Three advices,one for Asian consulate and two for China

That would be some huge changes and would give China more the kind of Identity that they swarm you with units, that are weaker but way cheaper. Especially splitting the War Academi is in my opinion are good decision and at the same time would give this card

are way better function than it has at the moment. It is easy to see that you really thought it all out, im just here now to say im all for it.

However if this gets into the game they would only need to revert the Arquebusier base attack damage to 16 (from 15) and nerf the porcelain tower (Age III) trickle rate, probably from 4 wood /s to 3.25 wood /s or 3 wood /s. If that’s not enough make villages 5 wood more expensive. However with the porcelain tower nerf alone China should no longer be “OP” and the Chinese FF won’t be a nightmare anymore for some civs to play against.

However I have a question, as much as I love these brilliant Ideas of yours, do you have any Idea how we could give them to the Developers? Because these awesome changes would mean nothing if they get ignored and buried like another random reddit post.

I don’t know, honestly.

I had suggested using a card to convert Longbows into a type of new rifle unit in Age IV, which later became the current Rangers in the game.

I had suggested the Scottish Immigrants card to provide economic benefits, but the Scottish Immigrants card introduced later provided a rush.

I can’t guarantee if a developer will see these idea, or if the one who sees them will think they’re worth adopting and sharing with his team, but at least we can share these ideas when we are in the threads with the similar topics.

Crazy, guess you are right. Well thanks man for all this.

Good thinking I will probably post one in the future with a link to these Ideas or sth like that, because these changes seem really viable and would give China more Age II or maybe even more FI play.

I love the idea of splitting the War Academy into two, I never liked how the banner armies just awkwardly spilled into the castle, this’d actually make them feel sensible.

As for the super weird compositions, I mean, yeah, that’s what makes China interesting to play. Unorthodox army comps and adapting to them in exchange for strenghts in other places is what makes learning a new civ fun in the first place.

I’d like to make a few renaming suggestions here by the way.

  • Northern Refugees: Renamed to Hokkien Immigrants (or Hoklo Immigrants) and gives +1 Village limit.
  • Western Refugees: Renamed to Cantonese Immigrants, moved to Age I, and gives +1 Village limit.
  • Town Rickshaw + 5 Villagers: Renamed to Hakka Immigrants.
  • Great Migration: Effect changed to allow Villagers to be trained in Villages, similar to Terraced Houses.
  • Nomadic Settlement: Removed.
  • Nomadic Expansion: changed to infinite, no longer gives Village limit, and renamed to simple Infinte 2 Village Ricksaws.

Before the 20th century, most of the overseas Chinese ethnic groups were Hokkien (Hoklo), Cantonese, Hakka and so on, especially in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and North America. Their families had been immigrating from the mainland since the Ming Dynasty, and more actively when the Qing Dynasty came to rule. They fit perfectly into the game’s theme of establishing a settlement in a new world.

I have not seen any record of large-scale refugees coming to China proper from the north and west during the Qing Dynasty. Instead, I have seen sources saying that the Qing government introduced refugees from North China to Manchuria and Inner Mongolia, where are further north than North China, to farm for Manchu and Mongolian settled landowners.

I barely ever see these cards being used, which means they could get some changes. Those cards require building enough Villages first, which makes them difficult to use. On the other hand, the Village should use a larger space, have similar size to Rice Paddy, and look like brick buildings such as sanheyuan or siheyuan, rather than nomadic tents.

  • Sumptuary Laws (JP): Slightly increased the trickle of coins.
  • Sumptuary Laws (CN): Slightly increased the trickle of food, and renamed it to Kongsi.
  • Team Sumptuary Laws (IN): Slightly increased the trickle of wood and renamed it to Caravanserai.

Sumptuary Laws had a very extensive and thorough influence on Japanese culture during the Edo period, standardizing the behavior that every class in society should have. It is absolutely a unique card for Japanese, just like its Japanese style icon.

In contrast, similar laws in mainland China had long been ineffective and appear meaningless. The consumption of luxury goods continued to rise over the centuries. Therefore it can be renamed Kongsi to represent overseas Chinese business organizations.

India seems to had no formal sumptuary laws, but the caste system dictated everything. Whether it is laws or caste systems, it is strange to have effects that are shared with other civilizations. It would make sense as a team card if the name was changed to Caravanserai.

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Can you please specify what exactly you mean? I’m not sure if I understand you.

Since neither China nor India has armory upgrade why not make British consulate grant an armory? British Alliance with Hausa also enables armory.

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thats effectively kinda what the british consulate does already since it provides 7% HP boost for all units, which is kinda the most important thing an armoury will provide for the most part.

Also counter-infantry rifling (which helps auxiliary riflemen unlike repelling volley and royal green jackets (which should be what rangers are called).

But my point is there are all these weird proposals around to buff cards (Zamburak range is often complained about) for india and china. When the simplest solution would be to give China/India an armory and since they both have British consulate, it’s pretty obvious to me how it would be implemented.


you will have to also nerf the effect of the british consulate and rework the above mentioned cards as well.

The trade off for china was that the card also gave attack boost + bonus against light cav. Now that the card has been reduced to just a multiplier boost taking away half the multi boost would make it a dead card.

You also cant give the 2 civs that have very tanky cav addition 10% HP buff

the amoury would also give howdahs 18 range which is also terrifying

just giving them armory upgrades would be terribly unbalanced

The consulates need to be reworked anyway, some of them don’t make historical sense.

Why would dutch give japan a church?, the reason the dutch were allowed to trade when other european powers were kicked out was because they didn’t push their religion on them.
Also why would Russia give a factory? when they were slow to industrialise thus the October revolution.

Also can’t Ethiopia get 18 range Howdah anyway?

Do Ethiopian get access to howdahs from the start, have 4 upgrade cards and a consulate tech and train them out of stables costing food and coin?

and would india need export to research range cavalry caracole?

Indian getting range cavalry caracole is a different thing from ethiopia having range cavalry caracole.

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