This update has been completely unsuccessful

Now, What’s the role of horsemen? This is weak and too expensive for both spearmen and archers.

how can u defense to English 2tier rush? (tower’s pay became more cheap)

Delhi is unable to win all civilizations.

In my opinion, no one plays this game in this company.

Mongol is strong and has initiative all time.
France has great advantages in every age.

But Rellic nerfed the wrong things.

I was disappointed in Relic when DOW3 and COH2
and This patch.

If they had a good idea, this would not have happened.
This game is loved a lot, but this kind of update will make many people leave.

If you don’t have the ability, it would be much better to put it back.


I don’t agree; I like the UI updates / fixes.


I never even talked about it.

Mmm the UI is the worst thing on this game…

You mean the updates to the UI?

You did, you said “This update has been completely unsuccessful”


I don’t think the updated UI is good either. Assuming that the UI has really improved dramatically, this patch has failed completely due to a number of other things.

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Seriously, did they make a huge mistake and upload a different build than what was supposed to be uploaded?

This update is completely bugged and even the map view options after a game aren’t implemented.


I heard this too that they uploaded an bad old build and are going to roll it back tomorrow. Dont know if it’s true or not

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You heard this? From who? Lol

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The minimap icons seem very small now. I would love to be able to toggle what icons are showing, so I can more easily see a specific resource, or relic. I think my eyes arent that good.


I completely agree with this, I feel spingards and English tower hability are OP as well mangonel now its even more destructive. Also siege in general moves sometimes faster than infantry making easy to hit and run with a OP weapon. I feel really sad because I want to play the game but people just find a way to defeat everyone and stick with it. And that’s boring for me

Some twitch streamer, fakenews

It seems like the balance team guys rage quit or they are just too biased to AOE 2 and want you to spam Xbow and Knights and plays every game same. I think i am gonna leave this game for thew time being.
I was a very strong supporter, but since the game launched the dev team is just not keeping up with the community needs. They don’t understand what the community is asking for, or try to understand.

Also smart selection still don’t work.

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Exactly, it’s not that they don’t understand. They are not even trying to understand.


Lol, so they also uploaded the wrong patch notes as well?

I mean… the patch notes and the update don’t match.

You’re still not able to see the map after the end of a game, for instance.

I think most of the balance and bug changes are great. Horseman HP nerf seems a little odd, and the lack of springald changes is surprising, but I’m more concerned with the fact that most of the things they mention in the patch notes dont actually seem implemented. Hopefully @tahska is correct and this was a build mistake.

I would just say that the balance team is viewing hundreds of thousands of matches and statistics from them. If your personal gameplay experience hasn’t reflected some of the balance changes, that doesn’t mean they weren’t good changes for others. As with any RTS, and any balance changes, we just have to wait and see what the changes do to the gameplay and meta.

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Tell us what you think is a good balance patch.

I’ll understand that Delhi needs time for meta-research.(Of course, 15 times the study time still doesn’t make sense.)
What else is good for meta change?

The drop in the cost of surveillance posts has given Mongolia and England more strength, and the decline in horsemen’s HP has also made it difficult to fight against France and England. Mongolia has a very high winning rate in competitions and top ELOs, but has not received any nuffs, and nothing is included to change the current meta, which has produced only Springgold since the 3rd age.

HRE, where MAM are strong, has to deal with crossbow soldiers that have become powerful without any buffs, and China’s Yeonno soldiers have only lowered prices, but still perform poorly. The bee’s nest has been raised, but Mangonell has become more effective and meaningless, and Delhi’s occupation of the sacred place has become unable to play new games as before

What’s good for the development of the game? Currently, weak units are still weak or rather weaker, and strong units are still strong. Is this a patch in the right?

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Nah, Mongols arent as OP as it was because of horsemen nerf,
Now English has much better stats due to no counter for the archers until castle age.
This is ridiculous…

Mongolia was not OP even before the patch due to cavalry.
Its strengths include being able to recruit two people at a low price, a good landmark with no disadvantages, and being able to produce siege weapons on the field.
The decline in horsemen’s performance has become more difficult when civilization except Mongolia deals with Mongolia, and the decline in tower prices is also an advantage for Mongolia.