This is real Korean War Wagon in Korean history

This is drawing of Korean troops during Joseon Kingdom period.

In drawing, there are real Korean War Wagons.

Real Korean War Wagon was used as bunker, not cavalry archer.

Archers and Hand Cannoneers got in the War Wagon, and they shoot to enemies. just like marines in Starcraft.

I hope War Wagon has changed, and hope archers, crossbowmen, arbalesters, hand cannoneers can be put into the war wagon, and they attack ememy.

very nice but would need a total civ redesign and maybe a second UU that fights on its own.

By the way, ‘1004’ is pronounced as “Chun”, “Sa”.

“Chun” means “1000”, and “Sa” means “4”

But, “Chun - Sa” has same pronunciation with “ANGEL” in Korean Language.

Thanks for reply. Korean AOE2 users don’t like current AOE2 War Wagon, because they think current AOE2 war wagon is different from real history.

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The current War Wagon UU of Korea is actually based on the Chinese war wagons.

Timestamp: 12:47

War wagons of China are like tanks. Massive and huge. The one in the video is a custom wagon for the Chinese Emperor without any bolt thrower.

A much better UU for koreans would be the Hwacha or Korean Rocket Thrower.


In action

Even samurais are nothing against this (The UU should have bonus damage against infantry units)

Hwacha > War Wagon


Thanks for vedeo. Maybe Korean War Wagon could be influenced by Chinese one. Because much part of Korean civilization was influenced by Chinese civilization. Before King Sejong the great invent Hangul(meaning “Korean Alphabet”), Ancient Korean people used Chinese character to write Korean Language. It was very unreasonable, because it’s not different with using Egyptian Hieroglyph to write English language.

Oh yeah, many Korean AOE2 user hope Korean Castle unit has change to Hwacha. Most of them hope so!

And Caravels did not shoot Ballista bolts, and Mamelukes did not ride Camels or throw Scimitars…

There is no historical accuracy in the game, and if they even start down that road, all that is AoE2 will have to change, drastically!


Maybe in AoE 4, Hwacha should definitely be Korean’s UU.


It would be a nice detail for korean players and history lovers.
The unit doesn’t even have to be modified aside of the graphics and name. It would still be transported with a horse, be classified as a cavalry archer and could keep the same stats. Just a minimum graphic change replacing the wagon but trying to keep the size and overall shape.

And no, no won’t be “massive confussion” and no one will freak out. A simple announcement in the patch notes is enough. At most some hardcore nostalgic fan would be a bit bothered. But most of those players are competitive ones and care more about balance that aesthetics and design.

Thanks for your opinion. I agree with you. I think it is not easy to be changed, too. Hope you enjoy the game.

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I hope it become true!!!

If you put a cannon on the caravels it would become a gunpowder unit, and if you replace mamelukes camels with horses and scimitars with lances they are no longer camel type units with range attack. Those are gameplay changes that only casual and singleplayer players would go into. Here we are talking about cosmethic changes that doesn’t affect the health or legibility of the game at all. As I wrote above no one would freak out about such a simple change.

Hwacha would be an arrow version of Organ gun, a similar UU from the Portuguese.

The issue is not that it is not easy to change, the issue is that a lot of civs are not at all historically accurate.

The Celts, for example, are complete fantasy in the way they are designed, with an Iron Age UU, a focus on Siege while both Scotts and Irish succked at besieging, and Paladins.
It is not the Celts at all, it is a fantasy civ loosely based on Braveheart and gameplay niche.

There are much worse offenders than the Korea War Wagon.

The Goths, for example, were not fast Infantry based, they used Heavy Cavalry, Cavalry Archers and Heavy Infantry as line-holders, in real life.
Their offensive potential was a huge lance charge backed up harrying Horse Archers, while the Shield Wall made it towards the enemy on the back of the Cavalry assault.

The game just has no historical basis.


I appreciate so much for you long opinion. I think your opinion also right! Because many other castle unit is not same with real history.

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I learned a lot about other civs. Thank you so much!

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This is not just a cosmetic change.

Oh I was not talking about the OP. I should have been clearer. What I would like to see is a unit model modification only. Keeping the horse but replacing the wagon with a rocket launcher trying to keep the overall shape of the unit as much as possible. No gameplay changes involved.

Edit: To avoid further confusion. I don’t agree with OP. I’m talking about replacing the war wagon with with the hwacha as UU. Just changing the name and unit model.

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Yeah, I agree with you. This is just my personal opinion. Thanks for your reply.

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