Three advices,one for Asian consulate and two for China

1.The consulate will give Europe artillery to the Asian civs.Each ally will give one kind of Europe artillery(such as British Rocket to Britain or Organ gun to Portugal,for Japanese isolation,they will offer Kunikuzusi(国崩),a special kind of Japanese artillery).Each kind of those artilleries can be trained at castle from age4 and they will only cost gold,they will be a little more expensive than the normal but they can automatic upgrade along with age up.If you choose to end relations,they will not be trained in the castle until you repair relationships with you ally.
This is a way to show Asian‘s Modernization.

2.The “new army” card will move to age3,it will not only keep it’s old function but also can cancel the “banners”,the Chinese will train every units individual just like other civs,and the cost of every unit will be rebalanced.Just because the banners has made trouble for Chinese players.For example,if you want Chu ko nu,you must have Qiang pikeman or steppe rider with them.

3.Still the Chinese artillery enhance but i make it more balance:
Some people says “The Chinese is strong enough,if enhance their artillery it will break the balance”.but i don’t think so,because Chinese is strong in economy,but the army is very weak,especially their foolish artillery,they may force to use the foolish huge-crowd strategy,and my card is give them a chance to avoid it.Chinese are not the Zerg hahahahaha.Friend if you don’t like this card and if it really in the game,just don’t send it,and I make sure you if the Mircosoft add this card,the will surely balance it.
We can seed a card called “Chinese artillery elite training”(cost 1000 gold,can be sent in age IV),Just like the card“old dynasty reform”,because they are too weak in age IV.
a.The flamethrower will get 1.5X bonus damage against the mercenary.
b.Although the handmortar has a high cost performance,it is still very weak for each unit.So we must keep a large number of them,then we have to face the problem of line up and pathing issue,this problem bring a lot of trouble to the Chinese players.The handmortar will be added additional 50% basic damage,speed will be increase to 3.5,will damage 2 area,get 2X bonus damage against the infantry(infact they are very effective against infantry in history,but I still need to keep the balance),and will give them incendiary shells with a burning damage-over-time effect.To ensure that,it will cost 2 populations and it will cost additional +50% resource.After this enhance,we can use less number of handmortars to complete our goal,
c.The flying crow will increase it’s speed into 3.3,and most important thing is this card can improve their release,because their release is too slow.
This is a way to show Chinese‘s Modernization.

i suggest u make a mod and see what happens, especially if you are only doing this to play vs comps

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Just some advices for fun,the Mircosoft may not take them.But if they take them,they will balance them.

If I am being honest I like the Idea behind new army however I fear that would be to much work to change all that stuff. However if they would bring some change like that to china - because a big part of the community don’t like how china works - they should do it right and change it across the board. Maybe even change some historical incorrect units like the Meteor Hammer or the “famous Chu Ko Nu”.

If you don’t know this weapon wasn’t used in the chinese military due to the fact that this crossbow had a terrible accuracy, range and piercing (here should stand a different synonym, however it was censored so I had to change it) So it being in the game and even being the main line Infantry unit of the chineses makes me really sad. For me Age of Empires always was the game that strives to be as historical correct as possible, see what they changed with the native civ’s.

For now I would advocate that the Developers change the way China gets played in Age 4 (Industrial Age).
How do I mean it? Well I personally think as we are playing Age of Empires 3 and not 2 or 4 we should lean more to gunpowder units then something like Chu Ko Nu. How could we reach that goal? I say we either change the Old Han army card or give them some kind of arsenal maybe even give them upgrades like “Paper Cadrige” or “Flint Lock” in the Confuzian Academy or some other Chinese Wonder.

I dont know what would be the best solution to this problem, If you have any Ideas or think differently please reply.

Replacing the Cho Ko Nu with that gun that’s basically just 3 muskets fused together on a shield would be funny and, somewhat more accurate.

I hate the idea of “modernizing” Asia by just giving them the european artillery roster.

There’s got to be other ways of having a balanced artillery unit roster without needing to just have the same roster of cannons in literally every civ, and if there’s a region of the world where you could pull that off, that’s Asia.

