This is ridiculous

I was having atleast some decent expectations of this patch. But somehow this was even worse than I could have imagined, extremely disappointed. I genuinly think they don’t know what they are doing.

Devs, or whoever are making the decisions on the patch. Please hire some professional players as consultants for the patches, that knows the game. For example; there is absolutely no reason to delay the springald nerf, when you’re making these other random nerfs that don’t make sense such as nerfing Horseman. For anyone that is playing this game there is zero logic to these decisions.

For now I think it’s just better to lay low and not play this game until things are getting fixed. This game has so much potential but it is really being treated poorly.


Balance of units is a minor problem with all those game-breaking features which should be fixed first. Its criminal that something what should be fixed within 24h takes them MONTHS.

And by some useless uneccesary changes they even make more room for such a exploits (spearman range, HA armor).



and please let us zoom out more, it will require a simple change in the value


Just stop with the “zoom”. Its not happening. Its not a problem. Stop.


All the negativity, lack of patience, and condemnation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft yanked all funding to AoE development (DEs included) and doesn’t make another one for 4 or 5 decades. Can’t say I wouldn’t blame them :confused: But it’d be incredibly sad


I know the devs have their hands full but nerfs and buffs when we can’t even save and load a game and still get achievements. Also we have to play a new game for every mastery. Really I have to play a new game to build 20 Calvary then a new game to build 20 spearmen then a new game to collect some stone or gold ??


The worst nerf which Nobody in the community asked for was the Horsemen HP nerf. I feel like if a poll was made we can are going to get a clear indicator that Horsemen weren’t even doing great at all.

And the best of it all is that we need to wait months/years for them to fix the game


Agreed, some of the changes just seemed unnecessary, who was complaining about horseman? who wanted nest of bees to move faster? all the big issues were avoided, springalds, French, and Mongols all should have been nerfed, why were Delhi nerfed over them? Why were Mangoneols buffed as well, before springalds became meta mangoneols were already extremely dominant.


It is a problem.
I’m not the only one who has a problem with it.
There is literally no reason for it not to happen, the previous games in the series have it, the community is asking for it, its dead simple to implement (change a value) and it’s an option that users who wont use simply can ignore.

There is no reason NOT to give us the option to zoom out more and I have not been playing the game because it is that big of an issue for me.


A lot of negativity here, but at least lets admit that they did a good job with most of the patch. There are 3 big issues with the patch though:

-Springalds were not nerfed. And Mangonels were buffed? What?
-Horsemen HP didnt need to be reduced (the +1 armor is nice, but removing hp just makes this +1 pointless).
-Dehli age 4 tech research speed. Why x15? Seriously why going from x5 to x15? Why not like x7 or x8?

Now springalds almost counter horsemen which makes no sense.


This is triple A game that people payed between $60-100 for, what on earth are you talking about, of course people are mad, the game should be having weekly updates for the amount of money people put into this, yet we get joke a patch where Delhi are now unplayable, Mongols OP still, hotkeys still suck and the boring springold meta still exists…I don’t want to play this game anymore and we barely a month in, money down the drain


I admit they did a horrible job by adding even more exploits and not fixing all of the old ones.

From balance point of wiev its like 50-50 …

As a mostly TG player we are not even allowed to play this game so far because all of bugs and exploits … 4 months since closed beta or so … just wow

As I said before … typical TG experience is like this:

One uses relic-duplication

Second do a wonder-build-cancel exploit

Another 3 players keep budiling some weird T shaped stone walls on their base and keep canceling them (I wonder why kappa)

And than … after all of this there are two types of legends who doesnt use exploits at all just super-stupid and broken in-game mechanics

One legend makes 150 Fire lancers and keeps yoling to death enemy landmarks (Issue of maps where u cannot wall off untill you dont do a T-shape stuff) - Arabia, King of the hill etc. etc.

Second legends makes 30 springalds and 10 mangonels + 5 bombards for a great game experience …

And yes all of this is happening in TOP500 in team-game modes which should be like top 2% of a playerbase. I wonder whats happening even lower on ladder.

Typical AoE IV experience for you guys

(EDIT: thanks to this epic ,bug fixing, patch we got rid of duplication and T-shape strat only to get spearman snipers and immortal horse archers)

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


BF2042 hangs at end of matches, gun scope zoom stops zooming after a few zooms, player body jitters next to objects when lying prone, there’s no Hardcore mode in regular game, and a number of other issues/concerns. That’s a triple-A title, too. I guess it’s a part of the gaming industry. Devs are good, but aren’t magicians no matter how much the game costs. Star Citizen has had $400 million invested and 10 years of development… does that make it a quadruple-A title? I’d be surprised if it’s 100% bug-free and issue-free.

I hear you, I just think that no industry, or company for that matter, is perfect. I doubt AoE1, 2, 3, or AoM were perfect at launch and probably had long gaps in dev patches/updates. AoE3’s zoom was really bad for 15 years even.

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Sorry but Battlefield has a 25% positive reviews in steam and is losing large amount of players every day, halo is getting more players every day… So no, unfinished games and mediocre patches are punished by community.


I agree, the game is only a month old and is a really fun game. So many good changes in the patch. It’s important for people to voice concerns and point out bugs and balance problems but the amount of vitriole and hatred they put behind those comments is sad.


“We don’t rush patches anymore that break more than fix”
Trading 2 game breaking bugs with 2 game breaking bugs, perfectly balanced :wink:


That’s fine. Punish by returning the game or playing another game for a while (or forever) is fine, as is providing constructive criticism.


Yep, the toxicity is the rough part


Sorry but what toxicity? Comenting that the patch is not good enough or is a bad patch ? if I don’t like the game at its current state and I provide my feedback, then I move to a different game, after some time I return to see if game has improve, I waited a month to see springalds balanced now I need to wait more


Let’s put it this way: horsemen were so bad pre-patch that players at top level were using mass scouts in place of them. Mass scouts, beat the viper.