. It comes down to all of that. No different here than vs any other civ.

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Avoiding fights as a counter in fact reveals that there is a huge problem with this civ.


i do agree that a single unit dictating the pace of the game the way jeanne does is pushing it badly, its very much true the only effective counter is to turtle and try to squezee a fast castle, imo just greatly increasing the refund cost to get jeanne back on the field would do a lot to reduce the negative impact


It’s not avoid fights forever, it’s avoid fights where you will not gain anything of strategic significance. We have really got to stop speaking in extremes, it’s never a black and white, only do this only do that, kind of situation. You can still attack Jeanne’s base or eco or reinforcing troops. You CAN attack Jeanne when you can overpower her. Hell, it’s not impossible to beat a leveled up Jeanne either.

Horsemen are a good harass unit if you can manage the micro. They will move faster than knights and spears. It’s just about the execution.


Couldn’t agree more with you!

Just be careful with losing units to J d’Arc. when raiding with horsemen don’t over dive the tc. Kill their hero when she tries to solo a boar. then finish off the boar.
I would love it if she loses her ridiculous gilded cannon and got a huge nerf.

JD players need to remember this grindset post nerfs :slight_smile:

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Pretty much this…
The crying, when you can not win with ONLY the hero and absolutely no micro and just pure attackmove + pressing q anymore against higher skilled oponents, the crying will get very loud.

So far 0% of the participants have voted for “Jean Darc is fun to play against”.
18% (2/11) have voted for “Jean Darc is perfect as she is right now”.

Let’s wait for larger sample sizes for a final conclusion.
So far 54% of the people (6/11) say it’s frustrating and absolutely not fun to play against Darc.

I’d say that’s quite an overwhelming YES to a change/nerf of that hero.
Something has to happen ASAP.
Not in 2 months, but right away, the DLC has been out for a good month and the hero concept is still untouched.

Her powerspike is way too crazy in level3 and she breaks the countersystem, as she hardcounters spearmen and archers early on already.
Basically any light unit with small health pool is hard countered by her Q ability, which deals flat damage, irrespective of the unit type and health pool.
That way she hardcounters spearmen, which are the only way to defend your army against knights, which Darc has access to in age2, unlike most civs.

The french are balanced in the way, that you can counter the knights with spearmen, but Jean Darc eats spearmen alive.

This is a VERY poor game mechanic.
Especially since she can spawn castle age men at arms in feudal age, which again super-hardcounter spearmne.

Darc is dominating the egctv tournament right now and being picked all the time.
I think, that is the ultimate sign that something is massively off with the civ design, which is purely based on a sick hero…

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Refund cost already scales with her tier / level, no?

Just checked (from the community wiki, I’m assuming it’s accurate):

That’s pretty hefty scaling, on a two minute timer.

The real question will be, if / when the devs do something, will the players who obviously need to invest more time into strategy vs. complaining will take this as a win, even if the changes are relatively minor, or will they move onto the Next Horrendous Thing That Absolutely Needs Changing Now?

Hefty scaling you are saying?
At level 3, her INSTANT buyback (for example after the enemy has lost most of their army to take her down), costs as little as 2 knights.
When she is easily as strong as 10 knights on her own, if not better.

At level 4 (which is usually lategame), it’s the price of 4 knights.

I honestly think, the cost is not enough.
Her buyback price should either increase with the number of revives, or exponentially scale with ingame-time.
Or even combined with both.
But on the other hand, her buyback should be discounted, according to the remaining cooldown.
Lets say only 20% of the respawn time is remaining, it should also cost 15%, but take 5% of the full respawn time to actually revive her.
At 50%, same thing.
You’d save 45% of the respawn time, pay for these 45% and again it would take5% of the full respawn time again to “forcefully” respawn her early.
So it would never be an INSTANT panic button, when you are getting dived and lose her, to just instantly buy her back.
At least it would force you a to play without her for a few seconds.
If you buy her right after dying, you’d pay the pretty much full price, which would balance it.
The minimal respawn time could be set as something like 10% or something.

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I mean, apart from comparing cost like-for-like, vs. opportunity cost, you’re talking exactly about the problem.

Why are you using your entire army to try and take her down?

Sorry to throw that question in, about how much 1v1 ranked have you played so far this season and how many times you have dealt with a DECENT player playing that horse?
What is your elo and which civ do you play?
You seem very confident against Darc.

I’m fluctuating in the Diamond range in 1v1 right now, was a few points off conq multiple times in the last days.
And let me tell you, there is no civ which gives me as much of a headache as Darc because she completely dictates the flow of the game and you can ABSOLUTELY not do anything else than avoiding to fight her while praying she won’t dive your tc and kill your vills and break your walls with rams.

If you DON’T Focus her down, she will just keep mowing your army down with her Q spell, healing her army and so on.
At some point, you basically don’t have much choice anymore.