India alone has a selection of historical cannon types that can easily put Europe to shame.

There are two ways to deal with this problem.The first way is make some new cards,those card can make Asian train some new gunpowder units ,such as Xiang army or Akakuma army.The second way is remake the whole civs,just like Ottoman and Russia,but the workload may make the developers have no passion to do that.
And what do you think about my advices about Asian consulate and Chinese artillery?I think if they are accepted,this will be a gift to the players.
I think it is not easy to make developers focus our advices unless many of us seed message to them and explain why we want to do so.


This is a good idea,but need the Developers remake the whole civs,it has so many work to do,I don’t think they have passion to do so.
If they take those three advices,it has already a gift to the players.

i mostly hate that euros have like, 6 or 7 cannons, and everyone else has 1 or 2 that try to be all 7 euro ones simultaneously and end up bad at most of them.

India deserves cannons. China invented cannons. Japan… yeah japan is mostly fine as is. Flaming arrows could use +1 splash radius at some point with an upgrade or card.


If China or India can train their individual cannons,the whole civs should be remaked,and I don’t think the Mircosoft has the passion to do it.And you can see my advice to Chinese artillery,it can make them stronger.

And the devolopers may want to show euros’ advanced so give them so many kinds of artilleries.

@mht6551 What do you think about those advices?

@UpmostRook9474 What do you think about those advices?

You just told everybody to not expect anything because devs won’t do it, there’s no need to ask everyone’s reply to your statement.


Infact I wish the Mircosoft remake all the Asian civs because many units of the Asian is based on prejudice and stereotypes.Such as iron flail,flamethrower and the siege elephant.Japanese units is better than the other two civs just because the Japan has a strong Cultural Exportation.

Infact I wish the Mircosoft remake all the Asian civs because many units of the Asian is based on prejudice and stereotypes.Such as iron flail,flamethrower and the siege elephant.Japanese units is better than the other two civs just because the Japan has a strong Cultural Exportation.

Infact I wish the Mircosoft remake all the Asian civs because many units of the Asian is based on prejudice and stereotypes.Such as iron flail,flamethrower and the siege elephant. Japanese units is better than the other two civs just because the Japan has a strong Cultural Exportation.

I don’t know. I think this game is impossible to balance, so I quit aoe3 already xD

I for myself think remaking all Asian civs is a real mammoth task, so lets go back a step if we want to bring a change. We spoke a lot about china, and if we want to change something about them we have to set a realistic frame that is possible to change and not dream about what would happen if they reworked everything. So now for China I have 3 things that really foremost matter.

As a matter of fact the Chu Ko Nu being a good weapon and being used in the chinese military is sadly a myth. And thats why I want them to be either replaced by another new chinese unit that really existed or we just take them away and china will only have arquebusiers. If you want my honest opinion I prefer them being replaced instead of just deleted.

Chinese lategame should be leaded by gunpowder units and not archaic units like Crossbowmen or Chu Ko Nu, that can be easily achieved by either changing cards, adding cards or maybe giving them some kind of arsenal upgrade. However we dont want to make the Chinese FF more OP so I say it would be maybe optimal to lock them behind Age 4 (Industrial Age).

The Bannersystem, yes this one seems to be build on historical background, however now its important to decide if we want to let it stay like that or we let the Chinese build units individually, maybe even split the Chinese units between Barracks and a Stable. Now that may be just me but I think if chinese units would be build individually like the other civs (please not like russia) it would be also easier to balance them, I hope im not spouting bs here.

Little note: That the asian civs don’t have that much variety of Artillery is in my opinion more then okay, because the asian civs have a lot of different things they are better at.

I really want the above listed points to be atleast somewhat implemented in the game. At the same time I think we shouldn’t ask for to much changes and I fear that these 3 points are already to much. But what’s more important is that this discussion gets the attention of the Developers.

Please guys tell me what you think about the 3 points.

@ArrivedLeader22 What do you think about those advices?

I hope so.hahahahahaha